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Solar Power Powerpoint Solar Power Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • SOLAR POWER By Kaily, Claire and Adam
  • Advantages
    • 1 . Non polluting: no noise, no harmful or unpleasant emissions or smells.
    • 2. Very reliable: most solar panels have a 25 year warranty and even a longer life expectancy (the theory is they could last 100 to 125 years).
    • 3. Although we cannot utilize the power of the sun at night or cloudy days, we can count on the sun being there the next day, ready to give us more energy and light.
    • 4. Solar modules over their lifetime produce more power per gram of material than nuclear power but without the problem of large volumes of environmentally hazardous material.
    • 5. Solar panels produce more power within 5 years than the power consumed in their production.
    • 6. Solar Power is a renewable energy source. It is a resource that cannot be used up by us using it.
    • 7. Although solar panels may be expensive to buy, you will save money and our environment in the long run.
  • How It Works
    • Solar energy is harnessed and used through a process using photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. These cells or panels are usually made up of two types of silicon.
    • Sunlight is made up of little units of energy called photons .
    • The solar cell is made up of negative and positive layers, which create an electrical field.
    • When the photons hit the surface of the solar cell, the electrons inside the energy from the sun are freed, pass to the bottom of the cell, and flow through to whatever requires power. This flow of electrons is what we know as electricity.
  • Fast Facts on Solar
    • The sunlight that reaches the earth is about 200,000 times the total electrical energy generated by humans everyday!
    • The first working solar cell was invented by Charles Fritts in 1883 and operated at 1% efficiency.
    • The word photovoltaic , the proper name for solar cell, comes from the Greek word for light, which is combined with the name Volta, the last name of the scientist after whom the measurement unit volt is named. All together the word photovoltaic means light electrical or electricity from light.
    • Every minute, enough solar energy reaches the Earth to meet global energy demands for a year.
  • Bibliography