How to succeed in the corporate world (1)


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  • The 8 keys you need to know that will help you to succeed in corporate world.
  • First of all, everyone has a personal brand of self-image, whether you like it or not. It is how you act, dress, talk and perform. People are interesting human beings, especially in corporate world. They give you a brand before you can realize it! Brand yourself before others do it for you. Important thing is to be who you want to be, how you want others to see you and accept you.Would Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Whinfrey be famous as they are right now if they never changed their names? Not likely! People change their names because it might not fit in the image they want to project. Its not necessary changing your name but presenting in a way you want others to see you as. William Bradley Pitt is now a famous Brad Pitt, Philip Rourke Junior is all well-known Mickey Rourke. Always remember that your behavior and attitude speak for you! Respect others and be humble. Its always impossible to please everyone and you don’t need to try. Get your things done, be yourself and there will always be those who will see the sparkle in you that they need!Get professional in your field and know what you have to do. Expertise in your corporate mission. Accomplishing your tasks in time without any procrastinating gives you an ability to present yourself as an expert.
  • As it is said in the previous slide, know your brand and your style. If you don’t have it – make it! If you don’t like it – change it!Learning a better way about communicating with different people will bring an unexpected success. Corporate World is sometimes about communicating only. Being unique in your communicating style makes you different from others , and being different is always a good sign in corporate world. Remember Apple as iPhone – now being different that’s what it is about!Build a credibility to yourself by using your effort to maximum. This will create a value for you.Be simple and focus on those things that really matter to you.
  • Getting a new job is always as exciting as it is stressful. Early stages always make you struggle more. Anxiety comes very fast. Sometimes you feel lost and helpful. Don’t panic and ring the bell! Everything must be under control. Most of the companies ( almost every!) make an orientation week for the new recruits/workers to get familiar with the working environment. In this orientation week you will learn things fast because they are usually professionally organized. But the most part from this orientation week has to come from you. You are not in high school to get instructed what to do but you have to make an effort to learn things individually as well. Keep up with your work mates. Joining them for a lunch a few times won’t hurt. It is not necessary to build a friendship with them if you don’t want to but to break the ice. Knowing the place where you work is not only helpful but can be beneficial as well. Get familiar with the office you work in. Make a personal tour a few times when you have a break. This will help you to adjust with the working environment and you won’t feel so lost.
  • As simple as it may sound, dress code is very essential in a work place. What you wear show a part of you and give you your confidence. Proper skin and hair care is important because first impressions make an impact and first thing people notice is your face! Dress well and appropriate. You should never forget about things like personal grooming because no matter what your job is, clean decent personnel always attracts clients. Etiquette is society’s survival guide. It never hurts to show your gratitude to people. “Please” and “thank you” are the magic words in your social and corporate life as well.And remember, that your attitude is controlled by you and only you! Being humble!
  • Who do you know? Always ask yourself this question. It’s not about choosing friends but about your field partners. You might do your job very well but sometimes if nobody knows about it, what difference does it make to you? Getting yourself promoted has more to do with who you know. If you are in a good relationship with partners from other corporate organizations make it clear what you want and what you can. Who knows, maybe they are interested in you to join them in future. And it’s not about you not being loyal to your current company, it is about you getting promoted and moving forward into your future. When meeting a new person, don’t forget to exchange with business cards. If you don’t have one, maybe it is a time to make!
  • Always plan your budget when you spend. Keeping track and now where you are in financial means is a good thing. Running short of money is never fun, neither is borrowing from your friends. In order no to be in this situation its always good to have a piggy bank to save. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow or when the black cloud will pass your house. Saving money and having your own personal reserve will help you in future.
  • Making a commitment to your work doesn’t mean you have to move to the office in order to get your things done. Commit the best of you, this is what you need to do.Observe your teammates. Learn from them. Certainly they know a bit more than you do, considering yourself as a fresh in this business. Every industry or company have their own customs and traditions that you might have to learn (not talking about extreme things of course). The way of communication, language, dress code are all important things to consider.
  • It does not matter what level of Corporate World you found yourself in, there’s always a chance to get yourself noticed!Always express your opinion if you think you have a good point. You may not find yourself as a great leader, born or made, but it is definitely in your hand to improve yourself and be great every day! It is within you to make the best of your job no matter what you do and where you work! Don’t get too comfortable with where you are now and where you will be – you have to move forward and look out for new opportunities!
  • Keep in mind all these rules and everything will be alright!
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Work is not about only work, it’s about you learning, growing, building career, meeting friends – you cannot miss the opportunity to have fun! As scary as corporate world might sound it is the world you live in! Find the right time for breaks and relax. Getting away from world always bring benefits and harmony to your life. And remember, of it isn’t fun, then it isn’t working right! You have to enjoy what you do , if you don’t love it at leats take the best out of it! Again to repeat, learn as much as you can and have fun with it! Sometimes it can be a good sign, if you don’t enjoy what you do – maybe it is a time for a change?
  • Confidence is the key to success in general. You know what you want so be confident about it!Don’t get frustrated and fall into big depression if you make a mistake. It’s not the end of the world! Learn from it and learn from it! Know the quote “what doesn’t break you - makes you stronger”? That’s about it.New opportunities are always around us, just open up and give it a try!If you want something – go and get it! ( of course in the moral limits) But who said you can’t be better than someone else or who you are right now? Yes, yes! So don’t be shy if you want to improve yourself! 8 keys to succeed will always guide you and if you serve them – you will go far in the first few years in corporate world.
  • How to succeed in the corporate world (1)

    1. 1. How to Succeed inCorporate World inthe First YearAnastasiya KiselyovaMohammad Samad
    2. 2. 8 keys You to Need to Know to Succeed • Brand Yourself • Know Your Style • Adjust and Learn • Dress Code and Etiquette • Make Connections • Watch Your Budget • Take Challenges • Make some noise!
    3. 3. • Create an image that identifies your: • Name • Behavior • Performance
    4. 4. • Be unique!• Create value
    5. 5. • Don’t panic – relax!• Identify your audience• Get familiar with the working place
    6. 6. • Dress appropriate• Grooming• Watch your manners• Be modest
    7. 7. • Get promoted• Know your partners• Make it clear about what you want
    8. 8. • Plan finances and think ahead• Save some money for unexpected things• Invest
    9. 9. • Make a commitment• Be a part of the team
    10. 10. • Speak out to make yourself noticed• Build Leadership• Always move forward
    11. 11. • Brand Yourself• Know Your Style• Adjust and Learn• Dress Code and Etiquette• Make Connections• Watch Your Budget• Take Challenges• Make some noise!
    12. 12. Have fun!!!
    13. 13. Extra tips for you: • Be confident! • Learn from your mistakes • Look for opportunities • Never be shy about what you want • Always remember 8 keys!
    14. 14. • Mohanan, K.P. “The Profile of Successful candidate”. Center of Development of Teaching and Learning. National University of Singapore. Singapore, 2011. Web < te.htm>