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Hadoop   big data introduction and training
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Hadoop big data introduction and training


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Hadoop Big Data Introduction and Training Details

Hadoop Big Data Introduction and Training Details

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Hadoop – BIG DATA
  • 2. Do you Know?  The total volume of electronic data stored is approximately 2 zettabytes (1 billion TB)  Do you know how many photos FB host?  10 billion photos, nearly 1PB  Do you know how much data internet archive stores everyday?  Around 2PB of data and is growing at a rate of 20PB of data  15 million smart meters (US) generating data at the rate of 3GB per second  Events collected through user interaction from sites are generated at the rate of 1.5GB per second.
  • 3. What is BIG DATA?  Volume  Velocity  Variety
  • 4. Challenges?  Complex  Near real time Analytics  Storage  Computation
  • 5. Who is using Hadoop? • Amazon • Facebook • Google • IBM • Yahoo! • • New York Times • PowerSet • Veoh
  • 6. What makes Hadoop special? • No high end or expensive systems are required – Built on commodity hardwares • Can run on Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows, Solaris • Fault tolerant system – Execution of the job continues even of nodes are failing • Highly reliable and efficient storage system • In built intelligence to speed up the application – Speculative execution • Fit for lot of applications: – Web log processing – Page Indexing,page ranking – Complex event processing
  • 7. Overview of HDFS architecture
  • 8. Overview of MapReduce Programming Model
  • 9. Does Hadoop solves every one problem????? • I am DB guy, I am proficient in writing SQL and trying very hard to optimize my queries, but still not able to do so. Moreover I am not Java geek. Will this solve my problem Use Hive/HBase • Hadoop is written in Java, and I am purely from C++ back ground, how I can use Hadoop for my big data problems? Use Hadoop Pipes • I am a statistician and I know only R, how can I write MR jobs in R? Use RHIPE Package • Well how about Python, Scala, Ruby, etc programmers? Does Hadoop support all these? Use Hadoop streaming
  • 10. Training Links  Course Details:  Sample Session: Hadoop Installation lab: (3000 + Youtube Hits) Hadoop HDFS File system Lab: Case Study:   LinkedIn-Group ( real time discussion)  Please join linked in group for regular updates on my learning in Hadoop / Bigdata Real time work. 
  • 11. Course Material  Recordings – All sessions - 40 Hours  Exercises – 30+ Fully solved  Certification questions – 2 sets  Resumes -2 sets  Online Case Study – Insurance Domain  Virtual Machine – Red Hat OS. ( Oracle Virtual Box Manager).  Linked in group discussion – Online Hadoop Learning
  • 12. Training Details  GotoMeeting  40 – 45 Hours  1 hours weekday / Weekends  Contact:
  • 13. Thank You