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We are dedicated to those who desire to eat healthy, delicious meals but seek the option to select quick 5-10-20 minute meals.
At this time we are continuing working to developing a unique model to become a resource of information spanning healthy foods, recipes, food storage, preparation, non-toxic cookware, nutritional values of special foods, therapeutic nutrition and calorie values and much more.

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We Are What We Eat - Healthy Cooking Classes

  1. 1. “We Are What We Eat”Healthy Food and Cooking Program
  2. 2. Introduction• Introducing “We Are What We Eat” Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Resourcescreated for busy Moms! Enjoy fun sessions with like-minded Moms (and Dads too).• Surprise your family, neighbors and friends!• Earn an Achievement Award in 6 sessions. Includes resource manual, monthlynewsletter, simple recipes as well as the know-how.• This is your invitation to attend a free presentation to demonstrate this one-of-a-kind “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” program offering to improve your life style, yourhealth and the health of your family and neighbors. You will love the feeling ofachievement knowing you will be affecting the health of others and best of all youwill be enjoying this experience.• Please be encouraged to call 714-708-3600 to select from upcoming dates to fit yourschedule. Openings and dates are limited to 15 persons only. Call to RSVP.
  3. 3. Receive a WE ARE WHAT WE EAT resource binder with vitalnutrition guidelines, and a resource of carefully selected recipes• Frequent updates• WE ARE WHAT WE EATresource binder with animpressive portablepresentation• A monthly newsletter ofnutrition guidelines• A resource of special supportservices• Special Achievement Award• Self-Help KYO health andwellness support services• An outline of training to helpyou start your own sharingservice• Health Alerts• Carefully selected highnutrition and easy to preparerecipes• Testimonials• Special events• Pot-Luck meetings• Record for your notes• Incentive bonuses for referrals• Resource of carefully selectedrecipes
  4. 4. About Our PresentersKYO has combined the skills of Rupina Meer Nutrition Coach andGalina Denzel Organic Chef to invite you to a totally new hands-onhealthy nutrition and food experience. Our invitation is for you tojoin us to enjoy a new exciting experience offering nutritioncoaching, cooking and vegan demonstrations, a free monthlynewsletter and a resource binder of nutritious recipes, usefulnutrition tips and guidelines for daily food and diet planning. Mostof us agree that good nutrition, food preparation, cooking andgood eating habits determine a healthy body, mind and youthfulaging. The feedback from our clients is that current sources ofinformation is too fragmented and lacks an organized practicalresource for easy application to respond to our daily lifestyle. KYOtogether with Rupina and Galina have collaborated to correct thisfragmentation.
  5. 5. Two guiding stars in the natural nutrition food andhealthy cooking world: A graduate nutrition coachand a TV level award winning chefGalina Denzel is a cookbook author, fitness writer, and food blogger. She is the author of‘’The Art of Real Food’’ – a collection of healthy recipes, and she teaches cooking classesand leads health workshops here in the USA and in her home country of Bulgaria. She istrained in the ancient art of Ayurvedic cooking and successfully unites the wisdom oftraditional diets with modern nutrition science. Together with her husband shecoauthored an Amazon.com bestseller – ‘’Man on top – how to lose weight, get fit andcontrol your weight for life’’. Her personal interest in holistic health, RestorativeExercise, environmental sustainability and achieving life balance has led her to studyunder influential mentors and organizations in these fields and constantly lead her to adeeper understanding of the human mind and body and a better way to help individualsattain vibrant health through nutrition and movement.Galina Denzel
  6. 6. Two guiding stars in the natural nutrition food andhealthy cooking world: A graduate nutrition coachand a TV level award winning chef• Rupina Meer, Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach received her training from theacclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has studied with some of the mostrevered luminaries in the field of holistic health, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. MarkHyman, and Deepak Chopra to name a few.• Rupina’s education has provided her with multidisciplinary training across a 100 majordietary theories--from macrobiotics and Ayurveda to raw foods—but she practices theprinciple of bio-individuality, tailoring her nutrition counseling programs to eachindividual’s unique body, age, lifestyle and goals. Rather than dwelling on calories, carbs,and lists of good and bad foods, she works with her clients to make bite-sized diet andlifestyle changes that create sustainable results.• Rupina is the Founder/CEO of Zen-trition, a nutrition-coaching practice with a uniquefocus on balancing blood sugar, preventing and/or managing Type 2 diabetes orhypoglycemia without drugs, breaking the vicious cycle of cravings and resetting the fat“switch” to bid adieu to nagging weight problems. Rupina offers individual, group andcorporate wellness programs via in-person or virtual coaching, so distance is not an issue.Rupina Meer
  7. 7. Resource Binder•The Proof Is In the Tasting•Resource Binder•Farm Fresh Direct to You•Nutri-Bullet•Nuwave Infrared Oven•Crock Pots/Slow Cookers•Eco-Non-Toxic Cookware•Visits to Natural Food Stores and Markets•Recipes•Health Alerts•#1 - “Organic” from China Exposed: The Shocking TruthAbout ‘Organic’ Foods Grown In the World’s WorstEnvironmental Cesspool”•#2 – “12 Questions You Need to Have Answered Before YouEat Splenda”
  8. 8. Farm Fresh Direct To YouAs people are becoming increasingly interested about where theirfood comes from and how it was grown, Community SupportedAgriculture (CSA) is becoming a popular alternative for getting highquality food from a trusted local farm, Farm Fresh Direct To You. Byjoining our CSA, families are connecting directly to our farm, CapayOrganic, and are receiving regular deliveries of nutrient rich, mouthwatering, organic produce delivered directly to their home or office.• Cancel Anytime - No Commitment• Home Delivery - We deliver directly to your home weekly, every other week, or monthly• Customize your delivery - exclude items you do not like and add extra of items you do• Receive deliveries starting at only $25.00 per delivery• Satisfaction guaranteed• Speak with friendly customer service Monday-Friday 7am-6pm.
  9. 9. Change your life with Nutri-Bullet
  10. 10. Nuwave Infrared Oven
  11. 11. Nuwave Infrared Oven
  12. 12. Nuwave Infrared Oven
  13. 13. Slow Cookers/Crock Pots• FOR YEARS SLOW COOKERS have beenassociated with heavy, rich dishes that areanything but healthy. While these dishesmight be tasty and are fine for anoccasional treat, for every day, somehealthier recipes are needed. Luckily, it isas easy to make a healthy meal in the slowcooker as it is to make an unhealthy one.Making simple ingredient substitutionsand choosing recipes that are high onflavor, fruits, fiber and vegetables insteadof fat are the keys to healthy slow-cookingsuccess.
  14. 14. Slow Cookers/Crock Pots (cont.)• Question: What is the difference between a slow cookerand a Crock Pot? Crock Pots and slow cookers are the samething. Although the term Crock Pot is frequently usedgenerically, it is actually a registered trademark for a specificbrand of slow cooker. Various brands of cookers may vary inappearance and features but all function essentially thesame way.
  15. 15. Slow Cookers/Crock Pots (cont.)• Meals can be assembled in the morning and eaten immediatelyupon arrival home. It is even faster than getting takeout! Healthyalternatives to traditional heavy soup and canned-good slowcooker recipes are perfect for people who like modern, creativefood similar to what would be served in a restaurant. Theserecipes are easy to follow and include ingredients that can befound in almost any supermarket.• Healthy eating means choosing foods for optimal health. Recipesthat use whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fiber-richlegumes go a long way toward promoting a healthy autoimmunesystem and digestive tract. Using fruits, vegetables and spices toflavor a meal instead of rich sauces is a step in the rightdirection. Fresh ingredients like onions, garlic, fennel, celery,carrots, apples, pears, and mangoes add lots of flavor, are low incarbohydrates, and are high in fiber.
  16. 16. Slow Cookers/Crock Pots (cont.)• Slow cooking isn’t just for dinner! Breakfast can easily bemade in the slow cooker. Egg dishes are a wonderful way tostart your day with lots of protein. Whole-grain cereals cookovernight so you can wake up to a hot, high-fiber, fillingbreakfast with no work required. Or try a dessert that iscooking while you eat dinner. Even appetizers, dips, sauces,and spreads can be made with minimal effort in the slowcooker. It truly is an all-day, all- year appliance.• Cooking Healthy Meals in the Slow CookerComing home to a delicious, home-cooked meal is theperfect end to a hard day of work or a busy day runningerrands. Luckily, it is easy to do just that when you use yourslow cooker.
  17. 17. Slow Cookers/Crock Pots (cont.)• ProduceOnions are essential to many slow cooking recipes. Due to their highmoisture content, onions give off a lot of liquid as they cook. Insteadof adding water or broth to a recipe, which can dilute the flavor of thedish, try onions to provide both moisture and flavor.• Root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, beets, celeriac, rutabaga,turnips, and potatoes are exceptionally suited to the slow cookerbecause they retain their shape and texture even after being cookedfor hours. Peel carrots, beets, rutabaga, turnips, and parsnips beforeusing them. Potatoes can be used peeled or unpeeled.• Corn, broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, green beans, apples, pears, man-goes, figs, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries,blueberries, and tomatoes are all suitable for slow cooking and arehigh in dietary fiber, which is essential to digestive tract health.
  18. 18. Slow Cookers/Crock Pots (cont.)• Keep It SpicyExperimenting with different flavor combinations is part ofthe fun of slow cooking. It is also a wonderful way to addflavor to a dish without adding fat. You can use herbs andspices in the same amounts as you would with other cookingmethods. Using fresh spices is essential. As spices age, theylose their potency. Taste what you are making before youserve it. If the finished dish is too bland, stir in additionalspices prior to serving. Adding soft vegetables such as fresh orfrozen peas and corn during the last 30 to 60 minutes ofcooking is another way to perk up the flavor of a dish.
  19. 19. What You Should Know About Toxic Cookware• Free Invitation to learn how your cookware is adding to your toxicoverload.• Enjoy a special organic menu prepared in front of you using only non-toxic cookware.
  20. 20. Breaking News About Toxic Cookware• Recent reports describe the severity of the hidden dangers in ordinary cookware made ofscrap metal, 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum, copper, glass (contains lead; prop 65 knownto the state of California to cause cancer). Neurotoxins emitted from this radioactivemetals are causing havoc in our overall health. We can no longer ignore the fact that theUSA has no regulation on cookware. This is a major concern to all of us. This radioactive wasteis in products like your toothpaste, shampoo, nail polish, lipstick. So please read this article andeducate yourself because ignorance is not bliss.• According to risk assessments by the EPA, PFOA’s present significant developmental andreproductive risks in humans with the use of Teflon:– An increased rate of birth defects has been found in mothers working at DuPont. The company’s response was tomove female employees to other sections of the plant in an effort to reduce their exposure to PFOA’s.– The chemical coating that we have all come to benignly cook on is also used in fire fighting foam and phone cables.– Variants of FPOA’s are used to make the coating on stain resistant carpets and flame retardants for clothing andcomputers.– Teflon can also be found in nail polish removers, eyeglasses, and as lining in pizza boxes.
  21. 21. Radioactivity Around the Home• Some of the most dangerousradioactivity around the home will bethe metals people unintentionallyingest. Some of these find their waydirectly into the human body, especiallycopper and iron, stainless steel fromknives and forks. It doesnt help any cellin the human body if you send an alphaparticle through it.• Radioactive metal recycling will raiseoverall radiation levels. Who in their rightmind would want to do that? This is thelegacy of an industry gone mad. Cooking TemperatureThe Hotter your food gets the less Nutrition you get.
  22. 22. The Proof Is In the Tasting• “We Are What We Eat”These words of wisdom have been around for many years. However, theirimpact has an importance that is more relevant now more than everbefore. If you feel less than in good health, this is most likely due to thepoor nutritional value of the food you eat in your daily diet.The evidence is that the food chain from the depleted soil, to theunnatural use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, premature harvesting,months of storage, use of gas to hasten ripening, trucking long distancesin air conditioned trucks, and finally in retail store until ready for display— is no wonder the quality of our food is so depleted.• Food Preparation and CookingIf you visit an organic farm and eat the vegetables and fruit immediatelyafter harvested, you will be immediately conscious of the fresh naturaltaste — so different from the same product purchased in the retail foodmarket.
  23. 23. The Proof Is In the Tasting (Cont.)• Nutricide in the KitchenWhat is not known to many is the destruction of the nutritional valueduring food storage, preparation and the method of cooking. Advancedtesting methods are being used to measure food losses during storage,and methods of cooking (microwave, stove-stop, oven and mostimportant cookware used). The nutrition losses present a shocking truthreporting losses as high as 60%. More shocking is the presence ofpollution in the food from leaching of toxins and the presence of toxicmetals from steel and other metal cookware.Maximizing the nutrition value in the food, method of cooking andelimination of toxic chemicals and metals has become a special learningexperience now offered to those seeking good health.• The Proof Is In The Tasting!!You and your family are invited to a FREE Cooking and Tasting Class!
  24. 24. Learn to read food labels. Attend natural foodshopping tours and visit local Farmer’s Markets• Flowing from the wisdom “We Are What We Eat” is “The More Informed We Arethe More We Can Make the Correct Choices”. A person does not have to be an expertnutritionist to select good nutrition. What is important is to learn how to identifyartificial ingredients, avoid foods imported from China, sugar based food, foodscontaining chemical preservatives, learning to seek out organic foods and so on.• Becoming more informed begins with a visit to natural food stores like Mothers,Whole Foods and Sprouts. Many shoppers are not aware of the difference comparedto stores like Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons.• The ultimate is a visit to a natural food market where local small growers offer theirfresh organically grown vegetables and fruits. Tasting farm fresh foods is toexperience the difference to store produce.
  25. 25. RecipesThis course will instruct you on how to prepare nutritious anddelicious meals including• Beverages• Side Dishes• Appetizers• Main Dishes• Dips and Dressings• Breads• Desserts and Snacks• Soups and Salads
  26. 26. Health Alerts• #1 – “Organic from China Exposed: The ShockingTruth about Organic Foods Grown In the WorldsWorst Environmental Cesspool”• #2 – “12 Questions You Need to Have AnsweredBefore You Eat Splenda”• #3 -
  27. 27. Six Saturday Hands-On Sessions1. Nutrition Coaching2. Cooking Demonstrations2. Pot-Luck Meetings4. Blood Sugar Control to reduce stress, maintain weight control,balance your hormones, achieve vital health and youthful aging5. FREE booklet offer for Diabetics who want to restore their health6. Learn to Read Food Labels.7. Attend natural food shopping tours and visit local Farmer’s Markets8. Achievement Certification Process
  28. 28. How Important Is Natural Healthy Food?• Truth is we all wish for a healthy youthful aging - free of illness anddisease. Truth is that the only one approach to achieve this is toimplement organized guidelines such as is offered in this healthycooking program.• We have to eat so why not eat natural healthy food? How many elderlysick women and men will look back on their past lives and regret theydid not follow a natural food diet?• Healthy eating should be an enjoyable experience. Healthy people feelgood about prioritizing healthy food preparation and natural homecooking for their family.• Smart mothers prioritize natural food to raise healthy kids.• Haphazard approach to healthy food and proper nutrition and diet leadsto weight problems, obesity, diabetes, food allergies, constipation andmost illness and disease."Let food be thy medicine“!
  29. 29. “Let Food By Thy Medicine”• Thousands of studies demonstrate the power of food to heal.• Dr. Jacob Swilling, noted nutrition scientist and author of severalbooks, presents evidence that nutrition has become an advancedscience that will continue to respond to the prediction and visionof the great Hippocrates. Examples include the impact ofacid/alkaline foods, information explaining anti-oxidants, freeradical activity, blood sugar, cholesterol control, inflammatoryaction, as well as food and diet impact on hormone activity.Worldwide there are constantly reports about remarkablerecoveries. The most dramatic is the healing power nutrition has toreverse diabetes.
  30. 30. Participate in POT-LUCK meetings with newfriends of like-minded individuals• “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” programs most exciting segment is the pot-luckmeetings. Participants love to bring their own special recipe to demonstratetheir own special ACHIEVEMENT resulting from the We Are What We EatProgram. Participants report these Pot Luck meetings generate an excitementenjoyed by all.• Pot luck meetings are opportunities to invite family, friends or neighbors to jointhe fun• Pot Luck meetings demonstrate the variety and creative potential of eachindividual and a hands-on experience to encourage sharing.• The social interaction with like - minded individuals adds a real value tomembership developing a sense of belonging to the “We Are What You Eat”Program.
  31. 31. Learn how to eat to cope with stress, control your bloodsugar, maintain weight control, balance your hormonesand to achieve vital health and youthful aging
  32. 32. Learn how to eat to cope with stress, control your blood sugar,maintain weight control, balance your hormones and to achievevital health and youthful agingFree Booklet Offer!Ask how you can receive yourfree Breakthrough forDiabetics booklet
  33. 33. Attend WE ARE WHAT WE EAT nutrition andcooking demonstrations leading to a certification afteryou have attended 6 meetings
  34. 34. MarketingTo Help You to Recruit Friends and Neighbors toYour Own "We Are What We Eat" Resource Program.• Your own access code to PPT presentation• 12 monthly newsletters to your own list of prospects.• Earn monthly $20 for each member you recruit (10 onlymembers earns you $200. Only 50 members earns you monthly$1000. Membership income is cumulative. Global objective is tosupport your effort to cumulate 100 members in 6 months toearn you $2000 plus monthly income.Each new member initial sign-up fee of $112 to be used tocover cost of registration. Including 3-ring ResourceManual, newsletter registration and services.
  35. 35. • Introduce your new experiences to your friends and neighbors. Charge $30an hour to help your neighbors organize a special "Green Tea and HealthySnack Party", a Friday evening dinner or Sunday lunch assisted by Rupinaand Galina.• Reach out to do buffet lunches at offices, churches, etc.• There is a predictable mental, emotional and physical energy that evolvesout of this We Are What We Eat project that motivates graduates to sharethis great experience with family, friends and neighbors. Graduates whohave completed the 6 sessions report a feeling of achievement that theyenjoy sharing with others.• They report the new sense of achievement in the experience of newfriendships, evolving out of meetings to demonstrate the success of the WeAre What We Eat project.Marketing
  36. 36. Marketing (cont.)• Best of all is the joy of a new potential to earn extra incomedoing dinners, pot luck meetings and Tea Party Meetings.• Graduates report success from buffet lunches for smallbusinesses.• Whether you enjoy small invitation meetings for yourself,family, relations, friends, neighbors or businesses, sharingyour Achievement success could change your life and withthose you share your experience.
  37. 37. Step into an exciting world focused on teaching you tobecome a creative food source to deliver healthynutrition for you and your family• To Help you to recruit friends and neighbors to your own "Are You What You Eat"Resource Program. Learn to offer your achievement to corporations and smallbusiness.• Your own access code to PPT presentation.• 12 monthly Newsletters to your own list of prospects.• Earn monthly $20 for each member person you recruit (10 only members earns you $200.Only 50 members earns you monthly $1000. Membership income is cumulative. Globalobjective is to support your effort to cumulate 100 members in 6 months to earn you $2000plus monthly income.• Each new member initial sign-up fee of $112 to be used to cover cost of registration.Including 3-ring Resource Manual, newsletter registration and services.
  38. 38. 12 Monthly Newsletters1. IntroductionThe Miracle of the Human BodyObjectives of a Good Nutrition Program2. Planning a Nutrition and Diet ProgramBasic GuidelinesSelected Nutritious FoodFoods to AvoidSpecial Guidelines for Healthy Organic CookingToxic Free CookwareFood Preparation and Storage3. Simple Low Cost Nutritious Snacks and MealsFood BudgetEating Away from HomeYour Shopping List4. Labels and the FDAThe Importance of Reading LabelsRDA and FDA Regulation5. Selecting Wholesome High Nutrition FoodWheat GermMillet6. EggsThe Truth About Eggs7. Acidophilus Yogurt8. Sunflower Seeds, Hemp & ChiaFresh Vegetable SaladsSeeds and Sprouts9. Raw milk, goat milk, Kefir, Acidophilus,coconut milk and almond milk10. Raw cheese and goat cheesePowdered Milk Products, wheyCoconut OilFortified Drinks11. Nutritional Demands of Stress12. The Lowdown on Artificial SweetenersMSG: Dangerous Food Additive
  39. 39. Healing Power of NaturalWhole Foods MonthlyNewsletter
  40. 40. The following slides is in response to those whohave a history of health problemsClearly, when you start this "We Are What We Eat" program theobjective is to transition as soon as possible to the healthy personyou wish to be. Most people have health issues as a result ofprevious poor nutrition and eating habits. Restoring good healthcan be accelerated when treated with detoxification, hormoneadjustment and immune therapies as is the best example by KnowYour Options Wellness Center. Be encouraged to discuss any healthissues with the health experts at KYO who are also recommendingthis "We Are What We Eat" to their patients.
  41. 41. UBI (Ultra Violet Blood Cleansing)Clinical NutritionOzone/Oxygen Chamber and Infra-RedSaunaECP (External Counter Pulsation) BedDeep Tissue MassageStress ManagementMaintenance ProgramsAcupuncture (Inflammation, Pain Controland Prolotherapy)ChiropracticSelf-Help Health Assessment QuestionnaireIndividualized Nutrition ProgramsFree NewslettersAccommodation at the nearby Ayres Hotel,with shuttle service to/from KYO for out ofstate patients staying for 5, 10 and 15 days.Intensive detox programs offered hourly,daily, weekly and monthly.Microscopy (Live Blood Cell Analysis)Thermography (Thermal Imaging)Pre and Post Oncology/Surgery Self-HelpSupport ProgramsColon Hydrotherapy and Mucoid PlaqueColon CleanseLiver/Gallbladder CleanseBiological Hormone Balancing TherapyLymphatic Drainage/MassageNutritional IV’sLaboratory Work UpHeavy Metal EvaluationChelation (Heavy Metal Detox)Rife High FrequencyKYO Treatment OptionsYour One-Stop Wellness Center
  42. 42. Know Your Options Wellness CenterYour One-Stop Wellness Center
  43. 43. Contact UsBe encouraged to sign up for this one-of-a-kind program, please visit our website atwww.wearewhatweeatkyo.com