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Let’S Talk About Sex 101
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Let’S Talk About Sex 101


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Let’s Talk About SEX 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, Just the Facts Teen Summit Spring 2006 The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland Cleveland, Ohio 44106
  • 2. What is SEX?  An act of sexual intercourse.  Biological source of reproduction.  Gender  Sexual Orientation  On the mind of most (if not all) teens.
  • 3. Why Don’t Schools Have Sex Ed? Ohio receives funding for Abstinence Only Education. Sex ed. is taught in the classroom. Condoms, safer sex, and birth control is not stressed in these classes. Some states in the U.S. have Comprehensive Sex Ed curricula.
  • 4. What is Abstinence?  Abstinence means not having sexual intercourse.  Some people take abstinence further by saying not engaging in any type of sexual activity or contact.  Virginity Pledges  Abstinence Pledges
  • 5. Why Do People Have Sex?  They are in love.  They want to have children.  It feels good.  Peer Pressure.  Media Influence.
  • 6. Safer Sex Education Know Your Body Set Limits Periodic Abstinence Avoid Drugs & Alcohol Use Use Condoms Correctly Every Time You Have Sex Birth Control
  • 7. Consequences of Sex Teen Pregnancy Sexually Transmitted Infections Damaged Reputation Poor Self Esteem
  • 8. Teen Pregnancy Facts  3 out of 10 girls in the U.S. get pregnant at least once by the age of twenty.  8 out of 10 fathers of babies born to teens do not marry their babies’ mother.  It costs about $10,000 to take care of baby during the 1st year of life
  • 9. Why Do Teens Get Pregnant?  Lack of knowledge.  Do not use a birth control method.  They believe the baby will love them.  They want the baby to be their friend.  Don’t want to lose their boyfriend/girlfriend.  It was an accident.
  • 10. Difficult Decisions  Keeping the baby  Giving the baby up for adoption  Having an abortion
  • 11. Teen Pregnancy Prevention  Abstinence  Birth Control Options Condoms Pills Shots Diaphragms Vaginal Birth Control Ring Birth Control Patch
  • 12. Sexually Transmitted Infections  Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs (also known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs) are caught by having unprotected sex with someone who has and STI.  You can get an STI from all forms of sex.  Vaginal Sex  Anal Sex  Oral Sex
  • 13. Seriousness of STIs STIs can cause sterility, infertility and numerous health related complications. STIs are very serious especially when left untreated. 1 in 4 teens will contract an STI within a year. Certain STIs can be spread from an infected mother to her unborn baby or infant.
  • 14. Common Sexually Transmitted Infections  Chlamydia  HIV/AIDS  Gonorrhea  Trichomoniasis  Syphilis  Pubic Lice/ Crabs  Genital Herpes  Scabies  HPV (Human  Vaginitis Papilloma Virus)/  Cystitis Genital Warts  Hepatitis B Virus
  • 15. How Will I Know if I Have an Sexually Transmitted Infection??? Most STIs have No Symptoms. Sores or irritation to the penis, vagina, anus, mouth or throat. Unusual discharge Painful or burning urination Itching, rashes, warts, etc.
  • 16. Damaging Effects of STIs Gonorrhea Infections
  • 17. Damaging Effects of STIs Syphilis Infections
  • 18. HIV and AIDS  Unprotect sexual intercourse  Vaginal  Anal  Oral  Contact with contaminated blood  Using shared needles for drug use  Infected pregnant women can pass HIV infection to their infant during childbirth. HIV Attacking a White Blood Cell
  • 19. Are You At Risk???
  • 20. Free Clinic Contact Information For Appointments Call: 216-721-4010 For Health Education Information or General Questions Call: Kalia Johnson Teen Health Educator Phone: 216-707-3448 Email: