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Green Press June 2013

  1. 1. ACS Green PressArmy Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, June 2013Regarding Resil-ience: Tips, toolsand techniques forpracticing resilienceeveryday!2Resume Builders 3AFTB and the MilitarySpouse4On the Payroll 5Spouse in the Spotlight 6ACS events and Pro-gramming8Contact information 9Inside this issue:~A tree free newsletterDirect questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 normal occurrence in the lifeof a military couple, PermanentChange of Station (PCS) can beboth a positive and a negativeexperience. The one predictablething about PCS moves is thatthey will happen. Along withuprooting the household, mili-tary spouses are faced with thechallenge of finding new jobs,mounds of paperwork, schooltransfers not only for the chil-dren but also for a spouse pur-suing a higher education, andtrying to settle and acclimate toa new area, as well as dealingwith deployment. The goodnews is that the MilitarySpouse Residency Relief Act,signed in 2009, makes moves alittle bit less of a hassle.Did you know, that this actallows spouses to move withouthaving to change theirresidency? It is important thatmilitary spouses familiarizethemselves with the MilitarySpouse Relief Act to reduce thestress from relocating. Thefollowing are some of thebenefits of the Military SpouseResidency Relief Act:Military Spouses Movers and ShakersThey assist with settling inservices, employment, stressmanagement and for thebrand new Army spouse,adjustment to the Army wayof life.Army Community Servicestaff understand that being aspouse presents uniquechallenges, but Armyspouses are strong and re-sourceful. They serve asmothers, coworkers, andvolunteers. Army Spousesbring with them cultures andexperiences making positivecontributions to their com-munities.ACS wants to support thespouses who serve with theirSoldier. We salute themilitary spouses at FortDrum and Army Wide.Whether you are leavingFort Drum or arriving, comeby ACS and see what we cando for you.“Think ACS First!” A spouse is not required tochange their drivers licenseto the state they PCS to.Could you imagine taking adrivers test in multiplestates? Spouses can maintain theirresidency in their homestate if desired so they willonly have to pay taxes tothat respective state. Nursing Licensure does notneed to be switched to an-other state in order to prac-tice in the state you are sta-tioned because technicallyspouses have not changedtheir residency as long asthe state they are stationedin participates in compactlicensure.Army Community Service hasmany different programs toassist spouses new to FortDrum or spouses PCSing fromFort Drum. Programs such asEmployment Readiness, Finan-cial Readiness, RelocationReadiness, and more, helpspouses make a smoothintegration into our communityor their next duty station.“If you think being a Soldier is tough, try loving one”
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press June 2013I have been noticing more than usualthat people really struggle withcounteracting the negativity bias. Thenegativity bias is the psychologicalphenomenon by which humans paymore attention to and give more weightto negative rather than positiveexperiences. It affects so much of whowe are because it shapes the way wethink and therefore the way we act.Did you know this is a habit and withall habits, it can be broken? You canretrain your brain to fight the negativitybias and give positive events theattention they so deserve!Are you someone who needs to workat fighting a negativity bias? Do youfind yourself ruminating throughoutthe day about negative things that haveoccurred? Do you rush home to tellsomeone your troubles or do you postto Facebook as soon as the negativeevent occurs?If you said yes to any of the above – Ichallenge you! I challenge you to re-train your brain by following the 5 stepsbelow for 30 straight days….First, journal how you feel today: Whatare you moods like? How well are yousleeping? Do you have conflicts withpeople in your life that are unresolved?STEP ONE: Commit to writing downone good thing that has happened in yourday. Do not just list it. Write down whyit was good and what it meant to you.STEP TWO: Share that good thing withat least two people on a daily basis. Writedown who you shared with as well.STEP THREE: Only allow yourself towrite positive Facebook statuses. Nocomplaining or fault finding.STEP FOUR: Perform one action perweek that helps rejuvenate you – read abook, go for a walk, listen to music –take some you time. Journal what youdid exactly and reflect on how it madeyou feel.STEP FIVE: Create some good stufffor someone else at least once per week.Call an old friend, compliment some-one, send a hand written card, etc…Journal what you did exactly and reflecton how it made you feel.Last, at the end of the 30 days, re-evaluate your moods, sleep patterns,relationships and overall well being. Ithink you will be pleasantly pleased.Are you up for the challenge?Have a wonderful month ~ good luckand good thoughts!Page 2Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilienceeveryday!By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848A Challenge for You..2013Master Resilience Training Schedule3 June Module 2 9:30 am-2:30pm8 July Module 3 9:30 am-2:30pm5 August Module 4 9:30 am-2:30pm9 September Module 5 9:30 am-2:30 pmLearn Your Character Strengths and how to use them to increase energy, motivationand success:
  3. 3. Page 3ACS Green Press June 2013ACS Resume Builders by Chrystie Bockusskills as well as offer constructive feed-back for personal and professionalgrowth. AFTB classes are offered aswell to expand your knowledge of theArmy, encourage personal growth, andexpand your leadership skills. Some ofthe topics covered are military customsand basic problem solving skills, per-sonal time management, team dynam-ics, communication skills for leaders,and managing group conflict. Theclasses will not only help you navigatethrough the daily challenges of Armylife, but are an invaluable resource forthe workforce.Resilience is defined as, “the ability torespond to and overcome the chal-lenges in life.” Mobilization and De-ployment offer Master Resilience train-ing for Families. They believe, “A resil-ient Family not only faces a crisis, butrecovers and grows stronger from theexperience.” Individuals participatingin the Master Resilience training ex-plore how to deal with emotions, com-municate clearly, and solve problems.They learn how to better themselvesand react more effectively in stressfulsituations. Learning to be more re-silient in your personal life willmake a more effective team builder,communicator and critical thinker.(VMIS) online VMIS system allows youto search for volunteer op-portunities in the Fort Drumcommunity and allows you tocreate an account to trackyour volunteer hours. Ourvolunteers assist with teach-ing classes and planning socialevents as well as a variety ofother fun activities. Thosethat complete these trainings can volun-teer to teach classes with ACS. Volunteeropportunities are not only fulfilling, butthey are a great work experience additionfor any portfolio or resume.Leadership is a skill we use in our per-sonal life, volunteer work and profes-sional development. The Army FamilyTeam Building (AFTB) offers severalopportunities to expand on leadershipabilities and master successful teachingstrategies. For those interested in teach-ing, there are several classes offered suchas Instructor Training, Briefer Trainingand Facilitator Training that will provideinsight on classroom management strate-gies, effectively communicating with youraudience and engaging students in class-room activities that reach all learningstyles. Presentations given in these train-ings will broaden your public speakingDid you just move to the Fort Drumarea? Have you been out of work fora while? Are you looking for ways tobuild your resume? Visit us at ACS!Army Community Service provides aholistic approach in mentoring andproviding services to our clients.Our team approach will provide youwith opportunities that will broadenyour personal well being and success-fully expand your professional re-sume.The Army Volunteer Corp Program(AVC) assists Fort Drum communityorganizations and programs by pro-viding volunteers the opportunity togive back to the community. Being avolunteer allows you to build lifelongfriendships, create a professional net-work, and gain new skills. AVC hasthe Volunteer Information SystemJune Employment Readiness WorkshopsIntroduction to MS Word 4 June 2:30 pm-4:00 pmFederal Employment Workshop 4 June 9:30 am - 11:30 amCareer Portfolio & Interviewing Skills 6 June 9:30 am-11:00 amIntroduction to MS Power Point 11 June 2:30 pm-4:00 pmStarting Your Own Business 12 June 9:30 am-11:30 amIntroduction to MS Excel 18 June 9:30 am-11:00 amNetworking Club 19 June 1:30 pm - 2:30 pmIntroduction to MS Publisher 25 June 9:30 am-11:00 amEmployment 101 26 June 9:30 am-11:00 amResume Start to Finish held every Monday (excluding federal holidays)
  4. 4. Page 4 ACS Green Press June 2013ACS AFTB and the Military Spouse By Sarah KezelePerhaps the most important step amilitary spouse can take towards sup-porting their significant other is ensur-ing that you yourself are informedabout your Soldier’s career As a new-comer in the Army, I can attest to theintimidation you may feel when enter-ing this lifestyle, especially if you don’tcome from a military background.This is where the Army Family TeamBuilding (AFTB) program and ACSare essential. The classes are offered tomilitary spouses at ACS, along with aplethora of other activities, are a greatway to acquire the critical andfundamental knowledge of the Armythat one needs, as well as learningwhat it has to offer.I attended my first AFTB Level I classthis week and found the volunteerinstructors to be both extremelyhelpful and endearing. Because theyare volunteers, they had a genuinedesire to help inform those of us justentering the Army, as they are militaryspouses as well. I left the classesfeeling better equipped for thechallenges that lie ahead of me as anArmy wife, more knowledgeable aboutmy role as a military spouse, more atease with my own expectations, and Ialso made some friends along the way.The class structure is not a typicallecture, but rather an interactivedialogue amongst instructors andattendees. You are able to ask perti-nent questions about your own indi-vidual situation and circumstance. I,as well as others, appreciated havingan opportunity to ask any questions Imay have had, but didn’t have the re-sources or knowledge to knowwho to ask. Not only were our ques-tions answered during class, but theinstructors also gave us their contactinformation should any more ques-tions arise.I believe that the most vital aspect ofthe core of all the classes offered atAFTB is an acquisition of knowledge,as well as a fostering of pride in ourActive Duty spouse. It also serves as areminder to the community we arehere because of our spouse. Take ad-vantage of the various resources wehave and utilize them to ensure we aremaking the very best out of whateversituation the Army sends our way.
  5. 5. Page 5ACS Green Press June 2013Resume Builders….ContinuedShawna LowesRenee LowesKristen LowesHashaka LowesCaila LowesConteal LowesGentyaz LowesDorothea LowesMyounghee Lewis County General HospitalKatelyn Burlington Coat FactoryNathalia HallmarkLook Who’s on the Payroll!!!With so many things going on in ourlives, we can easily find ourselves over-whelmed with work related assignments,childrens extracurricular activities, andpersonal relationships. The Family Ad-vocacy Program offers a Stress Manage-ment course that helps you identify thesources and symptoms of stress whilediscussing healthy techniques to managestress levels. Learning to manage stressat home and in our work environmentwill contribute to our overall happinessand make us more productive.Writing a resume and setting yourself upfor success can be overwhelming andstressful. Whether the EmploymentReadiness Program (ERP) is your firstor last stop at ACS, we provide assis-tance with a variety of job readiness is-sues to make your job hunt as successfuland rewarding as possible. Our goal isto empower job seekers by providingSmall Business Development Center,ERP offers a Starting Your Own Busi-ness course as well. Whether you wouldlike to work from home part time or fulltime, this class informs you of availableresources and introduces you to creatinga business plan. Anyone owning a smallbusiness or just getting started may at-tend our Business Networking Club.These clubs will provide you with in-valuable networking opportunities aswell as an educational component abouthow to run a successful business in theNorth Country.Our ACS team works to provide oppor-tunities that will expand your personaland professional growth. Our holisticapproach makes it fun and exciting tolearn new things and to experience newopportunities. When looking to giveback to yourself or to the community-Remember: Think ACS First!you with job search strategies and re-sume writing skills you can use through-out your professional career. We offerclasses like the Federal EmploymentWorkshop and Resume Start to Finishthat show you how to craft a resume forboth government and civilian employ-ment. In addition, our Employment 101class will discuss strategies in dressingfor success and acing the interview. Allthese acquired skills can be used at oursponsored career fairs where job seekerscan network, apply for jobs, learn abouteducational opportunities, and marketthemselves to future employers. Also,ERP offers introductory courses in Mi-crosoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel andPublisher. If you are learning to useMicrosoft Office for the first time oryou’re looking for a refresher course,our classes will help you master the ba-sics to use at home or for future job use.For those thinking about starting theirown business, in partnership with the
  6. 6. Page 6 ACS Green Press June 2013ACS Outreach recently had the pleasureof meeting Tanya Jones Smallwoodspouse of Adam Smallwood, SSG for3BCT, 1-32INF. She and SSG Smallwoodwere married while they were stationedin California on recruiting orders. Theyhave 2 children a son of 10 years and adaughter who is 4.Upon meeting Tanya, one is instantlyimpressed by her open and warm per-sonality. Her whole being exudes confi-dence and determination. It is easy toidentify the qualities that make her notonly strong as a military wife but also asa woman.Tanya decided after getting her master’sdegree that since it was difficult to find ajob, she would start her own business.She decided to buy some wax and somescents and post a picture of her hand-made candle on the internet. Little didshe know that she had begun what isnow known as Wicked Women Inc.Tanya Jones Smallwood and her motherSue M. Jones began the American dreamBuilding Community– Tanya Jones Smallwood Spouse inthe Spotlightof running their own business with thegoal of someday becoming big. When theystarted out on their journey down theroad of business owners, they figured theywould be making some candles here andthere. Now they are producing themevery day of the week. The increased de-mand for their product led to their deci-sion to expand on their candle line andthey soon began making their own Ameri-cana rustic décor. These items are pro-duced from refurbished barn wood, housewindows, tables or just about anythingthat is old and can be reused to becomesomething new. These items would bemaybe thrown in the trash but they trans-form them into items of beauty to decoratea country rustic home. All of this happensright from Tanya’s homeLike many military spouses who choose tobe their own boss and have a home basedbusiness, Tanya is a military spouse moverand shaker. Spouses on the move are re-silient, adaptable, and constantly findingways to thrive within the military culture.Army Community Service would like tocongratulate Tanya on her successfulhome business success and let the spousesof Fort Drum know that if you areinterested in working from home,contact Employment Readiness toexplore home based opportunities orto take a build your own businessworkshop. Employment Readinessalso offers a business networkingevent to allow you the opportunity tomake connections with other spouseswho own their own businesses. Theyhelp their own business while alsohelping other women who want tofeel the freedom of working fromhome. Join the ride by getting toknow their product and what theyhave to offer for you and your home.Check out Tanya’s site or findthem on Facebook Wicked WomenCandles and Crafts.Tanya Jones Smallwood and her mother“A resilientspouse isdetermined tothrive not justsurvive”
  7. 7. Page 7 ACS Green Press June 2013
  8. 8. Army Community ServiceP4330 Conway RoadFort Drum, New York13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building, 772-9229Army Volunteer Program Coordinator Family Member Program /104951319542718772-5488, 772-0819, 772-0664Employment Readiness Program, 772-2737, 772-1090Family Advocacy Program(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program, 772-5196, 772-8526Information and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment, 772-0470, 772-2919Outreach Readinesshttp:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center Outreach Services