The Future Is Orange


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Presentation of the KWS Group.

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The Future Is Orange

  1. 1. The Futureis Orange
  2. 2. Independence is Orange No Future without a History 1856 Founded in Klein Wanzleben near Magdeburg 1900 KWS – one of the world’s leading companiesModern agriculture faces big challenges worldwide. They in the sugarbeet seed businessinclude not just providing a reliable food supply, but also 1920 Beginning of cereal, fodder beet and potatomeeting the demand for renewable energy and adapting to breedingclimate change. In mastering these challenges, plants play 1945 New beginning in Einbecka prominent role – because they are a virtually inexhaustible 1955 Expansion of the breeding program:source of food and raw materials. corn, fodder, oil and protein crops 1968 Expansion of cereal breeding: acquisition of theKWS has been breeding crops for temperate climates for majority share in F. von Lochow-Petkus GmbHmore than 150 years. To us, breeding plants means under- 1969 Expansion of sugarbeet activities through thestanding and using natural life processes for the benefit of founding of the North American company Betaseedmankind. With the help of modern crop breeding methods, 1984 Founding of PLANTA Angewandte Pflanzengenetikwe continuously increase the yield of our varieties – as well und Biotechnologie GmbHas their resistance to diseases and pests. As a specialist in 1990 Reacquisition of Klein Wanzleben breeding stationbreeding and seed production, KWS supports farmers in 2000 Expansion of corn activities in North America:mastering the challenges of the future – and has been their Joint venture AgReliant founded with our Frenchreliable partner since 1856. partner Limagrain 2008 Integration of the brands Lochow-Petkus and CPB Twyford under the umbrella of KWS 2011 Expansion of potato breeding with the formation of the wholly owned subsidiary KWS POTATO B. V. following acquisition of the 50 % share of van Rijn 2011 Reorganization of research and development: Institut für Pflanzenzüchtung and PLANTA Ange- wandte Pflanzengenetik und Biotechnologie GmbH are consolidated under the roof of KWS SAAT AG Today KWS is a leading company in plant breeding, with about 60 subsidiaries and affiliated companies worldwide and operations in over 70 countries
  3. 3. Yield is OrangeWith high-quality seeds for healthy, high-yield varieties, wemake a vital contribution to the success of our customersin agriculture. We provide our customers with a comprehen-sive and state-of-the-art product range that includes about250 new market approvals each year.• Sugarbeets: monogerm and multigerm varieties for all requirements and conditions• Corn: silage corn and grain corn in all maturity groups• Cereals: wheat, hybrid rye, barley• Oil seeds: rapeseed, sunflower• Field crops: mustard, oil radish, winter turnip rape, phacelia• PotatoesKWS rounds out its portfolio as a seed specialist with itsown line-up of energy plants. This broad offering of suitablecorn, sugarbeet, cereal, rapeseed and sorghum varieties istailored to meet a wide range of requirements.The goal of our breeding work is to support each farmerwith individualized solutions. It doesn’t matter whether ourcustomers engage in conventional or ecological farming –at KWS they find the optimum varieties for all their needs.
  4. 4. Reliability is OrangeWhat matters most to KWS is earning the trust of farmers. the best possible support by using our expertise to meetThat is why our quality standards are just as high for our their individual needs – personally, not anonymously. We canadvisory services as for our seeds. We want our customers do that because we maintain relationships, not just be able to rely fully and completely on our on-farm advice. And, of course, that also goes for our dealings with our cooperating partners in breeding, and with our commercialWe interact with farmers on equal terms, respecting their partners in the business world.knowledge and experience. Our goal is to provide them with
  5. 5. Progress is OrangeKWS invests about 15 % of its annual sales in research and engineering. We meet the special challenges in agriculturedevelopment. More than 1,200 of the nearly 3,800 KWS that result from the growing global demand for food andemployees around the world work in this area, breeding energy, climate change and social transformation. Evidenceplants with ever higher performance for our customers. The of this is seen in our special breeding programs for drought-future belongs to innovative varieties combining multiple resistant plants in response to scarce water resources.resistances to pests and diseases with stable yields andhigh quality. A new variety represents 10 to 15 years of de- To enable us to offer our customers the best possible vari-velopment work and an investment of several million euros. eties for their respective needs, we establish international networks in research and development and enter into world-KWS is committed to innovative plant breeding; in addition wide partnerships. That is because we don’t see technicalto traditional breeding methods, that means also utilizing progress as an end in itself; we use it to shape the future,the possibilities of biotechnology, including green genetic always conscious of our responsibility to people and to nature.
  6. 6. Responsibility is OrangeWe are committed to sustainable agriculture. For us thatmeans always finding the optimum balance of economy,ecology and social responsibility. We also align our breedinggoals and methods with this principle. As a result we developplants that perform well while conserving natural resources.Because our products are at the beginning of the food andraw material chain, we would like to serve as a model for aresponsible relationship with nature. For this reason, we notonly promote conservation of soil, water, energy and rawmaterials; we also work toward the maintenance of the naturaldiversity of species and their genetic richness.KWS is consistent in assuming responsibility – to customersand business partners as well as employees and society.Among other things, this is demonstrated by our breedingsuccesses and reliable on-farm advice, our commitmentto the community and society at our various locations, andalso the extensive range of performance incentives anddevelopment opportunities we offer our employees. Further-more, we are continuously enhancing environmental pro-tection and quality assurance.
  7. 7. Closeness is OrangeWith operations in over 70 countries, KWS has long since In the development of sugarbeet varieties, we are one ofdeveloped into a leading international plant breeding company. the world’s leading seed companies. Furthermore, we alsoWhether it’s a breeding station in Russia, the processing occupy leading positions in corn and cereal breeding in ourfacility for sugarbeet seeds in Turkey, our test fields for corn Western European core markets. In addition to our networkstandability on the French Atlantic coast, or our corn breeding of selected cooperating partners, we are strengtheningprograms in Hungary, Romania and Argentina – we have a our positions in the large seed markets of North and Southpresence in markets worldwide. Thanks to a tightly knit net- America as well as in Central, Southeast and Eastern of on-farm advisers, we have representatives where it In this way we can offer a broad range of products to ourreally counts: near local farmers. The KWS Group has about customers around the world through collaboration with in-60 subsidiaries and affiliated companies around the globe. dependent partners.Strategic partnerships and joint ventures – such as the recentKENFENG-KWS joint venture agreement for the productionand sale of corn seed in China – round out our network.
  8. 8. Contact KWS SAAT AG Grimsehlstr. 31 P. O. Box 1463 D-37555 Einbeck Phone: +49 (0) 5561 311-0 Fax: +49 (0) 5561 311-322 KWS MAIS GMBH Grimsehlstr. 31 P. O. Box 1463 D-37555 Einbeck Phone: +49 (0) 5561 311-0 Fax: +49 (0) 5561 311-447 KWS LOCHOW GMBH P. O. Box 1197 D-29296 Bergen Phone: +49 (0) 5051 477-0 Fax: +49 (0) 5051 477-165 KWS POTATO B. V. P. O. Box 1049 NL-8300 BA EmmeloordImprint Phone: +31 (0) 527 630 555Published by: KWS SAAT AG Fax: +31 (0) 527 630 550Concept and Design: wob AG info@kws-potato.comPhotos: D. Obertreis • E. Franke • R. Schmidt • S. Blume www.kws-potato.comKWS SAAT AG is represented worldwide by about The contact addresses for the companies in your country60 subsidiaries and affiliated companies. can be found at
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Facts and Figures • Sales of the KWS group 2010/2011: € 855 million • 3,600 employees in the KWS Group • Operations located in more than 70 countries • Represented in major markets with its own – selection and test sites – multiplication activities – seed processing facilities • About € 114 million is invested in research and development; more than 1,200 employees worldwide are working in this area For further information on KWS, please visit or contact as of 2011-11 Dr. Sabine Michalek, Head of Public Relations | Phone: +49 (0) 5561 311-334WSaufeineBlick_DINlang_EN_2010-2011.indd 1 08.11.2011 14:36:2