2-22 IN Newsletter 2nd qtr


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2-22 IN Newsletter 2nd qtr

  1. 1. Dear Families and Friends of the “Triple Deuce” Team,It’s hard to believe that it has been a little over 2 months since the last newsletter. The entirebattalion continues to remain busy. Our primary mission remains unchanged: we are still advis-ing, assisting, and enabling the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) here in the Gelan andMuqor Districts of Afghanistan. The entire team is doing this very well and we have seen im-provements. Here are some simple examples of how the ANSF are getting better. The Army,Police, Civil Order Police, and Local Police are now all coordinating, synchronizing, and sup-porting each other. The ANSF have taken ownership of the security in both districts, whichwas previously our responsibility. The ANSF will execute independent operations: zero coali-tion force presence. These simple examples are positive steps forward; we continue to executeour mission with the ANSF to ensure they are fully independent in executing their mission andway forward as Afghans securing Afghanistan.On another note, we continue to reduce the size of this FOB every day, which takes a tremen-dous amount of time and effort. Since the last newsletter, we deconstructed and relocated over15 hard-standing buildings while descoping and consolidating over 20 living areas. We exe-cuted this downsizing while never missing a beat with our primary mission. It is through thededication and focus of SFAAT Blue 2, SFAAT Green 2, SFAAT Gold 2, E/2-22, A/2-22, B/2-22, and HHC/2-22 that we are able to accomplish all our assigned missions. Hard work, dedi-cation, and mission focus are traits all our soldiers are demonstrating each day.Additionally, I would like to thank all the families and spouses at home. Your mission is in-credibly important and difficult. It is your devoted support that allows us to remain focused onthe mission at hand, knowing that everything at home is being taken care of. We very muchlook forward to returning to Fort Drum and reuniting with our families.Since our last newsletter we have had a few changes:A/2-22 Changed Command from CPT Dan Braner to CPT Jeb TownsendB/2-22 Changed Command from CPT Austin Miller to CPT William McMurrayHHC/2-22 Changed Command from CPT Ross Pixler to CPT Dan BranerThanks for all the support,LTC Brett Funck“Deeds, Not Words!”Commander’s Corner“ D E E D S , N O TW O R D S ”NEWS FROM THE FRONT2 N D B A T T A L I O N , 2 2 N D I N F A N T R Y R E G I M E N TJ U N E 2 0 1 3
  2. 2. Words from the CSMP A G E 2J U N E 2 0 1 3Greeting from FOB Warrior! Since the publishing of the last newsletter, the heroes of TripleDeuce have been extremely busy. The soldiers of CFT Courage continue to amaze me on adaily basis, and I couldn’t be prouder of all they have accomplished thus far. I have no doubtthey will continue to set the standard across Regional Command East (RC-East).As we continue to focus on the main effort of advising and assisting the Afghan NationalSecurity Forces (ANSF), I am happy to report that our counterparts are heading in the right di-rection. Each day the ANSF grow stronger, become more confident, independent, and continueto demonstrate to the enemy that they are ready to take control of all security in Afghanistan.Since the deployment, there have been numerous Soldiers across the footprint that havebeen recognized for their many accomplishments. To date, there have been numerous promo-tions, 108 Combat Infantryman Badges, 46 Combat Action Badges, 11 Combat MedicalBadges, and 43 impact Army Achievement medals awarded for actions in Afghanistan. Creditmust also be given to all the leaders within the Battalion for fostering an outstanding Commandclimate that has been conducive to Soldiers wanting to remain a part of the Army family. As aresult, the Battalion achieved 100 percent of our fiscal year reenlistment goals in only eightmonths. Congratulations to all who have decided to continue their service in the United StatesArmy.Finally, congratulations to SSG Davis on becoming a member of the SGT Audie Murphyclub: job well done! Also congratulations go out to SGT Gasper and SPC Stogel for winningthe April NCO and Soldier of the Month competitions, respectively, and to CPL Newton andSPC Haughton for winning the May competitions. Many thanks go out to the team back hometo include all of our family members and friends of the Courage Battalion. We thank you all forthe many care packages, prayers, and support that you all have provided during this deploy-ment. Know that we would not be able to accomplish our mission if it weren’t for your contin-ued love and support.“Deeds not Words”Courage 7
  3. 3. P A G E 3J U N E 2 0 1 3As summer nears, the Soldiers of Headquartersand Headquarters Company are staying busywith an ever increasing workload. The face ofthe FOB is continually changing as buildings aremoved, people relocate offices and change posi-tions. Keeping everyone up and running has beena tremendous task, to which the Soldiers of Hell-hound company have risen to and taken head on.Despite working hard, they’ve hadsome time to engage in recrea-tional activities, to include BibleStudy, Triple Threat Club, andbasketball and volleyball tourna-ments.On the evening of 21 April, over 60 Soldiers from HHCwere awarded their respective combat badges: the CombatInfantryman Badge, Combat Action Badge, or CombatMedic Badge. These badges will identify their wearers asSoldiers who have not only deployed, but have also exe-cuted their assigned duties under enemy fire. Over 60,000Soldiers have been awarded their Combat Badges inAfghanistan; the Soldiers of Hellhound Company areproud to stand amongst them.On 18 April, the Soldiers of Hellhound Company gathered to say goodbye to an outgoing Com-mander and welcome a new one. CPT Ross C. Pixler passed the guidon of HHC to CPT DanielR. Braner, former Anvil Company Commander. CPT Pixler is leaving the Battalion to become aTactical Officer at the United States Military Academy. His hard work, leadership and dedicationto Hellhound company will be sorely missed. Incomingcommander CPT Braner is excited and enthusiastic forthe opportunity to command Hellhound Company. Heis joined by his wife, Jackie, who has stepped up to be theFRG Leader, and their dog, Matilda.Change of CommandCombat Badges AwardedH E L L H O U N D F A M I L Y R E A D I N E S S G R O U PHELLHOUND COMPANY
  4. 4. New Additions tothe CompanyP A G E 4J U N E 2 0 1 3Two Soldiers were selected to represent HHC in the FOB Warrior NCO/Soldier of theMonth Competition. SGT Andrew Bergman and PFC Adam Schoenherr, both of the BNMortar Platoon, participated in the competition. The competition consisted of a knowledgeboard, mile run in kit, stress shoot and Warrior Tasks lane. When the dust settled, PFCAdam Schoenherr took third place for Hellhound Company. PFC Zachary Carothers, alsofrom BN Mortars, will be representing the Company in the May competition.Hellhound Company is proud to have twonew additions to the Company: 1LT JasonSeyler and SGT Jared Moxley. 1LT Seylerjoins the Company’s S-2 shop, replacing 1LTHickman, who will be leaving for 1BSTB.SGT Moxley moved over to the BN MortarPlatoon from Anvil Company. HellhoundCompany extends a warm welcome to 1LTSeyler, SGT Moxley and their family. SGTMoxley is joined by his wife, Carly, and hissix-month-old son, Jimmy.Outdoor Gym A Huge SuccessIn order to consolidate workspace and change things up a bit, the FOB Warrior gym was movedfrom a standing building to an outdoor setting. The result has been a resounding success, withmany Soldiers taking the opportunity to enjoy the weather while exercising. The gym enjoys afull complement of dumbbells, benches, squat racks and barbells. The gym recently held theFOB Warrior Triple Threat challenge, where contestants had to Dead Lift, Squat and BenchPress 300 lbs. Here are a few pictures of the club and some Triple Deuce Soldiers enjoying thenew gym.SGT Bergman competing for the top slotRe-enlistmentsSPC John Tomlinson of HellhoundCompany’s Counter IED Platoon will bere-enlisting on 01 June. He will be ex-tending his contract for four years andmoving to Fort Benning upon his returnfrom this deployment. Congratulationsto SPC Tomlinson for his decision tocontinue his career in the Army!Triple Threat ClubUS advisers congratulating Afghan Soldiersgraduating the Fire Direction Cell courseSoldier/NCO of the Month CompetitionH E L L H O U N D F A M I L Y R E A D I N E S S G R O U P
  5. 5. ‘DEEDS, NOT WORDS!’Anvil Company Combat Infantryman’s Badge AwardeesFriends and Family of Anvil Company,There has been a ton of activity since our last newsletter in April. Our Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) counterparts have been growingand learning each day. The progress that they are making is astounding, which can only be attributed to the hard work of the Soldiers of AnvilCompany and SFAAT Gold 2. The members of Gold 2 have been advising the Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP) for 4 months now,and have made leaps and bounds in increasing security for the people in the area. ANCOP police officers now execute unilateral patrols in Gelan,and operate effectively on their own. This is an enormous step in the right direction towards the overall goal of handing the security of Afghani-stan off to the ANSF.We would like to congratulate some of our soldiers on their pro-motions this month: Loc Nguyen and Aaron Rosario were pro-moted to Sergeant, while Aaron Young and Zebulan Dumontwere laterally promoted to Corporal.Multiple soldiers have decided to reenlist this month. We wouldlike to thank the families of SSG Fereria, SPC Sell, SGT Vice, CPLYoung, and SGT Nguyen. These soldiers have re-committedthemselves to the safety and defense of our great nation, and theirfamilies’ support and assistance cannot be understated. Again, wewould like to thank the friends and families of these soldiers fortheir continued support.SSG Fererria receives the Oath of Reenlistment from 1LT PetulloANVIL COMPANYJ U N E 2 0 1 3A N V I L F A M I L Y R E A D I N E S S G R O U P
  6. 6. A number of soldiers have been recognized for their achieve-ments while here in Afghanistan. The Company currently has 66 Soldiersthat have earned the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Combat ActionBadge, or the Combat Medic Badge. These badges are marks of honor forthese Soldiers as a testament to their bravery and dedication to duty dur-ing confrontations with the enemy. Also, Anvil Company was able toshow its excellence when we swept the competition for the Soldier of themonth. The competition consisted of seven events, each designed to test asoldier’s abilityto operate underdifficult condi-tions. First camea board to test the soldiers’ knowledge of the Army and of our current operating envi-ronment. Then came a 1 mile run in full kit, followed directly by a qualification stress-shoot. Following the stress-shoot, Soldiers had to put an ASIP radio into action, pre-pare and call a 9-line MEDEVAC. After the 9-line was called up and approved, the sol-diers had to show their knowledge of trauma treatment by caring for a casualty, andevacuating them using a SKEDCO. SGT Gasper took the award for NCO of theMonth for 2ndPlatoon, and SPC Stogel took it for Soldier of the Month for Gold 2.Two of our soldiers also entered into the “300 Club”. This exclusive club requiressoldiers to bench press, deadlift, and squat at least 300 pounds in each event. Con-gratulations to SSG Fields and SGT Aidinovich, both of whom easily lifted the heavyweight.As with most organizations, personnel changes have to occur. For AnvilCompany, we have had a few leaders change positions. SSG Fields has joined 3rdPlatoon as a Maneuver Squad Leader from 2ndPlatoon and SSGWood has joined 2ndas a Squad leader as well. SSG Wood comes to us from the Battalion TOC, and we are excited to have him join us.As the Army continues to decrease it footprint in Afghanistan, wemust do so also. Over the next coming months, we will be downsizing many ofour services here on FOB Warrior, and space will quickly become a commod-ity. Your continued support to the Soldiers through packages, emails, letters,etc. is absolutely critical to morale and greatly appreciated, however, we askthat our family and friends back home understand that as our time growsshorter so will the quantity of our mail that we’ll be able to receive and store.Please have any groups or organizations wanting to support the troops coordi-nate directly with the Command Team so that we can manage these items asour footprint condenses.Here at Anvil Company, we talk on a daily basis about how muchsupport we get from home, and how much your thoughts and prayers mean tous. Be confident that your loved ones are working hard, staying safe, and makinga difference in the world. As always, we would like to close this newsletter withan enormous “Thank You” to everyone back home. All of us are proud of themission we’re accomplishing and look forward to our reunion when we returnhome.“DEEDS NOT WORDS”-CPT Jeb TownsendMembers of 3rd Platoon prepare for a patrolSSG Ramsey maneuvers his Weapons Team(Photo by “Doc” Diaz)2-22IN Memorial Day “Murph” ContestantsANVIL COMPANYJ U N E 2 0 1 3A N V I L F A M I L Y R E A D I N E S S G R O U P
  7. 7. B U S H M A S T E R F A M I L Y R E A D I N E S S G R O U PGreen 2 and Blue 2 continue to provide the Afghan National Security Forces with crucialtraining: counter-IED efforts, communication methods, driver’s training, and the proper imple-mentation of artillery and mortar assets. This training assists and prepares the Afghan NationalSecurity Forces toward gaining competence and confidence to take full responsibility for securityin Ghazni Province. Operation Azadi, a large Afghan National Army operation in the districts ofMuqor and Gelan, was a resounding success. This success was a direct result of the dedicationof U.S. advisors, and sets the stage for future triumphs over the Taliban in our Area of Opera-tions.2LT James McClair joins Blue 2 as 1LT Daniel Dross transitions to FOB Ghazni to assistwith mentorship of the Afghan Uniform Police Provincial HQ. 1LT Trevor Sparkes joins Green 2from A/2-22 IN as 1LT Cory Curran transitions to an Assistant S3 Operations position in theCFT Courage TOC.SFAAT 8 (GREEN 2) AND SFAAT 9 (BLUE 2)Refocused as a Counter Improvised Explo-sive Device (C-IED) platoon, 1LT Grube and SSGPratt led 3rd Platoon to FOB Ghazni to workwith combat engineers of 1st Brigade SpecialTroops Battalion (1BSTB). Third Platoon assumeda significant role in the efforts to advance secu-rity and the ability for Afghans to freely travelalong Highway One. Highway One, a major routewhich vertically bisects Ghazni Province, connectsKandahar with Bagram. From Ghazni City, 3rdPlatoon continues to work hard. Their interaction with units outside 2-22 IN and their perform-ance in northern Ghazni is a significant asset to Cross Functional Team (CFT) Warrior.After repositioning to FOB Warrior in themiddle of March, Bushmaster Company quicklyreinvigorated efforts to enable the advisement andmentorship of Afghan National Security Forceswithin the districts of Gelan and Muqor. Overthe past several months, the platoons of Bushmas-ter Company conducted over 35 missions in sup-port of SFAAT Blue and Green teams.As the mission set evolves, additionalchanges occur within Bushmaster Company. It iswith full hearts that we bid farewell to CPT AustinMiller as he moves north to assume a secondcommand, of Headquarters & Headquarters Com-pany, 1st Brigade Combat Team (HHC BDE). CPTWilliam McMurrey assumed command of B Co on09 May 2013.Additional changes include 2LT Anthony Dayassigned to be the Platoon Leader of 2nd Platoon,replacing 1LT Andrew Davis who is moving toassume the role as the Executive Officer for AnvilCo. 2LT Sean Cochran assumes the role of Pla-toon leader for 1st Platoon. 1LT Thomas Wongassumes the role as B Co. Executive Officer as1LT Michael Rowen transitions to become an S3Assistant Operations Officer in the CFT CourageTactical Operations Center.CPT Will McMurreyCOMMANDER’S NOTEPROMOTIONS, RE-ENLISTMENTS, AND BABIESPromotions: (PV2 to PFC): Hoover (PFC to SPC): Brannon, Carnahan, McAlister; (SGT to SSG): Deyo.Re-enlistments: SSG Davis, D. (2 yrs, FT. Drum, College Incentive), SPC Welsh, J. (4 yrs, FT. Stewart),SPC Porter, J. (2 yrs, FT. Benning).Baby Bushmasters: CPL Burnett, Z. (Girl) 09 May 2013 - Elizabeth Michelle Burnett 7lb, 4oz.; SGTMcManus, A. (Girl) 30 April 2013 - Charlotte Rose McManus 8lbs, 8oz.BUSHMASTER COMPANY“OPERATING FROM FOB GHAZNI”(Left to Right): 3/B conducting dismounted clearance; 2/B playing a few innings of wiffle ballto break up the patrol schedule; 2/B clearing near Hwy 1 in Muqor district.I look forward to working with the families and members to fortify and refine thealready established strong foundation of Bushmaster Company. - CPT McMurreyJ U N E 2 0 1 3
  8. 8. J U N E 2 0 1 3Soldiers of Eagle Forward Support Company continue to maintain excellence here on FOB Warrior. Asour Battalion continues to move forward with our Security Force Advise and Assist mission, EagleCompany continues to fix, fuel, move and feed the entire operation allowing for mission success. Oursoldiers are truly the reason we are winning this fight here in Ghazni. There has been so much changesince the last newsletter, it’s hard to know where to begin. While our Battalion continues its opera-tions, regardless of what challenges arise, Eagle Company continues to stand tall, adapt, and overcomeevery single obstacle.There is much to be proud of and, even though there is still a stretch of road to travel, I’m confident in saying that there is no other Company within1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, more motivated, dedicated, or prepared for the current mission. The team is providing the bestpossible logistical support for the Task Force. Here are just a few of the highlights over the past couple months.Our Soldiers are continually working hard and improving themselves. Several of our Soldiers have recently been promoted or reached promotablestatus. SPC Lehman and SPC Roach took their first step to becoming future Non-Commissioned Officers by going to “The Board” and earning theirpromotable status. SGT Chatmon and SGT Gains were both promoted to Staff Sergeant. PFC Parrish and PFC Smith were both recently promotedto Specialist. Our Maintenance Platoon (“Wrenches Not Words”) welcomes a new Platoon Leader, 1LT Black, to the Eagle Company team. SGTCharlton has flawlessly stepped up into his new roles as Platoon Sergeant and Maintenance Control Sergeant. SSG Paul and SGT Garcia returned fromtheir mission of supporting Bravo Company at COP Muqor. They were joined by SPC Sailor and proudly represented EAGLE company at FOB AR-IAN by establishing and training up their DFAC setting ARIAN up to be self sustaining. The trio once again returned back to FOB Warrior to assistSSG Wroten in support of the task force. Our Field feeding section is together once again.It’s good to see the all the training prior to deploying is now contributing to the successful mission of providing logistical support to the Task Force.Another huge task is the retrograde of the millions of dollars’ worth of equipment that has been supporting the warfighter over the years. As ourmission winds down, this equipment now needs to be returned in a organized and efficient manner; SSG Chatmon is doing an out-standing job of getting all of this equipment turned in. He spent several weeks at Bagram joining SPC Lee to re-ceive the equipment that has been shipped by the Distribution Platoon, lead by SSG Amos and LT Caballero withthe assistance of SPC Nord and SGT Abadilla. With every truck that leaves, we know that we are that muchcloser to leaving and everyone here is counting down the days and weeks until our return to FT Drum, the otherhalf of our team, and our loved ones back home.- CPT Scott FisherCOMBAT ACTION BADGESM A Y 2 0 , 2 0 1 3EAGLE COMPANY MAINTAINS EXCELLENCE ONFOB WARRIORThe Combat Action Badge is a military badge worn by U.S. Army sol-diers. The emblem features the M9 bayonet, the M67 fragmentationgrenade, and the oak wreath which symbolizes strength and loyalty.In keeping with the spirit of the Warrior Ethos, the Combat ActionBadge provides special recognition to Soldiers who personally engagethe enemy, or are engaged by the enemy during combat operations.E A G L E F A M I L Y R E A D I N E S S G R O U PEAGLE COMPANYJ U N E 2 0 1 3
  9. 9. Chaplain’s CornerP A G E 9J U N E 2 0 1 3In many different parts of thecountry, June brings about theend of a school year. Notonly is there the end ofschool nationwide, but there’salso Fathers’ Day (11 June)and Flag Day (14 June), just toname a few. June-August aresome of the busiest monthsof the year. Oh, how fasttime does go by when you arehaving summer fun. And YES,Fort Drum has many differentDon’t blink your eyes for one second be-cause, if you do, life will pass you by.Dream big and never stop giving 100 per-cent in whatever you are doing. I recentlyread a great poem by Harvey MacKay thatsaid, “Time is free, but it’s priceless; Youcan’t own it, but you can use it; You can’tkeep it, but you can spend it; Once you’velost it you can never get it back.” Dreambig, have fun this summer, and may GodBless you all!- Chaplain Jason ByersThere are many ways toraise the morale of a Sol-dier, and one of those isthrough their stomach.We recently received agigantic box of cookies inthe mail from the 2ndBattalion, 22nd InfantryRegimental Society. Thisorganization comprises ofcurrent and former mem-bers of the 2nd Battalion,22 Infantry Regiment. Thecookies were definitely a hitfor the Soldiers, and evenCSM Manning couldn’t re-sist. Thanks to all thoseveterans from the past, andpresent for serving in oneof the greatest battalions inthe Army. HOOAH!!footballs. The Soldiers lovedreceiving the footballs and itdefinitely brought smiles totheir faces.We were also blessed toreceive two large boxes of wif-fle balls and bats from the AM-VETS Post 88 of NYC. Bythese kind donations from peo-ple back home the Soldiers canpartake in some favorite pas-times. The above mentionedmay often seem simple tosome, but for deployed Sol-diers it means the world.A break in the monotony;a moment of peace; aperiod of time just to getaway from it all. We say“Thank You!”This month we received a largeshipment of Footballs in fromMiss Dawn Esposito. As we allknow, Miss E is VERY resource-ful in her endeavors to care forthe 2-22 IN Soldiers. Throughher most recent acts of gener-osity Miss E worked with othercaring organizations to providethe Soldiers here at FOB War-rior no less than 50 regulationBlessings From TheStates (Sports Frenzy)Veterans Supporting Veteransopportunities for good family fun. This bringshome a Scripture that I pondered over thismonth. The Scripture is James 4:14, “Yet you donot know what your life will be like tomorrow.You are just a vapor that appears for a littlewhile and then vanishes away.” You don’t haveto know this Scripture to know that life is short.To know that we are here today, but could begone tomorrow. The question is “What holdsus back?” What holds us back from dreams andaspirations in life? What holds us back frombeing the best at anything and everything we setout to do?
  10. 10. Deployment Address:Last Name, First NameCompany, Task Force 2-22FOB Warrior, AfghanistanAPO AE, 09311This publication is for the friends and familymembers of 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regi-ment. We continually strive to inform those in theUS of our current mission, and everyday way of lifewhile deployed. Each company has told their sto-ries in this newsletter for thatparticularmonth.“Deeds, Not Words”We’re On Facebook!Search for “2nd BN 22nd INF”June Update- OEF XIII“Lead With Courage”