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Fraud Newsletter - Dr DS Grieve
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Fraud Newsletter - Dr DS Grieve






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Fraud Newsletter - Dr DS Grieve Document Transcript

  • 1. SAFraud InvestigationsNewsletter - Please add usto your addressbookto ensure you receive our emails. Forward to a Friend In This Issue Click on anyheading to read more Atale of deceit with a capital D – for DodgyDishonest Devious Deceitful Doctor PhoneyPhysician’s Finances - Read what the experts say– IT’SFRAUD!!! Phoney, Philandering, Physician Dr DSGrieve? – You be the judge….. How the medical miscreant Dr DSGrieve and his drug addict wife, Sanet Grieve - nee Botha, defrauded a 79 year old Centurion pensioner in the old age home retirement village he was living in!!!! Gruesome Twosome – what the acclaimedAnti Fraud International displays. Rate MD’s.com – what the website says What a number of Unitas Doctors sayin their open letter to management and the HPCSA Dr DSGrieve Indecent SexualAssault Charge SAPS Charge referenceAugust 2004, Brooklyn SAPSCASno 1392/08/2004. Editors comment:- Afull-blown, confirmed compounded criminal fraud has resulted in what can only be termed a medical disgrace &international embarrassment to the profession of doctors worldwide. Dishonesty, even where it does not result in direct harm to patients…is particularly A tale of deceit with a capital D for: Dodgy Dishonest Devious Deceitful Doctor Dodgy Dishonest Devious Deceitful Doctor DS Grieve of Centurion Pretoria, created a finance business, convinced his friends, family AND elderly patients to invest, then stole all his investors’ money to his “private account” in Standard Bank he then put the company into voluntary liquidation without a word. But he was caught out. Read more on this fraudster's tale of deceit from the beginning by clicking here. Phoney Physician’s Finances - Read what the international experts say – IT’S FRAUD!!!! The head of the South African Corporate Fraud Management Institute Bart Henderson, Ron McQuilter CFE JP and head of the New Zealand Institute of Private Investigators, MLW renown international fraud expert lawyer, sleuth and expert, Senior Investigator and Prosecutor for Companies Office New Zealand as well as others all agree – IT’S FRAUD. Click here to see what the experts say in writing. Phoney Philandering Physician Dr DS Grieve? – YOU be the judge… During private investigations into this fraud the investigators got more than they bargained for when pages from Dr DS Grieve's personal Facebook site were made available to them – click here to read more about this phoney philandering physician. Subscribe Share Past Issues RSSTranslate converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  • 2. serious because it undermines the trust that the public places in the profession. Examples of dishonestyin professional practice could include defrauding an employer, patients friends or family…In the court case R vGMC paragraph 29 “…the concept of fitness to practice is not limitedto clinical performance.” Quote: LJ Smith. Medical Professional Standards requirement stipulates - ”Youmust be honest incommercial dealings withemployers, insurers andother organizations or individuals…..” Doctors occupya position of privilege and trust in society and are expected to act with integrityand uphold proper standards of conduct. The council has a responsibilityto protect the public interest. This includes, amongst other things and in addition to the protection of patients, the maintenance of public confidence in the profession and the declaring and upholding of proper standards of conduct and behaviour” Medical Mistrust How Dr DSGrieve andhis wife scammedthe familyof former Special Forces Col DHFourie (HC) out of their inheritance. When Dawid Fourie was tragicallykilled in a car accident in Pretoria the worm in Dr DSGrieve’s head starting turning and he hatched a plot to defraud the surviving familyout of the in excess of R1.5 million he was holding that belonged to Dawid Fourie. To read the full storyof financial adultery, betrayal and dishonestyread here “Dokter bedriegglotalle – Doctor deceives many” Front page news fromDie Beelddailynewspaper 13 March2012 Ajournalists report on the financial fraud of slimy surgeon Dr DSGrieve - Read all about it here Dishonest Doctor - How the Medical Miscreant Dr DS Grieve AND his drug addicted wife Sanet Grieve nee Botha defrauded a 79 year old Centurion pensioner inside the old age home retirement village he was living in!!!! Pretoria old age pensioner Albert Van Der Linde was enjoying his final years in prepared financial comfort when he was targeted by devious doctor DS Grieve AND his drug addict wife (former restaurant waitress) Sanet Grieve aka Botha and scammed of a major portion of his life savings. Read his sworn affidavit and story here. Read the Confidence Trickster and Fraudster - Dr DS Grieve's own written, signed, false promise to return the pensioners money - which he never did…. click here. Scandalous Surgical Skulduggery – How some devious doctors and medical facilities banded together to cover up and “hide” this financial medical fraudster even after “Die Beeld” published his antics as front page news!!!! Read here ] Gruesome Twosome - Anti Fraud International tells the whole story of this pair of shysters and includes the Dr DS Grieve Facebook friend and swindler Advocate Derick De Villiers of Creda collapsed property group notoriety and the “Insight boiler room” scam hall of shame fame. It will be interesting for any reader to note that self-styled “Advocate Derick De Villiers” is also internationally infamous for his role in the Insight boiler room scam Click here to read the full article. Read the greed…. Rate MD’s – International rating website on doctors shows a dishonest devious surgical scoundrel for what he is, visit the site page on this scumbag click here What a number of Unitas Doctors say – Their profile:- “Professionele mediese persone wat bekommer oor die gedrag van n' individuele dokter - Dr DS Grieve A converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  • 3. Sanet Grieve snortingdrugs onYouTube. Have a look at this whacky scene filmed byDr DSGrieve himself. Note the tackytart's bodytattoos. Onlysluts and nuts…click here to view Comingupinthe next issue:- - Dr DSGrieve steals the moneyfrom the company– we show the bank statements. - Sanet Grieve’s R62,000 a month salaryin the following months. - Dr DSGrieve medicates his own mother with prescription medicine – and then she mysteriouslydies, alone, isolated and terrified group of professional registered doctors and medical persons all registered with HPCSA or other statutory or regulatory body's or associations. All concerned about the behaviour and actions of one Dr DS Grieve”. To read their concerns and email to senior managers and the HPCSA click here read half way down the page. Dr DS Grieve Indecent Sexual Assault Charge SAPS Charge reference August 2004, Brooklyn SAPS CAS no. 1392/08/2004. This charge and the allegations were serious enough for senior officers of the South African Police service to arrest Dr DS Grieve, fingerprint him, photograph him and hold him until bailed. This was done and carried out under SAPS Charge reference August 2004, Brooklyn SAPS CAS no 1392/08/2004. This charge remains on record and on the SAPS register to date. Read the full story - click here Attention Pharmacists - Some of the readers may remember Dr DS Grieve from the Clubview Medical Centre. They may also remember the hard working Clubview pharmacist sent into bankruptcy and almost suicide when he discovered that Dr DS Grieve had “absorbed” all the VAT payments he was responsible for, and that Dr DS Grieve had assured him he was deducting and paying. Remember that Dr DS Grieve was responsible for the accounts – personally. This sent a pharmacist spiraling into a void in life from which he never recovered. Well known Pretoria Attorney Gerhard Bester said openly “Grieve is n’ donderse skelem”. Google Dr DS Grieve for full coverage. Remember the saying of Edmund Burke: "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing….." And now having read how this charlatan quack “Dokter Doos” and his drug addict wife scammed people out of their life savings you have a choice to pass this newsletter on. Play your part in society now…. and do the right thing – because if you don’t - your elderly relatives and children will be next….. If you would like to add anything for our next newsletter please email us at: SAFraudinvestigations@gmail.com back to top forward to a friend Copyright ©2013 SAFraud Investigations, All rights reserved. unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences converted by Web2PDFConvert.com