Applying Learning Methods


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Applying Learning Methods

  1. 1. Applying Learning Methodskelly zamboni
  2. 2. Learning ObjectivesLearning Objectives Discuss the benefits of learning Identify cost effective tools Putting it all together Use these experiences to help others learn
  3. 3. LearningIntroduction Objectives
  4. 4. Learning ObjectivesBenefits of Learning 3-R’s Reading Writing Arithmetic
  5. 5. Learning ObjectivesBenefits of Learning 4-C’s Communication Collaboration Critical thinking Creativity and innovation
  6. 6. Learning ObjectivesBenefits of Learning To nurture innovative ideas To better serve customers To attract and retain talent To increase performance and productivity To strengthen culture and foster diversity of thought
  7. 7. Learning ObjectivesBenefits of Learning
  8. 8. LearningTools Objectives ?
  9. 9. LearningTools Objectives Blogs Websites Videos
  10. 10. LearningTools Objectives !
  11. 11. LearningTools Objectives Tool kit Use Instructor led Intro of new concepts Deskside One-on-one Remote Distance and time Online On demand Performance support Relevant and current content Social media Research
  12. 12. Learning ObjectivesPutting it all Together Communication Plan Who I am communicating with? What should I be telling them? How should I communicate with them?
  13. 13. Learning ObjectivesPutting it all Together Stakeholder Current understanding Desired Potential concerns group understanding CFO Knows the project is Full support Will waste money or needed but is not up to deliver late. speed on our plans Helpdesk No idea yet Know how to We will dump rubbish on support them Sponsor None yet Full support She will be ambushed by CFO with questions Brand Yet another project Full support We will be cowboys
  14. 14. Learning ObjectivesPutting it all Together Message Stakeholders When Who Channel Project Steering committee, Weekly Joan Email status CFO Project Steering committee Monthly PM Meeting status Project Core project team Fridays PM Meeting with status muffins Support Call ctr, prod support 15-20 BA face to face training Feb Sales pitch Sales team 15 Feb BA Short video on the for the intranet product
  15. 15. Learning ObjectivesPutting it all Together Project Alignment What’s the vision? What’s the desired outcome?? What tools are available? What’s the measure of success??
  16. 16. Help Others Learn Tools to help others learn Word of mouth Company news letter Intranet Department open house Lunch and learns Videos
  17. 17. Questions
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