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Csn overview may generic

  1. 1. NBC Sports partners with numerous leagues and governing bodies tobroadcast the most prestigious properties in sports, including: ‘NBC Sunday Night Football,’ ‘Football Night in America,’ Notre Dame football; the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes; the U.S. Open Championship, THE PLAYERS Championship, and the Ryder Cup; the NHL Winter Classic, NHL ‘Game of the Week,’ and NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and Final; and Wimbledon and the French Open.
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  4. 4. Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic is a member of the NBCSports Group responsible for covering all regional sports in the Washington DC & Baltimore DMA’s. Reaching 4.7 MILLION households in MD, DC, VA, PA, DE and portions of WV. The Most Comprehensive Coverage Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, DC United, Atlantic Coast Conference and Colonial Athletic Association. Integrated Marketing Campaigns: The Exclusive Ability to Provide Advertisers with In-Game Sponsorships, Live Reads, Billboards and Features Unmatched Access to Players, Coaches, Events and Facilities. FOR MORE INFORMATION & OPPORTUNITIES CONTACT: Kaitlyn Campi - 240-223-6679 - kaitlyn.campi@nbcuni.com 7700 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814
  5. 5. CSN Mid Atlantic Audience Viewer Profile Market Market Average Average Gender Educational Degree Male 48% 77% Bachelors 19% 23% Female 52% 23% Post Graduate 19% 21% Either 37% 44% Demographics Bachelors+ 40% 46% A18-34 30% 36% A18-49 58% 68% Residence A25-54 56% 64% Own 73% 73% Apartment 12% 16% M18-34 15% 28% Townhouse 16% 17% M18-49 29% 54% M25-54 28% 49% Market Value of Home $300,000+ 45% 51% W18-49 29% 14% $350,000+ 38% 41% W25-54 29% 14% $500,000+ 20% 22%Source: Scarborough Research, Washington, D.C.-Syndicated, Se10-Fe11 ScarboroughCSN Mid-Atlantic Viewer = Respondent watched CSNM-TV on cable in the past 7 days
  6. 6. COVERAGE COMCAST SPORTSNET MID- ATLANTIC COVERS MAP ALL OF DC, MD & VAComcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic reaches over 4.7million homes per night,because CSN is not onlycarried on Comcast cable systems. ComcastSportsNet is also carried on Cox Cable, VerizonFiOS, DirecTV and Dish Network.
  7. 7. CUSTOMIZABLE SPONSORSHIP EXAMPLES Only Comcast SportsNet can give advertisers IN GAME sponsorships like Live Reads,Billboards, and Features during CSN produced games.Each of these includes a live in- game read by the announcers and logo recognition.
  8. 8.  WEB  SOCIAL  EMAIL  MOBILE Premier destination for the local sports fan. Featuring: -NBC enhancements & Sports Talk platform. -Social Media Integration for commenting & sharing. -CSN Insiders & Bloggers. -Superior Display Advertising (Less is more!) -New & Unique Sponsorship Opportunities. Inventory Includes: Display Advertising (980x50, 300x250), Pre-Roll Video, Home Page Skins, Home Page Roadblocks, Additional Rich Media Opportunities,Sponsorship Opportunities such as: Scoreboard ,Team Sections, Photo Gallery, Daily Web Polls, What’s Happening in DC, etc.
  9. 9. Digital Package Examples $1,000+ $1,500+ $2,000+Monthly Commitment Monthly Commitment Monthly Commitment45k Impressions: 60k Impressions: 80k Impressions:  Display ads  Display ads  Display ads (300x250&980x50)  300x250  300x250  Mobile Wap Site Imps  980x50  980x50 Pre-Roll:  Mobile Wap  Mobile Wap Site  5k :15s Video Imps Site Imps Imps Email: Available Pre-Roll:  1 E-News Letter Ad per  3k :15 Video Imps quarter (17k Imps) Email: Social Integration (if applicable)  1 E-News Letter Ad Sponsorship Included per quarter  Page Skin, Home page takeover, Fixed Position on Team Pages,  17k Imps Scoreboard, Page Peels, Overlays, Etc. Total Imps = 45k Total Imps = 80k Total Imps = 102k + Sponsorship Imps* * Minimum 3 month commitment required for sponsorship opportunities.