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  • This is an overview as to what will be covered by these slides.
  • This mission was a collaborative effort from the coalition.
  • We are always seeking new member to this coalition . Members would need to be committed our mission.
  • Children Adolescence Young Adults Young Parents Families Grandparents
  • Our clients comes from all walks of life and different levels of risk and from a variety of backgrounds. Many of our youth come from single parent, low income families. They may be living within a blended family, with parents, relatives, or in foster families. The needs of each child will be unique and the situations vary greatly, but each child or young adult needs the support and guidance of an attentive mentor.
  • What are the requirements to be a mentor? Must be able to pass a criminal background check Must be will to honor time commitments that you commit to Have a desire to spend time with others who could benefit from your experiences. How long will it take complete the matching process? Time can vary How are matches made? Personally matches and like interests How many hours a week will I be required to spend in the program? Depends on program What kind of support will I receive from the program? Training Communication and feedback opportunities Activity Support Relationship development

Sharing life’s experience Sharing life’s experience Presentation Transcript

  • Sharing Life's Experience Presented by Kathleen Vasa , Volunteer Program Coordinator Volunteers of America
  • Larimer County Mentoring Coalition
    • Who are we?
    • What is our mission?
    • Who do we serve?
    • Why do we do it?
    • What is the need?
    • How can you get involved?
  • Who is the Larimer County Mentoring Coalition?
    • Local Agencies
    • One Collaborative Group
    • Serve Youth and Adults
    • Provide Mentoring Opportunities
  • Our History…
    • Federal grant became available in 2004 for youth services
    • Volunteers of America applied for and was awarded a Bohemian Foundation grant to be used to determine the need for youth services in Larimer County
    • “ Mentors” was identified as the primary need in our area
    • Volunteers of America applied for and was awarded the federal grant money in 2005
    • Youth Mentoring Coalition was formed soon after
    • In 2009 the coalition’s scope grew to include
    • mentoring for both youth and adults
  • Our Mission
    • "Our mission is to raise public awareness for the need of mentoring and its benefits to the community as a collaborative partnership of youth serving organizations."
  • Coalition Members
    • Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County
    • Larimer Center for Mental Health and the Namaqua Center
    • Larimer County Department of Human Services, Children, Youth and Family Division-Oasis Mentoring Program
    • Partners Mentoring Youth
    • of Larimer County
    • The Matthews House
    • Turning Point Center for
      • Youth and Family Development
    • Volunteers of America,
    • Northern Colorado Services
    BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS Of Larimer County
  • Who Do We Serve?
    • Larimer County Residents with a few exception
    • Children ages
    • 6 to 18
    • Adults ages
    • 19 to 50+
  • Demographics
    • Of those being mentored; 62% female 38% are male
    • 52% Caucasian 34% Hispanic 14% other
    • 69% reside in Larimer County 21% reside in Weld County 10% reside outside of these areas (residential care)
    • Of those on wait lists, 76% are male
  • What is Mentoring?
    • Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship between someone in need and a caring adult.
    • Mentoring offers guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the confidence and character of another.
  • What Does it Take to be a Mentor?
    • There are no special certifications or qualification to be a mentor.
    • A mentor’s main focus is to help define individual goals and find ways to achieve them.
    • Since the expectations of each mentee will vary, the mentor's role is simply to encourage and support.
    • Genuine interest in helping someone is all that’s needed.
  • Why Mentor?
    • Our mentors say that mentoring is one of the most flexible and satisfying volunteer options available, and the rewarding experience of helping another human being achieve their potential is absolutely “priceless” .
  • Benefits of Mentoring
    • Mentoring works! Those who have been mentored enjoy the following ;
      • decreased criminal behaviors
      • better school and job attendance
      • increased self esteem
      • positive social attitudes and relationships
      • increased trust in authority
  • Statistics
    • Of those who have been mentored;
    • 53% less likely then their peers to skip a day of work
    • 46 % less likely to use illegal drugs
    • 37% less likely to skip a class
    • 33% less likely to become physically violent
    • 27% less likely to use alcohol
    • 51% more likely to become a mentor in the future
  • Mentoring Opportunities
    • Mentoring Opportunities range from;
      • 1 hour a month  20 hours a week
      • Activity mentoring  One-on-one mentoring
      • Mentoring children  Mentoring adults
      • Short term commitment  1 year or longer
    • There truly is a mentoring opportunity for every lifestyle!
  • FAQ’s
    • How long will it take to complete the screening process?
    • How are Mentor-Mentee matches made?
    • How much time will I be required to spend in the program?
    • What kind of support will I receive from the program?
  • How long will it take to complete the screening process?
    • This can vary depending on which organization and program you select.
    • The average wait is about 4 – 6 weeks.
    • Once the screening process is complete it may take another 2 – 4 weeks to complete your match.
  • How are Mentor-Mentee matches made?
    • The organization will look for same gender, along with similar interests and availability.
    • Once a possible match is indentified the two parties are brought together to see if they both would like to go forward with the match.
  • How much time will I be required to spend in the program?
    • This depends on the program within the organization you select.
    • Some programs require 2 -3 hours a week on average with a year commitment, and others require as little as 2 hours per month for specific events with a 3 month commitment, and yet others are on a drop-in basis.
  • What kind of support will I receive from the program?
    • Each program is unique, however each program has a skilled professional that will work with you throughout your experience, whether it is the volunteer coordinator or the child's case manager.
    • Some programs require regular communication intervals with the mentors, and some even provide mentor support groups where you can talk with other mentors just like yourself and share your experiences.
  • How You Can Get Involved
    • Attend a Mentoring Informational
      • Learn about each of the agencies in the Coalition
      • Learn about the mentoring opportunities available
    • Decide which opportunity best fits you
      • Commitment level
      • Availability
      • Interests
    • Complete the screening process
      • Must pass a criminal background check
      • Each agency’s requirements may differ
    • Attend orientation and training
      • Each agency has it’s own program requirements
  • Be a Mentor Share Life’s Experience
    • “ Mentors are guides.
    • They lead us along the journey of our lives.
    • We trust them because they have been there
    • before.”
    • Laurent A. Daloz
    • Author and Educator
  • Contact Information
    • Kathleen Vasa Volunteer Program Coordinator
    • Volunteers of America
    • 405 Canyon Avenue
    • Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
    • Ph: 970-472-9630 Fax: 970-472-8393
    • Email: [email_address]