Slumdog urban issues worksheet


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Slumdog urban issues worksheet

  1. 1. Slumdog Millionaire: Urban issues in the DharaviSlum, Mumbai Where is the Dharavi Slum and why has it become famous? Why do people come to live in the Dharavi slum?Slumdog Millionaire film reviewWatch the Slumdog scenes (on the server) and complete the following table, identifying urban problems.
  2. 2. Scene Brief description Problem/Issue of what happens What are some of the conditions that make living here difficult? 1 A group of boys are + positive – The kids socialize with each other and have fun and do not mind that playing cricket on their living conditions are poor. an aero plane landing & they get -Negative – The guards that chased after them are quite aggressive towards caught and chased them even though they are young after by a security guy. 2 They kids continue + They are still having fun, even when they are running away from the guards to run way form the avoiding getting caught and running in dirty areas of the slum guards as they are avoiding to get - The guards aren’t nice or helpful towards them, they are very cruel and want to caught by them. catch the kids. 3 A man pays on of + They get money from guarding/looking after the toilet , and in the end the kid the children to go that was stuck in the toilet and covered in poo got to see and get an autograph to the dirty toilets, from the famous actor. but one of the brothers are in the - The toilets are built from poor materials, and it isn’t even a proper toilet, it’s toilet and is taking just built from wood and has a hole on the floor of it and beneath it is poo. too long, so the man takes his money back and cursers and them. While on of the children is in the toilet, his favourite actor arrives in his helicopter and his friend locks him in
  3. 3. the toilet, which cause him to jump through the hole in the toilet and lands in a pile of poo, just to see his favourite actor.4 I short scene of the +… view of the slums. - Very densely populated, way to overcrowded and dirty.5 The women doing + The children still manage to have fun when playing in the dirty water. their laundry in the dirty river, where - The women have to wash their clothes in the dirty water, where they bathe and they bathe and drink. drink water. Also the children playing with a play ball in the river.6 The poor little girl + The girl does her job without any fuss is picking up garbage in the junk - She probably gets paid very little money and has to work in bad conditions. place, where it is very dirty. The two brothers are resting in a unclosed tent near the rubbish.7 A view of the slums + He’s brave enough to go around alone and the city. One of the brothers walks - The slums are so overcrowded and the city is too big, and some of the around looking for buildings abandoned. someone.
  4. 4. 8 The two brothers + They don’t live in the slums anymore all grown up, sitting on a construction - They might not have any place to stay, and since the slums is now all business, building talking the people have had to moved to somewhere else. about how they used to live in the slums, and now its all business. 9 One of the brothers + came of the train and found a girl _ The train station is very crowded that he new from the past 10 The guy ends up an + The guy has a chance to be on that T.V show. a show ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ - The traffic is very bad, so some people have to leave their car there, which and the women he could also end in someone bad stealing or breaking into there car when they saw in the train leave. station was stuck in traffic so she ended up leaving out of her car to go to the show.1