How to become_an_effective_people's_manager_and_a_great_leader (copy)


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How to become_an_effective_people's_manager_and_a_great_leader (copy)

  1. 1. How to Become an Effective Peoples Manager and a Great Leader
  2. 2. AgendaWhat is leadership and people management ?Leader vs. ManagerTraits of good leaderLeadership StyleDos to become effective leaderDonts to become effective leaderLeading the team
  3. 3. Leadership & ManagementLeadership-Leadership is "organizing a group of people to achieve a commongoal".
  4. 4. Leadership & ManagementManagement:Management is the act of getting people together to accomplishdesired goals and objectives using available resources efficientlyand effectively.
  5. 5. Managers vs. LeadersManager LeaderFocus on things Focus on peopleDo things right Do the right thingsPlan InspireOrganize InfluenceDirect MotivateControl BuildFollows the rules Trust and Confidence
  6. 6. Traits of good leaderKnows the teamA vision and purposeClear goalsStrong commitmentFlexibilityActive listening skillsConfidence to take risksAn understanding of changeAble to learn from mistakes
  7. 7. Traits of good leaderImproves weak areas and maximize the strengthsTenacityAble to speak clearly and effectivelypositive thinking and motivationInspiring and MotivatingOpen Minded and Forward ThinkingIntelligent and Creative
  8. 8. Leadership StyleManner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans,and motivating people
  9. 9. Leadership StyleAutocratic – The Directing LeaderSets goals.Identifies the problems.Comes up with solutions.Decides who does what work.Gives specific directions.Announces decisions.Closely supervises and evaluates employees work.
  10. 10. Leadership StyleDemocratic – The Coaching LeaderSets the goals.Identifies the problems.Develops a plan to solve problems and consults with employees.Makes the final decision about procedures or solutions afterhearing employees ideas, opinions, and feelings.Explains decisions to employees and asks for their ideas.Praises employees work efforts.Continues to direct employees work.Evaluates employees work.
  11. 11. Leadership StyleDelegative – The Delegating LeaderIdentifies problems with employees.Sets goals with employees.Develops plans and makes decisions with employees.Lets employees decide who does the tasks.Accepts employees decisions and monitors their performance.Lets employees evaluate their own work.Lets employees take responsibility and credit for their work.
  12. 12. Dos to become effective leaderListen to others.Even though you are the team leader and you make the decisions, you should always ask people what their opinion is. Try to incorporate them whenever its feasible. You arent a dictator.Take in others suggestions.When someone gives you an idea, work on it. Think of how you can improve on it. A good leader is one that listens and not just talks. Show the team you are flexible to consider their thoughts.
  13. 13. Include everyone.If some people are a little left behind, help them. Always try to include them. Find a task for everyone no matter what their skill or level.Encourage your team.Sometimes people are scared to try something and this is where the leader comes in. You have to encourage your team mates and show them that the task is possible, even if difficult, and try to make it fun for them. Show them the positive results of their work.
  14. 14. Know what you are talking about.If your teammates are as confused as you are, how will they know what to do? As the leader, you must do the research first, or have the most information.Enjoy being a leader.Even though leaders have to take things seriously, there is no reason you cant have fun. Just dont get too carried away. Balance the serious business at hand with regard for the morale and spirits of the team.
  15. 15. Pay attention to morale.A demoralized team wont function. You must set the positive spirit, make the goals clear, show how the job is feasible and possible. No one will work for an impossible goal.
  16. 16. Donts to become effective leaderDont try to act too dominant. If you start acting bossy and telling people what to do, they are going to be upset. Try telling them in a friendly way but also in a way that shows you are in charge.If someone makes a mistake, do not get angry. Your team mates are humans and everyone makes mistakes. Just try to help them and be kind. Your job is to try to prevent errors, demonstrate the proper course of action, and make up for errors when they occur.
  17. 17. Leading the TeamKnow your Team– Understand strength and weakness of team members– Assess positive and negative personality traits of people involved– Determine personality type of each members Aggressive Submissive Assertive
  18. 18. By understanding strength and weakness of each member, assign duties and accordingly mentor themWhen milestone achieved make sense of achivement.Manage conflicts, if any.Be honest while giving feedbackCelebrate, when target achived and give the feeling ofteameffort.
  19. 19. Thank You