The Dynamic Marketing Plan


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A dynamic marketing plan lays a foundation and establishes how you position your business in the marketplace. A good plan coordinates the marketing mix, assures your tactics are consistent with your objectives and gives you measurements for determining your return on investment. It is your map and compass.

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The Dynamic Marketing Plan

  1. 1. The Dynamic Marketing Plan by Charlene Andersen Kamigo Marketing llc 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160
  2. 2. Copyright©2007 by Charlene Andersen and Kamigo Marketing, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide. Published by Kamigo Marketing LLC. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in any database or retrieval systems without the prior written permission of Kamigo Marketing, LLC. The author and publisher have used their best efforts in preparing this book and the document contained herein. However, the author and publisher make no warranties of any kind, express or implied, with regard to the informational content, documentation, or files contained in this book or in any accompanying media files such as CDs or DVD, and specifically disclaim, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to program listings in the book, the techniques described in the book, and/or the use of files. In no event shall the author or publisher be responsible or liable for loss of profit, or any commercial damages, including, but not limited to, special incidental, consequential, or any other damages in connection with or arising out of furnishing, performance, or use of this book, program files, instruction, audio or video connected with this information. For more information, please write to: Kamigo Marketing LLC 54 Garland Road Nottingham, NH 0329 603.942.7160 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160
  3. 3. The Dynamic Marketing Plan by Charlene Andersen, Kamigo Marketing A business owner friend asked me “why should I have a marketing plan?” The answer I gave was “well, you shouldn’t if you like to throw your money away”. My answer resulted in their realization that they needed a plan, but they didn’t have the time, ability or resources. Let’s take the three reasons given for not developing a plan; time, ability or resources. I’ll throw time out the window right away because if you don’t have a plan you will spend more time “trying things out” that will likely fail than you will in developing a solid plan with specific actions. The ability and resources can easily be addressed by realizing that you don’t have to do everything and that you can’t have the expertise in all aspects of your business. There are companies that focus on marketing strategies and can help you develop a marketing plan. You will gain a greater return on your money in a shorter period of time by utilizing their expertise. You should find someone who will work closely with you, not someone who hands you a document entitled “Marketing Plan for ABC Farm” after meeting with you only one or two times. Your marketing plan has to be distinct to your business. 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160
  4. 4. So, what is the process of developing a successful marketing plan? Think of a marketing plan as a map and compass. It maps out the strategic and tactical objectives of your business resulting in a competitive position for your business. The dynamic part of the plan consists of managing, strengthening and motivation. You are able to manage your resources, revenue and risk while strengthening your competitive position, your message and your company. You and your employees are motivated because you are focused on your potential customers, your sales and your return on your marketing investment. There are five steps I’ve defined to develop a dynamic marketing plan: 1. Analyze This 2. Your Target Market 3. Positioning You 4. Marketing Mix 5. Plan for Action Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of the “Analyze This” step. You need to take the two most recent years of sales and break them down by product or product line (e.g. tree fruits, small fruits, value added) and determine your percentage of sales and your gross margin (sales minus your cost). This will give you insight on how to market these products. Another aspect is your competitor(s), what are their products, strengths and plans for growth. Also, analyze your existing customers and ask yourself some of the 4 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160
  5. 5. W’s and 1 H questions; who are they?, what are they buying?, where are they from?, when do they buy? and how are they paying? Finally, utilize the information you have obtained and establish some sales objectives that you will build into your marketing plan. The second step is “Your Target Market.” You will want to determine if your existing customers are your target market. Your existing customers should be purchasing your core products and/or your most profitable products. If they are not purchasing them, then they are likely not your ideal target market. You can determine your target market through extensive market research or by utilizing some secondary sources of data. I highly recommend when using secondary data that you use data that is less than five years old. The marketplace changes too quickly and you want your sources of information to be reliable. When determining your target market look not only at the demographics, but also at the behaviors and needs of your customers. The third step is “Positioning You.” This step is often missed. Let me go back to the map and compass analogy I used. The mapping part of the plan is thinking more strategically about your marketing. The compass part of the plan is setting the direction and keeping you on the trail. If you don’t have positioning in your strategic plan then you will jump off course and will be bush-whacking your way through “trying things out” or “throwing your time and dollars away.” Positioning will identify how to utilize your product and service attributes and evaluates them against the behaviors and needs of your target market. By 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160
  6. 6. working through some useful positioning tools you will determine your competitive advantage, the benefits to your target market and your strengths. The forth step is “Marketing Mix.” This is the step most businesses jump to, missing the first three steps. This is where my business owner friend pulled out the wallet and watched the money just pour out. The “Marketing Mix” consists of product, pricing, placement, promotion and expansion. You may have seen or read about more “Ps” in marketing, but for the sake of presentation I group the additional “Ps” such as packaging under product. By going through the first three steps in the marketing plan you identify which “Ps” in the mix will work for your business. Under product you may find you need to add a product line that your target market will purchase in order to increase your sales. Perhaps you need to develop a new label for your value-added products that will capture your customers’ attention or “tell” your story. Under pricing you may need to increase your product pricing to cover your costs or bundle your products to sell low margin products with greater efficiency. The placement of your product could entail evaluating your distribution channels for greater sales or increase profitability. It could be simply modifying your product placement in your farm stand. Promotion is another tactic that is often ‘jumped to’ without doing the evaluation in the first steps in your marketing plan. When you go through the “Positioning You” step of the process; you determine how and what you want to say to your customers about your business, you identify a consistent message and theme and you establish a brand identity. 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160
  7. 7. You will have identified your target market and determined the best means of advertising to them. In addition, you’ve likely identified types of special events you may want to hold that fit you, your business and your customers. The final step is “Plan for Action.” In this step you will set a plan for action defining what will be done, who will be responsible and when it will be done. Don’t undertake all the actions at once, determine which ones you can do first and prioritize the actions for the next one to three years. Also, establish measurement methods and tools for determining your marketing investment return. One idea may be in your sales objectives you have established in the “Analyze This” step such as measuring your sales dollars. Other possible measurements are your marketing budget to sales ratio, customer satisfaction surveys or personal interviews to determine the effectiveness of an advertisement or promotional effort. Your methods will be established throughout the planning process. In conclusion, a dynamic marketing plan lays down the strategic foundation and establishes how you position your business (products and services) in the marketplace. A good plan coordinates the marketing mix, assures your tactics are consistent with your objectives and gives you measurements for determining the return on your marketing investments. It is your map and compass. Think more strategically about your marketing by taking the critical first three steps, it makes the fourth and fifth steps, and more importantly your business much more successful and rewarding. 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160
  8. 8. Related product services Kamigo CompassTM Marketing Plan Are you trying to clearly identify your target market, brand position or the best use of your marketing budget? You need a marketing plan that is progressive. We work in close collaboration with you to develop a personalized plan. Our methods consist of gathering information, decision- making processes, target market identifiers, positioning tools, branding modes and useful tactical tools laying a clear path for you. Kamigo ExplorationTM Market Research Do you feel you are wandering in a haze trying to get a clear view of your customers and market? Market Research reduces the information gap between your business and your customer’s needs and wants. Through marketing research you gain an understanding of your target market, market potential, market share, pricing strategy, new product potential or your promotional efforts. Our approach incorporates problem definition, research design, sample selection and methodology, data gathering and analysis, and reporting to meet your research and budgetary needs. Kamigo Marketing, LLC works with you to design and select marketing strategies that differentiate your company from the others. We help you with your time and frustrations because we have solid marketing expertise allowing us to hit the ground running. We bring knowledge, ease and understanding to your business’s marketing. 54 garland rd, Nottingham, nh 03290 603-942-7160