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The Digital Library & Social Media at Smithsonian Libraries
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The Digital Library & Social Media at Smithsonian Libraries


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The Digital Library & Social Media at Smithsonian Libraries. Martin R. Kalfatovic. Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board. Washington, DC. 22 February 2012.

The Digital Library & Social Media at Smithsonian Libraries. Martin R. Kalfatovic. Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board. Washington, DC. 22 February 2012.

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  • 1. The Digital Library & Social Media at Smithsonian Libraries Martin R. Kalfatovic Smithsonian Libraries Smithsonian Libraries :: Advisory Board Orientation :: 22 February 2012
  • 2. Digitization Digital Library / Website Social Media
  • 3. Digitization
  • 4. What is digitization? Metadata Three dimensional objects Two dimensional objects Time-based media  Audio recordings  Video recordings Anything discoverable in a networked environment
  • 5. SIL Imaging Center
  • 6. Digitizing Vendors
  • 7. Internet Archive
  • 8. The Biodiversity Heritage Library 102,568 volumes | 37.9 million pagesConsortium of 14 US & UK libraries fostering open access tobiodiversity literature. Formed in 2006; funding through MacArthurFoundation, 2007. Secretariat at Smithsonian Libraries andtechnical development at the Missouri Botanical Garden
  • 9. “I’d like to take the opportunity to let youknow how much the Biodiversity HeritageLibrary initiative is highly appreciated amongpeople like me who try to learn from thosewho delivered valuable information in thepast. Your website is a real treasure!Congratulations.” “I wanted to comment on what a great resource this library is. I was so happy to discover an archived issue of a journal that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able toaccess easily. Your service made it simple and stress-free. Thank you.”
  • 10. Smithsonian LibrariesFY2010 Unit Digitization Statistics Report
  • 11. Smithsonian LibrariesFY2010 Unit Digitization Statistics Report
  • 12. Challenges & Opportunities - Books are hard, but books are easy - Special formats (photographs, audio tapes, etc.) provide different challenges and opportunities
  • 13. New Delivery MethodsMobileEpublications
  • 14. Digital Library / Website
  • 15. SIL Websites: 20103.17 million visitor sessions54 million hits
  • 16. TL2: Linked Open Data Botanists Pages Triple Stores of Name relationship to Books Name relationship to Standard Abbreviation Book Pages Triple Stores of Book relationship to Name Book relationship to TL2 Numbering Book relationship to Standard Abbreviation
  • 17. SILTL-3
  • 18. Phase 1 of website overhaul : “Brochureware” (this is what it sounds like) Migrate “Galaxy of Knowledge” and Branch page content to Drupal 7Phase 2 of website overhaul : Digital Library & Everything Else
  • 19. Social Media
  • 20. Social Media
  • 21. Keeping track of our Social Media Platform Resource Post Frqncy Archive Mo. Stats Limitations Blog Responsibility: BHL 2x per week Blog(ger) is Google Program Mngr w/ others writing posts as needed its own Analytics archive Facebook •Quizzes by BHL Program 2x per day FB wall is its FB Insights Insights only Mngr provided back to •Posts by BHL Lib Tech own archive 89 days •Monitoring Program Mngr + Lib Tech Twitter •Posts written by BHL ~4x per day Momento & Retweet Rank Hootsuite cannot Program Mngr retro archive; •Monitoring, RTing, Hootsuite & Hootsuite Momento is replying, etc. by BHL iphone only Collections Coord. Flickr •Images uploaded by BHL ~1 item/book Momento Flickr recent Only 28 day Lib Tech history of image •All other activities, stats, per day activity & views etc. by BHL Collections stats Coord. Resources: 3 ppl, ea. @ approx. 1/3 time FTE Monthly Stats Doc: Momento File Ex:
  • 22. Social Media R.O.I.Return on InvestmentReturn on Intellect
  • 23. New Products Existing Products Leveraging Content and Staff Existing Customers New Customers
  • 24. I dont know how we found this site but it was alife saver. My daughter had to do a report on ElvisPresley and most of the sites that we went to werea little overwhelming. We came to this site and got a ton of information on Elvis. So I just wanted tosay thanks and keep up the good work. I have you bookmarked. SIL Blog Reader, 2010
  • 25. The worth and importance of the Institution are not to be estimated by what itaccumulates within the walls of its building, but by what it sends forth to the world. Joseph Henry, 1853