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Useful links for_engineers


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Useful links for_engineers

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Useful links for_engineers

  1. 1. USEFUL LINKS FOR ENGINEERS Mechanical & Chemical Engineering Software -Download Engineering Software - Demo PVElite - CAESAAR II Demo - CadWorx Demo/PIPE - Demo P&ID CadWorx - Chempute Download Page - Chem. Civil Software C-Max Piping Software - Demo Download Software Download free demo for gas Shaft FEM software Vessel Demo ASME Section IX Demo ASME Demo Demo For Weld Layout Software Lots Of Engineering Software Various Links Spreadsheet forcalculations -Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering - Free software Spec Finder Thesis(Search By Department & Author) Thesis for Post Graduates Thesis of Mechanical Post Graduates WELDING ENGINEERING -Welding Of Piping -Welding Of Piping welding of BPV & PressurePiping -Welding & Inspection of piping Sites Valves & Pipe Fittings Basic Information for ProcessEquip. & Piping fitting -Valve Types & Construction -PIPING ENG. Q&A Safety Valve - Safety Valve - Safety Valve - Safety Valve - Safety Valve - Search for Sample & get .PDF files for P&ID, Valve Specs etc. -Pipe Supports For Cryogenic Service. - Seismic Approach in Piping
  2. 2. - Piping Flexibility - pipe stress – Piping Tutorial -Piping Dynamic Stress Lecture Flange Process Fluid Iron Pipe Pressure Vessel List Of the files Giving Overview of ASME Sections Controlling Vessel & Tanks Pressure Vessel - Pressure Vessels Basics Pressure Vessels Basics - Pressure Vessel Glossary Pressure Vessel Guidelines for Review of Pressure Vessels Pressure Vessel Demo part pv EN134445 Reference Sites -Engineering Information -ENGINEER’S CLUB - ENGINEERING INFORMATION DATABASE. -ENGINEERING INFORMATION DATABASE. - ONLINE CALCULATION SITE for Load Calculation -PIPING INFORMATION SITE -ONLINE CALCULATION SITE Orifice Calculation site Machine Design all about Mechanical Engineering Information site Online Books Cavitation & Bubble Dynamics. Book for Heat Transfer Boiler Book Online Fluid Mechanics Fluid Dynamics Pump & Motor - Pump & Motor Pumps. Basics of Motor. - Pump basic Q&A
  3. 3. - Pump - Rotodynamic Pump - faq Pump Comparison of CF & RC Pumps. Rotodynamic pump Technical Papers About Pump PUMP BASICS PUMP Articles Pump Pump Cavitation Pump Cavitation CONTROLLING CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS CONTROLLING POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS Pump Basics. Turbine -Information About Turbines. - Steam Turbine - Steam Turbine – Fluid & Thermal System Heat Exchanger -Heat Exchanger Terminology -Heat Lecture%2003%20-%20Heat%20Exchangers%202.ppt Basic Construction of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers HX CONTROLLING SHELL AND TUBE EXCHANGERS Cooling Tower - Cooling Tower Basics - Cooling Tower Basics Fire & Safety Online Glossary By National Fire Council - Safety & Health Manual - Hydrant System Design, Installation, Testing, and Maintenance NDT - Ultrasonic Testing - Site for Non Destructive Testing Methods _ NDT Test Paper Conveyor - Conveyers –conveyer
  4. 4. Selector Software calc. Stress Intensityfactor Lecture in mechanical engg, - SIF - fatigue Glossary charpy v notch test fea Material Science Linear Elasticity Civil, Cad-Cam, Mechanical, Instrumentation Lectures I.C. ENGINE Thermo I.C. Engine I.C. Engine PROE ProE Proe Learn Proe Proe Database With Pro Mechanica ANSYS SOLIDWORKS
  5. 5. CAD IDEAS Demo Files FEA Book Help Files Book METLAB MatLab Files Metlab CAE Solid Modeling Solid Edge AssemblyTutorial CHEMICAL ENG is a Chemical EngineerHistory of Chemical and Process EngineeringDimensionless NumbersFundamental Physical ConstantsGas Law ConstantProcess Services Study NotesSI PrefixesThe Constants and Equations PageThe Physics and Chemical Laws listConversion FactorsGeneral Chemical EngineeringChemical Engg. Course Notes from WSUCrude Oil- Volume - Weight - Flowrate Conversion FactorsProcess Associates of America Process Tools
  6. 6. Sheet Metal ThicknessPower Stations Chemical Reaction EngineeringChemical Reaction Engineering LecturesChemical Engineering Reactor KineticsChemical EquilibriumChemical Reactions - Notes from ChemTutorCRE - Frequently Asked QuestionsCRE Lecture NotesDesign of Combustion FacilitiesDownload papers on combustion systemsHeterogeneous Catalysis Fluid MechanicsBoundary Layer AppletsBoundary Layer FlowBoundary LayersCFD Resources OnlineCompressible Aerodynamics CalculatorFM Lecture Notes from Quuens UniversityFAQ on Pumps and Fluid SystemsFlow rate through Venturi pipe free calculatorFluid Flow CalculatorFluid Mechanics DemonstrationsFluid Mechanics Hall of FameFluid Mechanics Lecture Notes from UBCFluid Mechanics Material from California IOCFluids Mechanics Movie ArchiveGallery of Fluid MechanicsIntroduction to Continuum MechanicsIntroduction to RheologyJournal of Rheology Rheology NomenclatureLecture Notes from University of LeedsFM Lecture Notes and Handouts in Pdf formatLecture Notes from University of IowaNumerical methods for 1D compressible flowsOnline Duct Friction Loss and Velocity Pressure CalculationOn-Line Friction Piping LossOn-Line Pump System DesignPipe PropertiesProcess Pumps & Filtration On-LineReynolds Number CalculatorRheology - Main PageSelf-Study Material on Fluid MechanicsSolved Problems in Fluid MechanicsThe Colorful Fluid Mixing GalleryThe Internet Glossary of PumpsTube PropertiesThe Pissing Bucket Some Real-World Fluid Mechanics Solid Fluid Operations (SFO)
  7. 7. Chemical Engineering Separations - NotesCyclone SeparatorsEngineering Aspects in Solid Liquid SeparationIon ExchangeMembrane Separation ProcessesSeparation Processes - Lecture NotesStandard Sieve Sizes ThermodynamicsBasic Chemical ThermodynamicsAdvanced Thermodynamic ProblemsChemical Engineering Thermodynamics NotesCET Notes Heat TransferAn Introduction to Pinch Technology - http://ginusss.eresmas.comAlternative Uses of Heat Transfer Enhancement Towers Design and Operation ConsiderationsCorrelations for Convective Heat TransferFundamentals of Heat Transfer TutorialHeat conductionHeat Exchanger Fouling FactorsHeat Exchanger Network DesignHeat Exchangers Design ExamplesHeat Exchanger Network DesignStep by Step Pinch TechnolgyHeatTransfer BasicsMaking Decisions with InsulationOA Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries Mass Transfer Operations (MTO)/ Transport Phenomena (TP)Adsorption PhenomenaStep by Step McCabe-Thile DistillationContinous Liquid Liquid ExtractionDevelopment of distillation tray efficiency modelDiffusion ProcessesDistillation Calculation McCabe-Thiele MethodDistillation Simulation - TutorialDistillation Theory And PracticeEnergy Conservation in DistillationIn Depth Look at Extractive DistillationIntroduction to DistillationIntroduction to Mass Transfer OperationsIntroduction to TraysOnline Calculator for Distillation Column DesignOverview of Distillation ProcessSmith John Frenchs Art of DistillationThe Rayleigh EquationTower Sizing and PricingTrays, in more detailTransport Phenomena Lecture Notes
  8. 8. Engineers Ontario (PEO)Chemistry & Industry Home PageHistoryof ChEn: TimelineThe World-Wide Web VirtualLibrary: Chemical EngineeringBIOTECHNOLOGY: Cato ResearchCERAMICS: FraunhoferInstituteCHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Universityof FloridaChemical Engineering MagazineCHEMISTRY: University of CaliforniaCONTROL ENGINEERING: CambridgeUniversityENERGY: CrestENGINEERING: NASAFLUID MECHANICS: Universityof ColoradoINDUSTRIAL WASTEWATERENGINEERING: IWESteel On the WebMATERIALS: Clarkson Instituteof TechnologyPROCESS ENGINEERING: Universityof KarlsruheTECHNICAL: Enterprise Integration NetworkPollard Highway ProductsAMM OnlineHazardous Materials Management Magazine( Free Calculators Vibration & Lubrication Material Science & Metallurgy METALLURGY WIDE RESORCE IN MECHANICAL ENGG &METALLURGY THERMO DYNAMICS METALLURGY FEM