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Social media tips etc nectar

  1. 1. LinkedIn profiles need to be complete, compelling Getting the most out of LinkedIn is crucial given the social network's importance in the business world, writes Margie Zable Fisher, president of Zable Fisher Public Relations. You can start by filling out your entire profile, then making your page stand out in other ways, such as by including an attention-grabbing headline and using keywords carefully.Small Business Trends (7/18) Best Practices Why video is a must for your company website Small businesses have many incentives to add video to their websites, including video's improving search rankings and the greater likelihood that a video will be shared versus other types of content, writes John Follis. Statistics also show senior executives prefer watching a video to reading text, and people are more likely to make a purchase and be confident about it after watching a video.Small Business Trends (7/16) July 31, 2013 Previous Next Five Fabulous Facebook Finds Want to take your Facebook page to the next level? Want to create fun campaigns, grow likes, and engage your audience in new ways. Try out these Five Fabulous Facebook Finds that will
  2. 2. add some flare and keep your fans coming back for more and more. With over 1 billion accounts, 50% of them logging in daily, you can rise above the assault for attention. #1 Shortstack Facebook campaigns are fun ways to generate engagement and to build a base of likes. Shortstack has tons of features to get the most out of your Facebook page including contests, polls, data collection and analytics. With their free account you can get limited access to a small selection of their widgets and promotions for pages under 2000 likes. #2 Woobox Wooboxis a great replacement for users who had previously been using Involver or Wildfire apps for running campaigns or creating tabs that add their blog, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to their Facebook page. The slick user interface of Woobox can help you grow your fanbase, spread your message, keep fans happy, and even convert your anonymous likes into names and email addresses that you own. Their pricing plan is based on the number of likes you currently have and how many pages you want to use the service on. Their free apps include an HTML fangate and tabs for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  3. 3. #3 Code to invite all friends Creating Facebook events is a great way to generate attention for your upcoming business events. You can get people to notice the event by inviting your friends and encouraging those who are coming to the event to invite their friends too. If you have a lot of friends, it can be quite cumbersome to click through all the names. This method works for Facebook only and with Google Chrome or Firefox 5.0 (not anything above 5) and allows you to invite ALL your friends at once to any Facebook event, group or page. Go to the event you want to invite your friends to, join the event and click invite friends, use the filter if you want to narrow the list down to a location or group, scroll to the bottom of the list and then paste the following code into the address bar: javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);for(vari=0;i<x.length;i++) {if (x[i].type == „checkbox‟) {x[i].click();}}; alert(„Done: please scroll and repeat until all your friends have been selected‟); *IMPORTANT – once you paste the code you have to reenter the word javascript: at the beginning of the text. A word of warning. Some people have event invite fatigue and will mute you from their feed or even turn off event notifications from you. Be selective in how often you use this feature.
  4. 4. #4 ECWID Have a product or service you want to sell on Facebook. I love this ecommerce app for Facebook. Create an instant storefront with no hosting, no transaction fee and it‟s FREE (up to ten products). This is a great way to monetize your Facebook presence and even offer special values, discounts and pre-release products to your Facebook fans. The set up is easy and most payment methods are accepted. #5 Post Magic Video Tool
  5. 5. I recently stumbled upon this new tool that allows you to use video on your Facebook feed as a email collecting tool. We all know how to upload video on Facebook or even share a YouTube video, but what about using videos as marketing tools to get customers to opt in to your email marketing campaign. Post Visit their Facebook page for a few examples or visit the Post Magic web site to sign up. This is a paid service. Don‟t forget the standard advice for generating leads…ADD VALUE. Make sure you have something WORTH someone giving their emai Seven habits of Effective Instagram marketing July 9, 2013 Previous Next 7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Use of Instagram
  6. 6. Instagram burst onto the scene in 2010 and now has over 130 million ACTIVE users. The photo sharing app generates 40 million photo posts per day. With its acquisition by Facebook and the recent launch of 15 second video segments, Instagram has become a powerhouse that businesses shouldn‟t and often times can‟t ignore. Read on for the 7 highly effective habits of Instagram for business. While Instagram doesn‟t drive direct traffic to web sites, it does drive brand awareness. Think return on attention. Being in front of a loyal group of Instagram users can have huge dividends for your product on the shelves or to your physical location.
  7. 7. POST PICTURES OF BUSINESS ACTIVITIES People love to see business in action. What you think is day to day, people often see as pulling back the curtain. With Instagram‟s creative filters you can turn your perceived mundane images into fun interactivity with your followers. Post pictures of your product Share employee in action photos Give sneak peeks of sales or events Show people enjoying your product or establishment
  8. 8. ADD MOTION AND CONNECTION WITH VIDEO In June 2013 Instagram released an app update that now allows 15 seconds of video. Think of the fun and interactive things you can post that pull the curtain back even more. Video clips of satisfied customers Video of product in action Secret video tips of the day Create a short commercial Video of the activity in your business ENGAGE WITH FOLLOWERS When people start to know your Instagram handle (example @nectarwine) they will mention it by name. When you see these notifications or comments on your pictures, make sure you interact and comment back. Be thankful of people using your product or visiting your space and taking pictures. They are helping you market! USE AND PROMOTE THE USE OF HASHTAGS Hashtags are searchable and clickable on Instagram, just like on Twitter and now on Facebook. Using hashtags for your product , service or location can help create a more universal awareness. Consider the restaurant that encourages the use of tagging your food photos with the hashtags #eatatcentralfood or #santespokane. This makes it easy for the business to track usage and engage with customers. You will also want to use hashtag searching to find people in your location. Try a hashtag search for your city (ie. #spokane) and you will be surprised what you will find.
  9. 9. SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY Don‟t just be all business all the time. Showcase your brand personality with the office puppy, team play dates, things you find amusing and other pictures of you and your brand out and about in the world. Often times these will get more attention and traffic than you think. HOST A CONTEST OR GIVEAWAY Encourage users to post their own pictures of your product, service or location and select from the list of pictures for a free prize or gift certificate. Promotions like this can be in conjunction with annual sales, major events, or company milestones. For extra creativity and interactivity use the tool to embed an Instagram feed or Hashtag feed into your website. Every time a picture is posted with your hashtag, it will show up on your web site or blog.
  10. 10. MEASURE REACH AND SUCCESS With applications like you can measure your reach, track follower growth, learn the best time to post pictures, and see your most popular uploads. The application also provides some online management tools for following, unfollowing and more. LEARN HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM AND OTHER SOCIAL TOOL AT THE GO SOCIAL SUMMER SCHOOL SERIES (2013) Share the mayhem Share 5 Blogging Tips for Business PLEASE INSTALL THE BREADCRUMB NAV XT PLUGIN! July 2, 2013
  11. 11. Previous Next 5 Blogging Tips for Business Recent statistics say that 54% of online adults found web sites they visited through natural search engine results (up from 50% in 2011). We have all been there. When we are looking for something online we go to Google first. Google is our generations Yellow Pages. We let our fingers do the walking…online. Full Forrester Research Marketing Study According to HubSpot, Web sites with an active blog get 7x more organic search engine traffic than static web sites. Why? Businesses who write about their services or write about a tie in to local events and their services have more OPPORTUNITY to be part of the online conversation and thus have more OPPORTUNITY to be in the customer‟s search results. IN SPOKANE? Join our Blogging for Better Business Class on 7/16 – ONLY $25 Getting ready to blog? Here are some tips to help you be more successful. 1. WRITE SOMETHING, DON’T WRITE EVERYTHING
  12. 12. You don‟t have to write a 10,000 word white paper every time you sit down to the computer. A blog post should be short (200-500 words), contain pictures (or video), focus on key points, and be easily consumable. Think about the consumer. They want to know who, what, when, where, and why and get out. 2. FOCUS ON THE TITLE (AND OTHER SEO) Will the title draw the user in once they see it in search engine results? Does it tell the story of what the content is about? Think SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are offering a sale for Independence Day try “Boutique Clothing Sale in Spokane for Independence Day,” instead of “It‟s Hot, Cool off with 30% Savings This Weekend.” Another great tip for SEO is to focus on the title and meta data for your images. These can often show up in Google Image results and can be used on Pinterest for traffic too. 3. TIE IN TO LOCAL EVENTS Think, “What are people searching for?” If they are searching for a particular destination in your city or might be coming to town for a specific event consider writing a tie in piece about the event or promote something that relates to that event for your business. This will give you a greater OPPORTUNITY to be found and be a part of the search engine conversation. 4. IMAGES AND VIDEO We are a visual world. Don‟t believe me? Check out the popularity of Instagram, Pinterest and Vine. Images on a blog will draw the user in and will pull them down the page. As previously stated, remember to change the title of your image so it relates to the SEO you are trying to create. If you are creative, make your own branded images that relate to the information. These are great for sharing on Instagram and Pinterest.
  13. 13. 5. LINKS Linking to other content (within your own site or off site) give your blog more relevance. Google‟s web crawlers like interconnectivity. Sites with links can tell Google that your content has more weight to it. One small tip.When creating links, avoid the “CLICK HERE” or “READ MORE” links. Users understand what a hyperlink is. They know they have to click it. Take advantage of more SEO by saying, “Watch the video on 4 Mayhem Making Marketing Tips,” instead of Click Here for more Mayhem Marketing Tips. Keep these things in mind and you will be well on your way to a successful blog and will get more OPPORTUNITY to be found by your customers (new and old). Share the mayhem Share