SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-COMETS
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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-COMETS SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-COMETS Presentation Transcript

  • SFSU ISYS 363-FALL 2013 Section 1 - Comets
  • Our Criteria & Concerns CRITERIA CONCERNS •File Sharing •Storage Capabilities •Real-time Messaging •Privacy Issues •Proficient Planning Tools •Cost Factors •Task Assignment and Notifications •System Requirements
  • Market Leaders File Sharing=>Dropbox, iCloud Real Time Messaging=>iMessage, MSN Proficient Planning=> Team Box Task Assignment & Notification=> ZOHO, CRM, Jive
  • KONA www.kona.com PROS CONS •Allows for one common place for group access to easily share files, calendars, tasks, and conversations. •Only offers 1GB of space, not meant to be the only area of storage. •Conversation Module- Allows users to hold separate conversations on each task of the project for easier communication. •Files are only meant to be shared and not stored. •Kona provides group tasks which makes it easier to assign to-do items to individuals or everyone for completion. •Difficult to use full capabilities on mobile tablets and phones.
  • ProjectPier www.projectpier.org PROS CONS •Allows hundreds of people from around the globe to communicate through this in order to work on projects related to school or work •System requirements to download and use the software have a web hosting environment that supports PHP5 and MySQL •Projectpier gives you a flexible system for managing projects involving multiple organizations by providing a central place for all project activity and information while integrating with users existing tolls and workflow •There are no start date to the projects, only end dates which makes it impossible to determine how long projects take to complete •This software uses very basic principles: its about tasks, milestones, files and messages which makes it easy to understand and use •The user interface is intuitive and difficult to distinguish if you are working on the milestone task or task list page. All the sections appear to look the same
  • Scribblar www.scribblar.com PROS CONS •Offers various features: Online whiteboard, real-time audio, group chat etc. •Only one chat room with a max of 2 users available with free package. •Can upload various types of files (PowerPoint, Word Doc. PDF) •5 page document limit with free package •Provides online tutoring, sales and product demos, Interviews, and tests. •Difficult to use for people who are unfamiliar with collaboration tools.
  • Google Docs www.drive.google.com PROS CONS •People can access files anywhere when Internet connection is provided. •People don’t automatically have an offline copy on your computer to look at when they don’t have Internet connection. •When people use Google Docs to work on documents, people have the advantage of being able to maintain responsibility for your own account and determining who can gain public access to files that you want to share over the Internet •If someone determines your secret password or manages to steal your password, other people could log in to your account and view confidential files, alter documents or delete them. •Spreadsheets are able to be integrated into documents created by Google docs. Documents produced in Google Docs can also contribute to presentations created in Google Slides. Google keeps adding more facilities to its online services which means that Google Docs users also have the ability to integrate their documents with tables, forms, web pages and scripts. •If Google decides to shut down Google Docs service, you could lose all of your information if you haven't backed up the data on your own computer.
  • Dropbox www.dropbox.com PROS CONS •Dropbox is a free tool that allows users to upload, access and share documents, photos and videos from any computer, tablet or phone. •Unfortunately, Dropbox does not encrypt the uploaded files making their privacy options not very strong or secure. •Dropbox allows for file synchronization as well, so if edits are made on the user’s phone, these changes will apply to the same file on the user’s computer or tablets at home. Previous versions and accidentally deleted files are also retrievable when using Dropbox. •Once a document has been shared with another person, that person can share it with whoever they please, thus losing control of privacy once again. •Any folder in Dropbox has the capability of being shared with business partners, family members and friends. In addition, if the person you wish to share files with isn’t a Dropbox user, Dropbox allows you to create a link to your file that can then be shared. •Dropbox only offers 2GB of memory for free. Users would have to upgrade for a monthly charge if they wanted 100-500GB of memory.
  • Winner We Chose KONA We chose Kona because it had the easiest interface and met a majority of the criteria we were looking for.
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