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Geoffrey Ryan from PrinterON shared wireless printing solutions for public locations. Presented at Keeping Up With Library Technology (KULT) November 1, 2013 at Hamilton Public Library.

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  • Good Morning, My name is Geoff Ryan, I’m an Account Executive with PrinterOn. PrinterOn is the world's leading patent-protected enterprise-grade mobile printing platform and is designed for any organization that wants to provide simple, secure mobile & cloud printing. We are located in Kitchener, Ontario in the Huron Business Park. Our solutions are implemented globally in 126 countries including many public libraries such as San Francisco Public Library, Wexford Library in Ireland and more recently and more local Brampton Public Library.
  • PrinterOn recognizes that each part of the puzzle is complex. Different customers have different complexities at different points in the puzzle. PrinterOn’s goal is to build a platform that acknowledges this and we strive to develop solutions that make that complexity easier.The simplicity is in the complexity of the underlying architecture.
  • PrinterOn developed Cloud printing before the concept of the “Cloud” existed.In building our global network for 13 years we have gained invaluableExperience which has been converted into a robust technical platform.It has also allowed us to experience and be able to share what it takes to build “a cloud”
  • Been there, done that.
  • Through years of development and engineering, PrinterOn has developed a reliable, highly redundant and managed cloud infrastructure that ensures high availability and consistent performance all over the world.
  • PrinterOn has invested both extremely reliable solutions to deliver data between networks with little or no network changesThis is PrinterOn’s simple, but elegant patented polling solutionPrinterOn has developed a simple to deploy Push notification system on top of the polling approach to provide a nearly real-time print experienceNo additional software configuration is required to allow users to deploy a push-pull system across disconnected networks. This is the same solution used by PrinterOn to enable thousands of public locations everyday.The solution has had the benefit of being tested globally in nearly every country and every type of network to ensure performance and reliability.
  • PrinterOn supports the most common office formats and provides extremely high output quality. Output for all formats is nearly identical to their native application output quality.
  • PrinterOn provides a broad range of mobile apps for most platformsIncludes document printing & web printing.* Most documents can easily be printed using the Share or Open In featurePrinterOn Discovery is the combination of multiple discovery technologies into a single “behind the scenes” process that allows users to find printers either:Using automatic local network detectionNearby GPS detectionOr Google-like keyword searchThe Mobile App allows users to also keep a history of print jobs and even access a shortcut to PrinterOn “Remote Release” that allows users to release directly form their mobile device and from any network
  • The Web Printing Portal offers a completely customizable solution that offers a no-software method to upload and print jobs from nearly any device.The web printing portal allows users to select from multiple printers, and to walk them through the process of entering user information uploading a document and even providing print options
  • PrintWhere is PrinterOn’s universal windows print driver.PrintWhere provides the traditional File-Print workflow but eliminates the need for users to manage print drivers and allows normal desktop print users to print to printers in all networks as long as the printer is connected to PrinterOn services.PrintWhere also provides simplified printer discovery tools to allow users to locate and identify printers using more meaningful descriptions and the other location identifiers.
  • As discussed previously.This feature can be added to all existing public deployments with a simple software update and is included in all current installations as part of the standard feature set.
  • PrinterOn’s Remote Release uses the same technology used to deliver print jobs across complex networks to allow users to release their print job from any device and any network.The feature is embedded directory into PrinterOn’s mobile Apps, but can also be accessed from any web browser, by linking to the PrinterOn provided unique print page.Users simply need to know the release code and the printer’s page.The page is hosted by PrinterOnAdministrators have the option of enabling the featureWorks with PrinterOn release codes.When supporting email print, the information can be included in the email responses to the users allowing them to simply click on the link in the email response.
  • PrinterOn’s network print valet offers even more flexible deployment options. It is intended for environment where a PC or PrintConnect is not feasible and a printer needs to be enabled with secure release.The devices simply connects on the network to PDS, which in turn manages jobs back to the printer.It comes with a 2 port switch embedded in the device to allow the PrintValet to be chained with the printer’s existing network connection, eliminating the need to an extra network connection.
  • -AirPrint like Discovery for Public Networks-Advertise and automatically discover print services within PrinterOn Mobile Apps-Works with all PrinterOn Mobile App platforms-Eliminates the need for guest to configure or search for services
  • The simplicity for users is in the complexity of the underlying technology.
  • PrinterON for Public Printing Locations

    1. 1. PrinterOn Mobile Printing Platform enterprise | education | public | home
    2. 2. 70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018. Source: Gartner The ability to print from these devices is crucial.
    3. 3. Why PrinterOn? Multiple Users Multiple Devices & Platforms Multiple Printers Multiple Networks + + + + Multiple Locations
    4. 4. Why PrinterOn? PrinterOn solves the problem of multiple users and device platforms needing to print to all types of printers on disparate networks at multiple locations. Only PrinterOn can meet the demanding requirements of virtually any mobile print situation. PrinterOn…Print Simply Anywhere
    5. 5. All Platforms • • Support for all mobile device types (BYOD) Print from any Internet connected device Any Network • • Connect disparate enterprise networks Also print to public and home networks All Printers • • Support for all printer manufacturers Use your current printers
    6. 6. PrinterOn is the mobile printing leader for public, enterprise, education, home First to deploy cloud printing in 2000, 13 years of real-world experience Over 10,000 locations deployed today in over 120 countries Largest public printing NOC in the world Unique cloud print structure is patent protected with numerous patents pending
    7. 7. 126 countries 24,000 customers 5 million users 60 million pages printed impacts 600 million printed pages
    8. 8. Who Uses PrinterOn?
    9. 9. Customer Success Story Las Vegas-Clark Country Library District The award winning Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is a $65 million independent taxing entity that serves 1.5 million people. The Challenge • • • Patrons could only print from their own laptops using an internal print management system The library wanted to provide patrons with the ability to print from their own mobile devices (BYOD) The solution needed an easy way for patrons to pay for their print jobs Results & Benefits • • • Mobile Printing adds value for their patrons Patrons can now print from their mobile devices and laptops PayPal integration for an easy, trusted pay-for-print solution
    10. 10. Experienced PrinterOn services based on 13 years of proven experience Reliable Redundancy throughout with 2 data centers, 3 internet providers, battery & generator backup Monitored Purpose-built tailored monitoring and notification systems monitored 24x7x365 by dedicated IT staff Integrated Services integrate industry standards & best practices with scalable, redundant and fault tolerant server software
    11. 11. Real-Time Print Experience from the Cloud Develop strong platform extending from Public to Enterprise Same benefits provided to customers Print from any Device and Any Network Rapid print process on server Responsive and informative interface Near real-time delivery to printer Global Impact and Reach Consistent performance regardless of location
    12. 12. Device & OS Support PrinterOn is device and OS agnostic and works with any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop that is Internet connected
    13. 13. Deployment Options Direct to Printer – PrintConnect and PrintValet • • • The PrintConnect is a network device embedded with the PrinterOn software Connects directly to a local network or to a printer via USB The PrintValet plugs into the PrintConnect and allows users to enter a code to securely release their documents PC Deployment – Print Delivery Station (PDS) • PrinterOn Print Delivery Station (PDS) software can be installed remotely on any Windows PC making any printer connected to it PrinterOn-enabled Embedded – Ricoh HotSpot Printers and MFPs • Ricoh HotSpot MFPs and printers are embedded with the PrinterOn software and provide an all-in-one solution for any location
    14. 14. Release Options • Web release client – PC or mobile device • Hardware keypad • PC-based release client • Ricoh MFP integration
    15. 15. Finding PrinterOn Locations PrintSpots Directory Branded Directory Apps Search/print apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry
    16. 16. Supported File Types With PrinterOn you can print most major file types such as:
    17. 17. Mobile App Printing • Mobile printing apps are available for the following platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry • PrinterOn Discovery – Automatically discover PrinterOn-enabled printers at hotels, libraries and airports – Select Document > Discover > Submit • Apps allow users to search the entire PrinterOn Directory of Public Print Locations • “Nearby” printer search using GPS feature of device
    18. 18. Web Portal Printing • Each PrinterOn site has a dedicated URL for accessing the web printing portal • Can be accessed from a tablet or laptop • Portal can be branded with logo, colors and messaging • User enters email address and uploads a document for printing, a release code is emailed and/or displayed • The release code is entered on the keypad at the printer
    19. 19. Email Printing • Email printing from any mobile device, laptop/desktop • Users simply forward or send an email with attachment to the specific email address of the PrinterOn-enabled printer ex. • The user is sent an email back containing a release code • The release code is entered on the keypad at the printer, documents are printed
    20. 20. PrintWhere Printing • Users can install the PrintWhere driver to access printers • Uses the traditional File>Print workflow • Print from any Windows application • Search the entire PrinterOn Directory of Public Print Locations
    21. 21. Pay for Print Solutions – Jamex • PrinterOn integrates with Jamex Payment Stations to provide a pay-forprint solution for public locations • Use cash, credit card, or Jamex stored-value cards • Stand-alone solution does not require staff interaction
    22. 22. Pay for Print Solutions – PayPal • The PrinterOn PayPal application allows PayPal billing to be directly integrated into the Printer Mobile Printing solution • No extra software or equipment to purchase • Easily enabled through the PrinterOn Administrative Dashboard • Works with PrinterOn mobile apps, web upload and PrintWhere driver
    23. 23. PrinterOn Mobile Printing New Features The Next Generation of Cloud Printing
    24. 24. Push Notification • Near real-time cloud printing • Guests will get printed documents almost as fast as “direct connect” • No special upgrade procedure required, simple software update • No new network requirements, works with existing configurations
    25. 25. Multiple Language Support • PrinterOn mobile apps for iOS and Android, web printing portals • Now localized for 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, • Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese coming soon • Easier for international guests to use
    26. 26. Remote Release • Guests can release documents directly from their mobile device • Feature easily enabled through the PrinterOn Administrative Dashboard • Print and release from the same device streamlines the printing process
    27. 27. Network PrintValet • Enable any printer or MFP with secure release capabilities • Does not require any additional network infrastructure • Multiple keypads can be supported by one PDS deployment
    28. 28. Discovery for Public Locations • Guest downloads PrinterOn mobile app and chooses “Discover Printers” • Returns only the printers at that specific property • Eliminates the need for guests to search for services
    29. 29. PrinterOn Mobile Printing Platform Thank You