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My Resume

  1. 1. HOUSE #1089 STREET#95 I-10/1 ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN 44000 UETIAN1707@YAHOO.COM KAMRAN.ARSHAD@GMAIL.COM KAMRAN ARSHAD +92-333-515-5857 +92-51-925-8170 OBJECTIVE Technical Skills To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my education and work experience will have valuable application. Routing& Switching: CAREER SUMMARY Juniper, Cisco Foundry, SMC A team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills who has the ability to work HP Procurve independently under pressure can lead, motivate and influence others, can train and mentor ASANTE subordinates. Currently working as Sr. Network Engineer in Interactive Group. Since November 2004, have 5+ years of extensive hands on experience of deployment as well as O&M of various IT setups. Firewalls & UTM: Graduated in 2004 from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan. Juniper Cisco PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE VOIP: Sr. Network Engineer, June 2008 – February 2010 Asterisk IP-PBX Interactive Convergence (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad, PK Digium TDM and E1 cards Intel Dialogic Role & Job Responsibilities: Cards  Interactive Convergence is an IT Infrastructure Provider for defense and Interior organizations. I worked for them on three projects and reported to Manager Networks NOS :  O&M of network of Tier2 Data Center for PAFIS-FIA deployed by Lockheed Martin, USA *NIX Compatible  Trained by Lockheed Martin USA on REFS,EFCS applications and RT sites NOS, Windows-NT Compatible NOS  Managing the VSAT based network of 60+ remote sites and VoIP setup of PAFIS-FIA  Deployed the network of Tier3 Data Center for Pakistan Army based on the SUN’s SDN architecture Services: and preparation of Rack Document (Layer1/2/3) as well as SOP DNS, FTP  Monitoring of PROMIS (Police Record Office Management Infrastructure) network and preparation HTTP/HTTPS Mail, Proxy of Daily/Weekly/Monthly status reports NFS,NIS Achievements and Accomplishments:  Deployed the network of one of the largest data centers of Pakistan. Optimized the SOP for PAFIS-FIA Protocols: network operations. Prepared extensive Network Status reports for the PROMIS Network TCP/IP,RIP,OSPF SIP, iAX, SNMP SMTP,PoP3,IMAP4 Network Engineer January 2007 – March 2008 ESP,AH,IKE Signals R &D Establishment , Rawalpindi, PK Databases: Role & Job Responsibilities: MS-Access MS SQL Server  Signals Research & Development Establishment is a part of Signals Corps of Pakistan Army. I worked MySQL Server on four R&D projects with them and reported to the Commander  Setting up Asterisk based open-source VoIP test bed with support for SIP, iAX and functionality to use Network analog trunking as well as E1 trunking Applications:  Setting up Open-Source Layer-2 Ethernet Bridging Firewall using providing 256-bit hardware MS Visio, LANFlow encryption and performance evaluation of firewall using RFC 2544 and 1242 Putty, WinSCP Wireshark  Designing and testing of nationwide HA-Clustered E-Mail solution (ISS-7000) using three different Mail TCPDump Nmap
  2. 2. Server Solutions and supervising the deployment of ISS-7000 for Pakistan Army IPerf,QCheck SNMP & WMI  Providing technical support to customers for the VPN Gateway (NE-8120) compatible NMS Achievements and Accomplishments:  Worked on customized security solutions independently. Did extensive R&D on my projects and Project created different solutions and benchmarked them Management Applications: Primavera & MS Sr. System Engineer, August 2006 – January 2007 Project Salaar Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad, PK Programming Languages: Role & Job Responsibilities: C/C++  JaguarPC ( a US-based web hosting company has outsourced its Technical BASH Scripting Support Department to Salaar Technologies. My role was the system administration of hosting servers  Provided web-based ticketing Technical support to JaguarPC for Web-Hosting services Hardware:  Remote system administration of more than 300 *NIX-based as well as 100 Windows servers D-link KVM Tellabs NTU  Managing hosting panels like Cpanel, Plesk, Interworx, DirectAdmin Siemens BRI  Managing Virtual Private Servers like Virtuozzo and Xen Modems  Coordinated with the Sales department of JaguarPC as well as Data Centers GNAX and CYRUS1 used HP- Proliant ML-150 and 350 by JaguarPC Dell Power Edge Achievements and Accomplishments: 1600SC Servers  In less than a month I was promoted as the shift in charge. Wrote training manuals and trained the HP 1010 /1300 new team members on web-hosting and Linux Administration. Printers System Engineer, January 2006 – August 2006 CircleOne Telecom (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad, PK Role & Job Responsibilities:  CircleOne Telecom was the O&M partner of PTCL (Pakistan’s Premier Landline Telephony provider) for fixed line SMS and Email Service. My role was to lead the technical Operations department which comprised a team of three members and managing the F-SMS platform, Call Center as well as the IT Department  F-SMS Platform included CT applications, SMPP links, SMS Router and SMTP based Email Server  CRM-based Call Center included managing the Telephony Server, ACD and H.323 soft phones  Data logging, traffic reporting and Replication using SQL Server 2000  IPSec and GRE-based VPN between other operators and F-SMSC  Media which included 3 DXX Circuits, 14 ISDN PRI’s and 4 BRI’s  Coordinated with PTCL’s NMS, CCC, VAS, Billing and ITI departments. Cellular operators (Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor) as well as V-PTCL’s V-SMSC, WIN departments Achievements and Accomplishments:  Have the honor of managing the Pakistan’s pioneer fixed line SMSC. Optimized the routing of SMS as well workflow of the SMSC. Did extensive documentation of all processes and optimized the SOPs Network Engineer, November 2004 – January 2006 Pakistan Revenue Automation (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad, PK Role & Job Responsibilities:  PRAL is Pakistan’s Largest IT Company owned by Federal Board of Revenue and has large scale government automation projects. I was involved in the Toll Automation Project of M1, M2 and M3
  3. 3. of NHA and reported directly to Manager Operations.  Support for Client/Server based Automated Toll Confirmation System (ATCS) application and data logging using MS Access & MS SQL Server  Maintaining the KDE Multi-purpose Ticket Issuing Machines, KDE Card Readers, Relays and Printers Achievements and Accomplishments:  Kept the system up and running 24/7/365 in extremely difficult working conditions. Optimized the reporting module for ATCS. EDUCATION Computer Sciences, Bachelor of Science February 1999 – August 2004 University of Engineering & Technology , Lahore, PK CERTIFICATIONS & TRAININGS JNCIA-EX (Enterprise Switching) ,JNCIA-ER (Enterprise Routing) , JNCIS-ER (Enterprise Routing) JNCIS-ES (Enhanced Services) IELTS (Listening 7.0,Reading 6.0, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.5,Overall 7.0) CCNA from Corvit Systems Lahore, PK ISP Setup Using Linux from CNT Islamabad, PK WEB PRESENCE Experts-Exchange: LinkedIn: Weblogs: REFERENCES Personal and Professional references available on request