Trainings and education at hackerspaces

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  • 1. Trainings andeducation@ hackerspaces Kalin Chernev, init Lab, Sofia
  • 2. Agenda● Introduction● Trainings● Online education● Education at hackerspaces● My call ;)
  • 3. Living in an information ageDo you agree?Do we need to keep with the information age?How can we keep up?
  • 4. Trainings (and education)Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, andcompetencies as a result of the teaching of vocational orpractical skills and knowledge that relate to specific usefulcompetencies.Education in its general sense is a form of learning inwhich knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people aretransferred from one generation to the next throughteaching, training, research,
  • 5. What is important?
  • 6. But, why? Because: In business: There will be a point, where you will have to get the shitty work done! (yourself) In your work: New technologies, new requirements, new frameworks, very dynamic environment As a freelancer: one-man army (at most cases)
  • 7. Education and training are sexy10% of each startup pitches are about buildingor starting education platformsEducation is trending topic (in Bulgaria)
  • 8. Online learning
  • 9. Facing the cons of OLPExercises are not always really practicalSlow communication and Q&ALack of personal touch
  • 10. Education @hackerspaces● Healthy environment of smart people● Personal attitude during and after trainings● Place to meet people with similar interests● Place to gather a team and work on a project● Place to get hired if you do well
  • 11. Подготовката ...
  • 12. Представлението ...
  • 13. Entrepreneurship● Raising skills & capabilities in the community● Gathering teams with technical skills● Developing products● Developing personal skills
  • 14. Become a trainer!● Make the product YOUR way● Contribute to the overall tech environment● Hire the best students in a course if you like● Become a well-known expert in your area● Develop your presentation skills ;)● $ if you are really good
  • 15. Thank youKalin Chernevemail: kalin.chernev@gmail.comtwit: @kalinchernevlink: