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Cloud Computing Europe Day 1 Volvo Commute Greener Presentation

Cloud Computing Europe Day 1 Volvo Commute Greener Presentation



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Commute Greener Cloud Cwebinar Commute Greener Cloud Cwebinar Presentation Transcript

  • Magnus Kuschel Managing Director Commute Greener! Volvo IT Innovation Centre Volvo IT 1 All rights reserved 2010
  • Sustainability Perspective on Cloud Computing • Green IT: Set your CO2 Target and track your progress. • Sustainable Strategy: Contribute to helping the planet and your wallet. • Network: Join a community of users in cities around the world. Volvo IT 2 All rights reserved 2010
  • Commute Greener! Introduction Commute Greener! steps up to reduce global and personal CO2 footprints + making commuting more attractive. It is a personal CO2 calculator that use the web and mobile phone with support of cloud computing an engaging social network. Demo movies: Volvo IT 3 All rights reserved 2010 View slide
  • A driving force for infrastructure and operations with Safety, Quality and Environmental Care Volvo IT 4 All rights reserved 2010 View slide
  • NATURA 2000 Volvo IT 5 All rights reserved 2010
  • Green IT Volvo IT I&O Green energy – Green IT process – Green cooling Environmental Product Declaration Free cooling Focus on Life Cycle Analysis Dynamic cooling Management committment $$$ EMS ISO 14001 Visibility of Environmental Care Centralising operations and increased efficency 11 2 16 times more effective per processed unit within 10 years Volvo IT 6 All rights reserved 2010
  • Why we are in the cloud? • The increased availability of broadband, world-wide • We are “always” online, via mobile networks or WLAN • The increased number of online devices with display capability • Extra computer power can be requested when needed, for instance with heavy computations Still, re-thinking and new models are needed: • Complex overlap between private and business use of PC’s • A new generation of nomad knowledge workers • Increased collaboration with external partners who doesn’t use ‘one package’ Outlook/Windows Volvo IT 7 All rights reserved 2010
  • Not only data centers and HW Volvo IT 8 All rights reserved 2010
  • Volvo IT 9 All rights reserved 2010
  • GreenIT - How to define? GreenIT is making sure that a sustainable perspective is incorporated into IT solutions and usage. • Gartner defines Green IT, or “environmentally sustainable IT”, by focusing on what kinds of environmental impact a company's use of IT has: – The first kind is the result of creating IT, i.e. about the emissions that are generated by the production, distribution and subsequent scrapping of IT equipment (WEEE, HIPAA, REACH…) – The second kind is the environmental effects of using IT. Most of them are positive. After all, IT acts as a substitute for travelling and transport - among other things. It also helps to streamline the logistical flow and increase energy and material efficiency in the production of goods and services. – The third kind is made up of the macroeconomic, structural effects of economies investing in IT. There is evidence to suggest that economies of this kind are less energy and raw material intensive, which means that they discharge fewer greenhouse gases. Volvo IT 10 All rights reserved 2010
  • An overview of GreenIT in automotive a cloud environment in pratice Simulations, Service people, mechnics, Wind tunnel Software parts save energy, test material… Life lenght, physical replacement, Dynafleet, instructions … Build-to-Order eMarketing, Sales Force tools less paper, obsolecence… Material flow emballage pool, VM, BaseIT sequence delivery… Virtual collaboration team work, printer adj, doc flows, virualisation, gates, cloud I&O… Volvo IT 11 All rights reserved 2010
  • Everyday commuting pattern turned into: • Reduced CO2 footprint • Attractive Individuals, Organizations, Authorities • Increased usage and efficiency in transports • Commute Greener! & Environmental Care Volvo IT 12 All rights reserved 2010
  • What is Commute Greener? Deliver positive climate change – accessible anywhere by your mobile, web or… • Set your target for reducing your company, organization or city’s CO2 footprint • See the progress against CO2 reduction targets – at company & individual levels • Share experiences in a trusted, online community – with the ability to create specific views according to needs Volvo IT 13 All rights reserved 2010
  • What people are already saying Your CO2 pedometer has helped stimulate more environmentally friendly practices by allowing residents to conveniently monitor their carbon emissions. I appreciate your efforts to bring green solutions to everyday life and thank you for your leadership. Richard M Daley, Mayor City of Chicago. Commute Greener! is a very inspiring example that demonstrate how it is possible to enable desirable change. Åsa Torstensson, Ministry of Communications, Government Offices of Sweden. Together with Commute Greener! we are starting with an internal challenge to further reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Lars-Bertil Ekman, Director General of the City of Göteborg Traffic and Public Transport Authority. Commute Greener! will help us challenge ourselves as well as our customers in making the right daily choices of transport modes towards efficiency and sustainability. Leif Johansson , Volvo Group President & CEO. Volvo IT 14 All rights reserved 2010
  • Fundamental questions Which Commute Greener! has a unique answer to -Is there a demand for a positive climate change? -Are increasing usage of mobile & social network features benefitting from a cloud? -Does value increase with ITS and Environmental Care? Volvo IT 15 All rights reserved 2010
  • Create your own community Ability to create your own specific Commute Greener!™ community (choose total offer or customized solution) • Establish an online community dedicated to your focus areas • Provide a fun way for your participants to connect & compete • Arrange competitions based on friendly challenges and compete on CO2 emission goals • Benchmark against other companies & organisations, who are part of the Commute Greener!™ challenge Volvo IT 16 All rights reserved 2010
  • Drive cost savings & green efficiency Drive Cost Savings & Efficiency for corporate-wide initiatives, such as: • Cost reductions in fleet • Sustainable development • Design of compensation & benefits programs • Health improvement projects Increased Efficiencies for Cities & Public Transport Authorities • Better understand commuting patterns in your city. Multi-modal data access, no new infrastructure. • A fun & effective way to promote public transportation and impact behaviors • Boost usage of environmentally-friendly options Volvo IT 17 All rights reserved 2010
  • Commute Greener! What is included? • … engagement towards environmental challenge • … engagement to further improve on your companies commuting • … benchmark for set-up towards your employees or customers • … supports internal campaign, challenge and target setting • … enables follow-up per team, group, section • … enables to run internal competition Volvo enable you to: • engage with your target audience, transfer experience and toolbox • campaign, follow-up and establish reduction targets! Volvo IT 18 All rights reserved 2010
  • What does the Commute Greener! application? Create your CO2 commuting baseline (locations, modes of transports, journeys) Set your carbon dioxide footprint reduction target! Track your daily CO2 output by starting and stopping your commuting journeys on your mobile phone See your daily/weekly performance against your CO2 savings target! Entertain and engage into social network activities, like Facebook Share experience and compare performance with your connected colleagues and friends! Positive climate change is a complex problem. Start Journey Yet the power of the crowd makes it easier and more fun being part of its solution! Volvo IT 19 All rights reserved 2010
  • Commute Greener! -Who wants it? Individuals benefit personally! B2C, subscribes via Appstore • Primarily living and commuting in urban cities -I guess I could leave the car one day per week? • ’Idealists’ will love this -How are my friends and colleagues doing? • As well as ’Economic man’ and competition attraction -Can I even save a little bit more? Organisations benefit too! B2B, signs for ‘own’ sub-community • Increasing CSR interest • Involved with public transport Cities, regions and other stakeholders! Basic need: Set/See/Share instant progress for positive climate change Volvo IT 20 All rights reserved 2010
  • Commute Greener! How does it work? In an ‘everyday’ process a person can then, on the web or mobile: 1) monitor his/her individual progress against personal CO2 footprint reduction targets start/stop to be fast on the go! 2) use tracking of routes, type/s, time and CO2 emission of the journey 3) in a trusted community share progress and experience get stimulated for a minute! Volvo IT 21 All rights reserved 2010
  • Commute Greener! • Helps to save costs and the environment… • Supports a community movement… Volvo IT 22 All rights reserved 2010
  • Commute Greener! win+win+win summary of benefits per stakeholder Individuals Organizations Society ‘Feel good’ feeling in concrete actions Better teamwork and ‘walk the talk’ More public transport Recognition and gain for changes Improve their brand/perception Effective usage Idealists as well as Rationalists Gain and use time wisely Reduced CO2 Volvo IT 23 All rights reserved 2010
  • Innovative access web & mobiles Andriod, device Sustainable Development Volvo IT 24 All rights reserved 2010
  • Ready for next step? Volvo IT 25 All rights reserved 2010