Top Free & Useful Tool for Publishing Online and Offline Flip Books


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When creating flip book, flip book software is required. Here, I want to share top free and useful pdf flip book software. It will be my pleasure if this can help any of you.

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    I just want to say that... If you have to pay for something... then it is not free... If it is worth the Money... Then it is not free. Nice idee... but it is not free.
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Top Free & Useful Tool for Publishing Online and Offline Flip Books

  1. 1. Top usefulTool for Publishing online and offline flip books
  2. 2.  When creating flip book, page-flip resources/tool/software is required.  On the one hand, professional developers prefer Java and Flash project;  On the other hand, normal junior users would like a free and easy flipbook creator to build digital book with page flip effect. Here, I want to share what I got with you guys, and it will be my pleasure if this can help any of you.
  3. 3.  1. Free online page flipping tools:  Issuu, aims to promote digital document sharing on the web. Text still has to be made simplified and ready for Issuu. Not all PDF will work.  Codebox, this BETA tool is basically a front end to these two open source software solutions so it is completely free. But sorry that Codebox already announced that they have shut down pdf to page flip conversion service. Here is their announcement:  Flipsnack, another free online tool that lets you easily convert pdf files to flip-able e-books. But output flipbook must be uploaded to web. Offline flip book is not available.
  4. 4.   aXmag, free basic online page-flip creator, PDF format support, great page flip effect.FYI, you need to pay for pro service.  For above free onlineWeb based Conversion services.They are very easy to use and no need to install it locally on the user’s computer. Furthermore, online web conversion services can be accessed from anywhere.  Meanwhile, the disadvantage is that an Internet Connection is a must have criteria. And it makes users relies on 3rd party sites.
  5. 5.  2. Java and Flash project code: Page-Flip component: component-as2/. A powerful add-on for Adobe Flash MX-CS4 for creating page flip effect, providing great extending and integration possibilities. But cost more than 250USD per half year. JavaScript at sitepoint forum: professional developers may love those. But for non-professional people, it is really hard to create flipbook by them.
  6. 6. 3.Advanced desktop flipbook software: Desktop software do not reply on internet and 3rd party website.They have more advanced features, like batch processing conversion, html5 supporting, mobile reading available, etc.
  7. 7.  They are suitable for professional people in digital publishing business. It is kind of worth of money, such as Kvisoft Flipbook Maker ( k-maker/ ). Look their awesome demo here: -maker/demos/company- brochure02/#/0 How to Convert PDF to 3D Flash Page Flipping EBook or Magazine?Check thisYouTube video: h?v=mxDsSIeFtS8  It has a very easy to use interface, which enable you to create pdf to flash flip book in 3 steps. Output file can be used as flipping online magazines, e- books, e-newspaper, online catalogs, and other publications for online sharing or offline delivery.