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Presentation given at the Smithsonian Digitizing Fair: Spotlight on Digitizing @ The Smithsonian, October 30, 2006

Presentation given at the Smithsonian Digitizing Fair: Spotlight on Digitizing @ The Smithsonian, October 30, 2006

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  • As a management instructor I appreciate viewing the work of others. This is among the greatest presentation on planning I have viewed.

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  • 1. Smithsonian Institution Libraries Digital Library Program Martin R. Kalfatovic New Media Office and Preservation Services Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 2. Overview of Library Digitizing
    • Books are unique objects for scanning purposes
    • Differ from 2 dimensional works (e.g. Photographs)
    • Differ from 3 dimensional works (e.g. Artifacts)
    • Codex has been around for over 1600 years
    • The book format (title page, text, index, etc.) since the mid-16th century
    • Web delivery of book objects has interesting challenges
  • 3. Book Digitizing Process
    • Bound materials
      • Quality issues
      • Protects the material for future use
    • Disbound materials
      • Generally better scans
      • Destructive
  • 4. SIL Imaging Center
    • Established 1999
    • 2 digital scanning-back cameras
      • BetterLight
      • Phase I
    • Flatbed scanners
    • All Mac-based
  • 5.
    • SIL has used a variety of commercial vendors for non- and semi-rare materials
      • Kirtas Technologies (Robotic APT 2400 Scanner)
      • Preservation Resources
      • PTFS, Inc.
      • JJT
      • TechBooks
    Digitizing Vendors
  • 6. Digitizing Partners Internet Archive HQ San Francisco Internet Archive Scribe Book Scanner
  • 7. Digitizing Standards: Page Images DLF Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs and Serials 300 dpi, 24-bit color uncompressed TIFF, or lossless compressed images (e.g. LZW, JPEG2000)
  • 8. Digitizing Standards: Text Conversion
    • Re-keying or OCR with correction to 99.997% accuracy
    Standard mark-up schema (e.g. flavors of XML like TEI or structured databases)
  • 9. SIL Digitizing Statistics
    • Approximately 300,000 scanned pages
    • 700+ titles
    • 1,100 volumes
  • 10. Who Is Using the SIL Digital Library?
    • Sewing machine enthusiasts
    • Researchers in Brazil
    • School kids around the country
    • Lepidopterists in Peru
  • 11. Major Projects: Digital Editions
    • History of Science
    • Natural History
    • History and Culture
    • Art and Design
  • 12. Major Projects: Trade Literature
    • Trade Literature Collections
      • Over 350,000 pieces, only a small fraction digitized
      • 30,000 images from two collections
      • Among SI Libraries’ most popular sites with over 15,000 visitors per month
  • 13. Major Projects: Image Galaxy
    • SIL Image Galaxy
      • Over 7,000 of SI Libraries’ most interesting images
      • Serves as a gateway for product development and licensing
      • Assists students and teachers in locating images for use in the classroom and other projects
  • 14. Major Projects: Scholarly Publications
    • Smithsonian Contributions and Studies Series
      • Collaboration with Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press
      • Soon to have over 65,000 pages online with another 80,000 in FY 2007
  • 15. National and International Partnerships
    • Aluka
      • African history and culture
    • Open Content Alliance
  • 16. National and International Partnerships
    • Biodiversity Heritage Library
      • Consortium of 10 major natural history and botanical libraries
      • Over 1,000,000 total pages of taxonomic literature online
      • Model for international library cooperation
  • 17. Digitizing Philosophy
    • Digital Curation
      • Just as libraries keep books, so do libraries have a mission to preserve “born digital” material
      • Digital Preservation through assisting in the transmission of digital content to future generations
  • 18. Smithsonian Digital Repository
    • DSpace
      • Developed jointly by MIT and HP
      • Open source software used in hundreds of academic libraries
      • Preserves and makes available digital output of scientists, researchers, curators, historians, etc.
  • 19. Needs for Enhancing the SIL Digital Library Program
    • Petabyte storage system for source files
    • Effective system for archiving of digital material (byte preservation)
    • Enhanced capacity for storing/delivering web-deliverable images
    • Central programming support for enhanced XML data delivery
  • 20. Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 21.  
  • 22.