Watershed Protection Tips for Gardeners - Ventura County, California


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Watershed Protection Tips for Gardeners - Ventura County, California

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Watershed Protection Tips for Gardeners - Ventura County, California

  1. 1. Watershed Protection Tips for Gardeners The Watershed Should Only Shed Water The storm drain system is a vast network of gutters, pipes and open channels designed for flood control, which directs runoff – untreated – from the watershed straight into the waterways. How Can You Help Keep Polluted stormwater contaminates the Watershed Clean? streams, rivers and lakes. It can kill or Whether your home is one mile or damage plants, fish and wildlife, and many miles from the Pacific Ocean, can degrade the quality of our water. what starts in your garden can end up as toxic stormwater runoff and The Community for a Clean Watershed contribute to coastal pollution. program was established to protect Ventura County’s watershed by You can do the right thing and keep preventing stormwater pollution. preventable pollutants out of the storm drain system. Unlike sewer For more information on how to keep systems, storm drain systems direct our watersheds clean, go to runoff, untreated, straight into local cleanwatershed.org. waterways. What Is Our Watershed? Preventable pollutants include both Our watershed is the total land area, including seen and unseen materials that your yard, from which stormwater drains into accumulate in our yards, driveways, streams, rivers or other bodies of water. In gutters and streets and that damage Ventura County our primary watersheds drain our watersheds. into the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers, Simple changes in the way we care for Malibu and Calleguas our gardens can make a big difference cleanwatershed.org Creeks and the marinas and estuaries that flow in keeping our watersheds clean. into the Pacific Ocean. cleanwatershed.org Printed on recycled paperYard Care Brochure 2.indd 1 1/7/10 1:40:10 PM
  2. 2. Clean Gardening Practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plant Selection sprinkler heads to minimize runoff that IPM is an eco-friendly approach to carries pollutants into the storm drain Select pest-resistant effective pest management. Its goal system. and drought-resistant is to use less-toxic methods to reduce native plants for your the use of pesticides, creating a system garden to reduce the Fertilizers & Pesticides that is safe for your family and the need for pesticides, Overuse of any environment. To learn more, go to fertilizers and water. pesticide or fertilizer the UC Davis IPM resource site at Create landscaped is a key contributor to ipm.ucdavis.edu. areas next to stormwater pollution. sidewalks and driveways to naturally Apply only as needed Maintenance collect and filter any potentially polluted and as directed on the label, and always Clear, remove and runoff from paved surfaces. Go to recycle yard debris bewaterwise.com for a California- store under cover, out of the rain. Never use such as leaves and Friendly Gardening Guide. grass cuttings by fertilizers or pesticides around water, placing them in your Irrigation drains, bare ground or if rain is predicted yard waste bin or by within 24 hours. Avoid using copper Save water and composting. Even organic waste, when sulfate root killing products. Pesticides money by automating flushed or blown into storm drains, that contain diazinon your sprinkler system. can create flooding and pollute the or chlorpyrifos have Irrigate after dusk or watershed. Rotting plant material can been banned and early in the morning also reduce the oxygen available for should be disposed when less water is aquatic wildlife and increase the of at your local lost to wind and presence of harmful bacteria. Household Hazardous evaporation. Even during the hot summer Waste* collection *Go to wasteless.org for locations and hours of months, there is no need to water every center or event. Household Hazardous Waste collection centers and day. Routinely fix leaks and damaged events throughout Ventura County.Yard Care Brochure 2.indd 2 1/7/10 1:40:24 PM