Final digital marketing strategy

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  • 1. Digital Marketing Campaign By: Kallie Riopelle
  • 2. People Information• People is a weekly magazine that publishes celebrity and human interests stories• It is owned by Time, Inc.• People’s first issue was published March 4, 1974• is the top celebrity gossip website• Target Market: Females 21-60 Focusing 35 and under to become lifetime users
  • 3. Goals Challenges• Increase website traffic • Keeping on-top of social and magazine media posts subscriptions • Beat competitors in user• Redesign Facebook page numbers and best• Upload pictures directly celebrity information to social media during red-carpet event• Create Google AdWords Campaign
  • 4. Overall Theme• Give more to the people; receive more at People• Keep on-top of social media• Instant updates = better feedback
  • 5. Marketing Plan• Promote VIPeople Rewards and offer MORE• LiveFeed from Red Carpet Events to give your readers instant information• Create GoogleAdWords Campaign• Interact with Followers via Social Media
  • 6. Social Media• Twitter – communicate directly with YOUR people – Interact with your 3,609,976 followers• Facebook – more posting=more traffic – more interactive; enable wall posting, upload pictures, post new stories posted on• LinkedIn – Recreate this profile – Adding content to reach new audience – Connect with past/present employees to promote People
  • 7. Internet Marketing • Google AdWords – Create and manage a People Google AdWords page – Keywords: Celebrities; Celebs; People Magazine; Celebrity Gossip – Ad Scheduling: Increase October – December; holiday gifts, in time for People’s award season, Special Editions • Sample advertisements:Headline: Don’t Look Beyond People! Headline: Do You Know Your People?2nd Line: Visit the most trusted celeb news 2nd Line: Search Celebs Mobily3rd Line: Get the BEST gossip before anyone else 3rd Line: Top Celebrity Gossip at It’s Finest4th Line: 4th Line:
  • 8. Mobile Marketing• Send text message updates on new stories and galleries posted• Inside exclusive People news updates for VIPeople members• Virtual viewing of LiveFeed from Red Carpet Events
  • 9. Success of Strategy• Us Google AdWords Performance Grader to analyze campaign and rank against others• Measure Click-Thru-Rate: – by number of clicks ad receives/number of times ad shown• Successful Digital Media Campaign = – Increased Facebook followers – Twitter Followers – LinkedIn Connections – App Downloads
  • 10. Digital Marketing Strategy Budget Budget Breakdown: Social Media: $50,00 Internet Marketing: $22,000 Mobile Marketing: $23,000 VIPeople Rewards: $20,000 AdWords Campaign: $30,000 Extended Advertising: $30,000 Cushion for Spending: $20,000 TOTAL BUDGET = $200,000