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New lesson plans

  1. 1. Palm Glades, 2012-2013 Teacher: Velis Grade: 9-10 Date: 09/07/2012 VIDEO ART/FILM 1 NGSSS: VA.912.F.3.4, LACC.910.SL.1.1, VA.912.C.1.4 Learner Outcome: SWBAT WRITE A SCRIPT FOR THE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO PREVIOUSLY PLANNED. WEEK OF: Monday 09/10/12 – Friday 09/21/12 Materials: pencil, paper, dittos Procedures: Engage:Students came up with a topic they must promote within a 2 min edited video. In groups Students will discuss parts of a script that are important other than the dialogue. (Setting, action sounds, tones of voice specified, etc.) Teacher will specify expectations re: format of the script desired. Extend: Teacher will allow presentation of ideas throughout writing process for the class to actively participate in questioning and idea exchange in order to help a group along with their idea. Evaluate: Final Script Enrichment: Research other videos that have to do with the topic chosen to promote by the group. Get ideas, bring them to the table. Assessment: Final Script graded as per pre-determined rubric. Quiz, Test, Teacher Observation, Classwork, Lab/Demo Home Learning: Researched videos’ summary. Teacher Notes: Continued to next week because of scheduling issues. First week there were many complications, and delays. Vocabulary Scripts, setting, tone, character, storyboard. ESOL ESE Gifted Simplify Multiple Labeling Discussio Paraphrasing Preferenti Teacher Flexible Grouping Language Meaning n al Modeling Words Seating Focus Brainstormi Technology Picture Recap Key Redirecti Visual Cues Research/Indepen Questions ng Walks Points on dent Study Body Role Peer Tutoring Referenc Use of Monitorin Manipulative Problem Based Language Playing e Tools Illustrations g s Learning Manipulati Slower Music Simplify Focus on Key Promptin Praise Open Ended Tasks ves Pace Assignme Words g nt Visual Cues Graphic Games Extende Multisensory Alternate Direction in Socio-drama Organizers d Time Response Small Steps ModeLegend: NGSSS - Next Generation Sunshine State Standards; SWBAT - The student will be able to; TE - Teachers Edition; PW - Practice Workbook
  2. 2. Palm Glades, 2012-2013 Note Teacher CooperativeLear Repetitio Substitutions Extended Break Up Learning Contracts Taking Made ning n Wait Time Assignments or Menus Questions Compacting Curriculum Small Listening Prior Knowledge Outlines Question & Peer/Bud Teacher Synectics Group Center Answer dy Modeling Technique Constant Summarizi Before, During, & Modeling Praise & Small Accept all Creative Thinking Redirection ng After Activities Encouragem Group Attempts of s ent Instructio Communicat n ionLegend: NGSSS - Next Generation Sunshine State Standards; SWBAT - The student will be able to; TE - Teachers Edition; PW - Practice Workbook