Kaliningrad region, Investment potential


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Kaliningrad region, Investment potential

  2. 2. Geographical position GEOGRAPHIC POSITIONDistances from Kaliningrad Moscow 1100 km Berlin 530 km Helsinki 670 km Kiev 820 km Saint - Petersburg 830 km Copenhagen 530 km Tallinn 590 km Warsaw 270 km Minsk 470 km Stockholm 540 km Riga 530 km Vilnius 310 km
  3. 3. ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE Gross regional product GRP per capitalbln. Rub. thousand rub. Index of industrial production Investments into fixed capital% as of previous year thousand rub.
  4. 4. FOREIGN INVESTMENTS AND TURNOVER Foreign investments, mln. USD Foreign investments by countryExport of Kaliningrad region by countries Import of Kaliningrad region by countries Share in import
  6. 6. DEVELOPMENT INSTRUMENTS  Special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region  Federal Targeted Program of development of the Kaliningrad region  Sectoral Federal Targeted Program  The program on rendering assistance to resettlement  Health care reform  Administrative reform  Education reform  Reform of public finance STRATEGY OF DEVELOPMENT OF KALININGRAD REGION PROGRAM OF THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF KALININGRAD REGION 2008 2009 2016 2031
  7. 7. SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONETAX PREFERENCES TO THE SEZ RESIDENTSGENERAL SYSTEM SEZProfit tax 20% 0% - during the first 6 years ½ of the current rate –Property tax 2,2% from the 7th till 12th yearSTATE GUARANTEES TO RESIDENTSRENTAL FEE: the rental fee for the land plot will remain the same during the whole period of the leasecontract durationVISA SUPPORT: a facilitated procedure of issuing Russian visas for citizens of foreign states-residents’representativesTAX GUARANTEES: a guarantee not to apply measures increasing the resident’s total tax burdenPROCEDURE OF THE FREE CUSTOMS ZONE(BRINGING IN AND USING FOREIGN GOODS IN THE TERRITORY OF THE SEZ)Import duty/VAT for goods coming in duty when taking out products after processing to the territory of theCustoms Union – 0% till 01.04.2016
  8. 8. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT OF INVESTORS  Investment Board in the territory of the Kaliningrad region  «Open house» Policy  Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation
  9. 9. INVESTMENT PROJECTSCONSTRUCTIONOF THE GAMBLING ZONE «AMBER» The placement borders of the gambling zoneAmber are defined in accordance with the FederalGovernment direction. The area of the Gamblingzone (479,1 ha) will be located in Zelenogradskdistrict of Kaliningrad region on the Baltic seacoast nearbyKrasnotorovka, Okunevo, Povarovka, Russkoe. Project plan provides approved land zonation inorder to create a multifunctional gamblingzone, which includes: hotels, ьentertainmentfacilities, sports, leisure and business facilities forrecreation, relaxation, obtaining medical, spa andother services, with the possibility of gambling(including casinos).
  10. 10. INVESTMENT PROJECTSPREPARATION FORTHE FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 In December 2010 Russia got the right onhosting FIFA World Cup 2018. Kaliningrad wasadded to the list of cities that will host theTournament. The town planning concept of the territorydevelopment between the beds of the riversStaraya and Novaya Pregolya was elaborated in2011. The concept also includes the construction of afootball stadium with the capacity for 45,000 seatson Oktyabrsky island.
  11. 11. INVESTMENT PROJECTSCONSTRUCTION OFHOTELS, PENSIONS, HEALTH CENTRESPROPOSAL Kaliningrad City ranks fourth today, afterMoscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, amongRussian cities in terms of the number of hotelprojects that are either under construction or havebeen announced for construction. In terms of hospitality in general, it is known thatmany worldclass hotel operators are planning tobuild new hotels in Russia, to be opened forvisitors by the beginning of the 2018 World Cup’sfinals. In Kaliningrad in particular, Accor, HotelGroup, Russian groups of companies and PolishDwor Oliwski are developing plans to constructnew hotels. New cafes and restaurants will beopened. BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH, AND KALININGRAD IS WAITING FOR NEW INVESTORS!
  12. 12. INVESTMENT PROJECTSBALTIC ARTEK Creation of youth and child open center Creation the environment for self- determination and professional orientation Supporting of talented youth and development innovation ideas Targeted audience: young people 14-29 years old
  13. 13. INVESTMENT PROJECTSFAMILY HOLIDAY THEME PARK The approximate size of its territory should be 266 hectares. It would be 25 km away from the airport. The construction of the new highway is finished. The workload of the amusement park is expected to be 2 000 000 visitors per year. It is proposed to place regional family holiday theme park in the western part of the Sambia peninsula – the most developed part of the Baltic seashore.
  14. 14. INVESTMENT PROJECTSCONSTRUCTION OF CONCERT THEATREIN SVETLOGORSK The project is aimed to create on Baltic Sea a new multifunction venue for hosting international music festivals, ballet and opera performances The complex will include cultural and entertaining centers, cinema hall, cafes, trade areas, terraces The concept of the project stipulates non- seasonal complex, which also allows to host conferences and business meetings
  15. 15. INVESTMENT PROJECTSHEART OF THE CITYAltshtadt historical building and synergeticcombination of the following functionalzones: trade (street-retail, trade galleries), 60 000 sq.m. hotel (hotel complex, mini-hotels), 20 000 sq. m. cafe and restaurants, 17 000 sq.m. front-offices (service businesses: banking, insurance, travel companies,e.t.), 30000 sq.m. apartments, 20000 sq.m. administrative buildings, 3000 sq.m. parking, 30000 sq.m.
  16. 16. INVESTMENT PROJECTSAMBERLAND It is considered to redevelop the portof Pionersky into a luxury and modernmarina catering for 750 yachts toinclude 150 within the limit of theexisting port with up to 600 yachts bybuilding a new jetty to the east of theexisting one just west of the surge ofthe “salmon” river into the sea. The marina will be equipped with“state of the art” communication systemto include television, internet, electricaland water supply to each of themoorings. It will incorporate a modern refuelingsystem for large yachts, a regular fuelstation and a large shipyard offering allof the technical services a modernmarina has to offer in terms of haulageequipment and maintenance.
  17. 17. INVESTMENT PROJECTSCONSTRUCTIONOF A DEEPWATER PORT Construction of the port complex fortransshipment of containerized cargo with aturnover of 65 million tons or 6 million containersper year, and a terminal for handling motorvehicles and rolling cargo capacity of 1 milliontons per year is planned. To ensure a given cargo capacity four largepiers for the simultaneous reception of 8 line ofcontainer ships with capacity up to 9,000containers, and 8 feeder container vessels witha capacity of 2500 containers, two berths forhandling vessels «roro» with cars are planned tobe build.
  18. 18. INVESTMENT PROJECTSDEVELOPMENT OF MUNICIPALITIES WITHIN THE INTERNATIONAL WATERWAY E-70 The aim of the project is to promote sustainable socio-economic development of municipalities alongthe waterway of the European E-70 by creating new and upgrading existing water transportinfrastructure and tourism. Creation the conditions for sustainable development of the adjoining waterway area through thedevelopment of waterway infrastructure, development of related infrastructure, attracting investmentinto the economyof the surrounding areas.Advantages: the presence of the official international status of the waterways good geographical location unique natural and recreational potential
  19. 19. INVESTMENT PROJECTSI-CITY – PROGRAMMERS VILLAGE The project aimed at creation an innovation cluster in Kaliningrad region More than 2000 new jobs in programming field Attraction human resources More than 60000 new jobs in surrounding sectors of economy Centre for research and development Social infrastructure development
  20. 20. KALININGRAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRYKCCI`S MISSION:Forming and developing the favorable business environment to improve the living standards of theresidents of Kaliningrad RegionBRANCH-OFFICES:Main industrial towns: Chernyachovsk, Sovetsk (Sovetsk is right at the border with Lithuania)MEMBERSHIP:350 entrepreneurs and business-associations of the Kaliningrad Region MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITY
  22. 22. KALININGRAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Since January 2010 KCCI has been the member of the International Chamber of Commerce – World Business Organization Since 2011 KCCI has been the partner of Enterprise Europe Network – Russia Quality Management System The Kaliningrad CCI became the first Russian CCI, certified according to the standards of international Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITY
  23. 23. KALININGRAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRYCOLLABORATION 40 agreements with similar foreign  Intention to broaden the region of collaborating business associations from 16 countries of with the chambers of various European Europe and CIS countries, including Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Swed en, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITY
  24. 24. KALININGRAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRYSERVICES:• Examination and certification procedures• Arbitration and mediation• Legal services• Risk estimation and insurance• Assistance in accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies and registration of companies on the territory of the Kaliningrad region• Protection of intellectual property• Business partners search• Organization of business-missions, seminars, round tables, conferences, etc.• Marketing analysis and independent evaluation• Business-plans development according to the foreign standards MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITY
  25. 25. KALININGRAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK - RUSSIA, KALININGRAD CENTER The center was found on the base of theKaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry inDecember 2011 and is a partner of the Europeannetwork of business and innovations support. Enterprise Europe Network unites about 250 regionalcenters in more than 40 countries and renderingintegrated services to the enterprises in the field ofsupport of business and innovations development. Thenetwork was set up by European Commission in 2008. The center promotes integration of the KaliningradSMEs into the EU economic space, as well as contributeto implementation of the priorities in the field of theRussian economy development, rise competitivenesslevel of SMEs in conditions of market globalization. MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITY
  26. 26. KALININGRAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY BASIC SERVICES:The experts provide free-of-charge search of potentialbusiness partners in the Kaliningrad region:• Assistance in search for appropriate business partners at the requests of foreign and Russian companies;• Posting information in the Database about cooperation offers from Kaliningrad companies;• Exchange of commercial offers, enquiries and business information;• Assistance in organization of participation in business missions, fairs, seminars, conferences etc.• Assistance in negotiations between potential partners;• Publishing of offers by foreign companies at the KCCI website.• Consulting services to assist foreign organizations with entrance to the Kaliningrad market. MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITY
  27. 27. Thank you! info@kaliningrad-cci.ru | www.kaliningrad-cci.ru Follow us: /kaliningradcci /Kaliningrad_TPP /KaliningradCCI