Resume and Cover Letter Writing for Greek Life Members
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Resume and Cover Letter Writing for Greek Life Members



Hofstra University, Leaders With Letters Conference

Hofstra University, Leaders With Letters Conference



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Resume and Cover Letter Writing for Greek Life Members Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Leaders With LettersConferenceResume and Cover Letters forGreek LifeFacilitator:Kaitlyn Riley, Graduate AssistantThe Career CenterHofstra University
  • 2. A good resume…• Is concise, clear, and consistent• Has no grammatical or spelling errors• Is tailored towards the specific position and the employersneeds• Highlights transferable skills, achievements andrecognitions, not just duties and responsibilities• List’s the most relevant facts and experiences FIRST• “Grab’s” the employer’s attention*REMEMBER: employers take an average of10-15 seconds to look over a resume beforediscarding it.
  • 3. The STAR MethodS – Situation you facedT – Task you completedA – Action you tookR – Result you achievedDescribe your achievements using STARstatements
  • 4. Applying the STAR MethodApplying the STARMethodSituation: Business fraternityTask: Charity eventsAction verb: OrganizedResult: Raised more than$4,000Accomplishment: Organizedbusiness fraternityphilanthropic events whichresulted in contributionsexceeding $4,000Use Your Action Verbs!• Administer• Develop• Delegate• Coach• Propose• Regulate• Oversee• Arrange• Assess• Execute• Organize• Communicate• Present• Initiate• Contribute• Collaborate• Manage• Coordinate
  • 5. How to Highlight Your Sororityor Fraternity Experiences• Students often make the mistake of omitting or downplayingtheir Greek life experiences on their resumes• The skills and experiences you develop in the positions youhold in your Fraternity or Sorority are beneficial and cantransfer to a many professional settings in a variety ofindustries• EXAMPLE: If you are a “New Member Educator,” one ofyour responsibilities may be to create a training program fornew members. Developing a training program probablyinvolves creativity, communication, and organizational skills.ALL of these skills are transferable and can be applied in avariety of professional settings.
  • 6. How to List Greek Life on theResumeExample:Leadership ExperienceAlpha Alpha Alpha National SororityMember 2010-Present• Participate in various philanthropic and educational events• Contribute ideas during meetings and motivate membersPublic Relations Chair 2011-2012• Handled all social media for chapter including promotions of events via Twitterand Collegiate Link• Helped increase attendance at various events by up to 50% through marketingefforts• Served as a member of the Executive Board and contributed to chapterdecisions
  • 7. The Cover LetterThe cover letter is an opportunity for you toexpand upon your resume and “sell” yourself tothe company or organization.
  • 8. A Strong Cover LetterShould…• State the position you are applying for• Include specific information about why you want towork for the employer• Exemplify solid writing skills and be written inbusiness format• Demonstrate your knowledge of the position• Connect your experience with the desiredqualifications of the employer• Be three to five paragraphs in length
  • 9. The Cover Letter• Section 1: Opening Paragraph,Introduction• Explain why you are writing• State how you found theposition/organization• Mention any referrals• Tell why the position/organization interestsyou• Give a brief summary of your education
  • 10. The Cover Letter• Section 2: Body Paragraph(s), SellYourself• Research the company and the position• Use the employer’s terminology and jargon• Highlight at least one experience (job, activity,project) that illustrates a relevant skill andindicates how you can make a contribution• Draw a connection between the needs of the jobopening and the skills and experience that you willbring to the job
  • 11. Drawing a Connection• Don’t just state that you match the job description, makesure that you provide specific detailed examples aboutyour skills, experiences, and accomplishments to show theemployer how you meet the requirements.• Try to summarize for the employer how you will fit into theorganization and ultimately benefit the work that they do.Remember, the cover letter is showing the employer howyou will benefit them, not how the opportunity will benefityou as an applicant.• Do not give up if the job description does not contain a lot ofinformation. Research the company to learn more about thetype of applicant they might attract their attention.
  • 12. The Cover Letter• Section 3: Closing Paragraph,Ask for an Interview• Re-emphasize your interest• Politely thank the employer for their time• Re-state your contact information• Request an interview
  • 13. The InterviewObjectives of the Interview• Expand on informationcontained in your resume• Supply information to theemployer that is not in yourresume (i.e. personality)• Research additionalinformation about theorganization and position youare consideringInterview Preparation• Know yourself: do your skills andinterests correspond with thisposition and organization?• Know the organization: knowledgeof the organization, its products orservices, locations, and needs areessential and expected.• Clearly define your goals prior to theinterview: employers looks favorablyon candidates who have specificand well-defined career goals.• Consider the match: does thisposition fit in with your long-termcareer goals?
  • 14. ResourcesJob Search•• jobs, careers, top employers and educationprograms, job search advice, salary info,job listings, employee message boardsand surveys.•• find millions of jobs from thousands ofcompany web sites, job boards andnewspapers. one search. all jobs.• Pride Career Management System (Pride-CMS)• Is an online system, which all students and alumnican access 24 hours a day, seven days a weekthrough the Hofstra Portal.• Complete an online profile, upload and manageresumes, cover letters, and writing samples viathe Documents feature, apply to full-time and part-time off-campus jobs, review employer profiles ofall employers utilizing Pride-CMS.Quick Question Hours• 5 star resume critique by the endof the semester
  • 15. Thank you!Any questions/comments?