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Service Overview of PanoPlaza: Panorama Virtual Shop Builder

Service Overview of PanoPlaza: Panorama Virtual Shop Builder

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  • 1. PanoPlazaPanorama Virtual Shop Builderhttp://www.panoplaza.com/en/Kadinche Corporation, Tokyo Japanhttp://www.kadinche.com/en/info@kadinche.comCopyright © 2012 Kadinche Corporation. All rights reserved.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. 1
  • 2. Panorama Virtual Shop• Virtual Shops for Click-and-Mortar Companies Virtual Shop Conventional EC ・Looks of real store ・Good at search ・Excitement in the real shop ・Easy to purchase © Kadinche Corporation 2
  • 3. Panorama Virtual Shop: Functions Walk AroundClickable Tags 360° View © Kadinche Corporation 3
  • 4. Virtual Shop/Tour Building Tool on Cloud Self Service Cloud Service Drag & Drop Control http://cloud.panoplaza.com/ © Kadinche Corporation 4
  • 5. Functional Charts Regular Functions PanoPlaza Panorama • 360 degrees viewControl • Zoom in / out   • Full Screen Smart Phone & Tablet Ready  N/AUsability Access Analysis  N/A Floor Map  N/ANavigation Tagging and Annotation  N/A Virtual Tour (Multiple Panoramas)  N/A © Kadinche Corporation 5
  • 6. CasesDaimaru Department Store Nissen Catalog Order Alexcious E-Commerce Tokyu Department Store Isetan Department Store Matsumaru Book Store © Kadinche Corporation 6
  • 7. Business Model: Single Shot Virtual Shop• Short Term Project: One time shooting and building• Weak Integration• Customized Design & Function to Appeal Customers• Most of our recent cases are this single shot projects Work Item Client PanoPlazaPhoto Shooting Virtual Shop/Tour Building   PanoPlaza URL Link Client’s Virtual WebPeriodical Maintenance  Shop ServiceOption: Customized Design Option: Customized Function  © Kadinche Corporation 7
  • 8. Business Model: Integration using APIs• Long Term Project: Integration and Day-to-Day Use• API Based Integration• Customized Design & Function for Clients System• One Project is Under Development Work Item Client PanoPlazaInitial Integration  Photo Shooting  PanoPlaza API Client’s Virtual WebVirtual Shop/Tour Building  Shop User Auth. Service DatabasePeriodical Maintenance   User TrackingOption: Customized Design Option: Customized Function  © Kadinche Corporation 8
  • 9. Reference: Panorama Photo Shooting Method Photo Characteristics ・Image Quality: LowiPhone Application ・Amateur Use ・Panorama Composition in App ・Image Quality: MediumGirocam ・Amateur Use ・Composition by Software ・Image Quality: GoodDSLR + Fisheye Lens ・18 photos in HDR format ・Composition by Manual & Software ・Image Quality: GigapixelGigapan ・More than 100 photos ・Composition by Manual & Software © Kadinche Corporation 9
  • 10. Summary• Integration of Virtual & Real Shops! – Online to Offline (O2O) Tool – Sales Promotion Tool• For more info & examples: http://www.panoplaza.com/en• Contact: info@kadinche.com © Kadinche Corporation 10