JEEVAN PRAKASH EDUCATION SOCIETY                      Providing Opportunities…….We Can Dream Now……!                       ...
Jeevan Prakash Education Society was established in the year 2003to provide education, rehabilitation, life skills & vocat...
Your Support is Our Strength!Dear Friends & well-wisher,With the continued support and participation of all of you, whobel...
AshaDeepa School for the Blind                                  Asha Deepa School for the Blind                           ...
“I never thought that I can read & write a book like normal”                                                              ...
Vocational TrainingUnemployment remains the key issue for the majority of the disabledpeople. Research study shows that le...
“Now I have the courage to believe in my dreams.”                                                                  The Sto...
Rehabilitation                                   The family plays a significant role in the development of the visually   ...
“Now, he doesn’t need my help anymore in cleaning and washing”                                                            ...
Eye Restoration Many children who born blind/low vision by birth either don’t get timely rehabilitation or medical treatme...
“They said that my son can see and his eyes can be restored.”                                                             ...
Louie Braille Musical Troupe                                 To create an opportunity for the adult visually challenged to...
“My big dream is to become a playback singer”                                                              The Story of my...
Asha Kiran Bridge School, ChitnalliSarva Shikshan Abhiyan (SSA) is Government of Indias flagshipprogramme for achievement ...
“I have an opportunity to change someone’s life which           is the true reason why I teach children”I became a disable...
International Travel & learningMr. Sanju Kumar, Executive Director of JPES hastravelled to USA in the month of August, 200...
Revenue                         Thank youOpening Balance= 2, 92,372.94Donation from Foreign= 670669.9                     ...
Audit Report      We have audited the accounts of Jeevan Prakash Education Society having registration      No.267/2003-04...
Credibility Alliance Norms Compliance Report  INDENTITY   Jeevan Prakash Education Society (JPES) is registered as societ...
About Jeevan Prakash Education Society                                                  By 2015                           ...
School Campus, Our Future Dream!                                As number of children keeps increasing, we are forced to  ...
For all of our activities, we look for funding from                            individuals and philanthropic institutions....
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Annualreport 2009-2010-100727002649-phpapp02 (1)

  1. 1. JEEVAN PRAKASH EDUCATION SOCIETY Providing Opportunities…….We Can Dream Now……! ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010
  2. 2. Jeevan Prakash Education Society was established in the year 2003to provide education, rehabilitation, life skills & vocation trainingto visually challenged children. A school for the visually challengedby name ‘Asha Deepa School for the Blind’ (ADSFB) started in thesame year. ADSFB is a residential school and holds regularcommunity based rehabilitation program in the rural villages ofBidar & Gulbarga District.
  3. 3. Your Support is Our Strength!Dear Friends & well-wisher,With the continued support and participation of all of you, whobelieved in us- our donors, well wisher, partner organizationsand our volunteers, we were able to march closer towards ourgoal of creating an inclusive society where all blind children andadults can be full and active members. And for that we areimmensely thankful!Our special thanks goes to parents of the visually challengedchildren for reposing unstinted confidence in us, whose supporthas enthused us, propelled our energies to go forward in our pathto our cherished dreams.The story of individuals whose lives are transformed throughtheir relationship with Asha Deepa School for the Blind is thecollective story of our hope, anticipation and dreams of thefuture. We share the tender stories and aspirations of a few ofthose individuals in the pages that follow. You may find a dreamlurking here, which will capture your imagination; a dream thatyou want to be fulfilled. A dream that you could be part of.Wishing you successful exploration Mr. Sanju Kumar Mr. Dilip Kimar (Blind) Secretary , JPES Chair, JPES
  4. 4. AshaDeepa School for the Blind Asha Deepa School for the Blind India has the largest disabled people in the world. To put that into prospective, the number of disabled people in India is the same as the entire population of U.K. There is no systematic scientific & precise information available on the prevalence, degree and kind of disability. Around one-fifth of the worlds blind live in India. In Bidar district alone 1575 visually challenged children are living in the villages. Only 5% of them are rehabilitated so far. For visually challenged children, education is more than schooling. Asha Deepa aims for comprehensive development of visually challenged children by building their skills for daily living, socialability, communication, literacy & vocational.  Since inception, Jeevan Prakash Education Society (JPES) through Asha Deepa School for the Blind is able to rehabilitate more than 40 visually challenged children within the age group of 4-15 years the last six years.  These children are generally from illiterate, poor families born in villages of Bidar & Gulbarga district. Most of their parents leave their disabled child and go to field to work in the agriculture field to earn their day’s bread.  At ADSFB, we provide education along with food, clothing & health care. We believe that mere literacy will not be viable to lead self-sustenance life when they become adult. Therefore, we teach them life skills such as washing, grooming, cleaning etc. Apart from this, the children are trained in Music, Drama, Singing & other recreational activities and vocational training.  We at Asha Deepa continuously do villages survey month to indentify New/new born visually channeled children. We have identified 10 more visually challenged children in the villages of chincholi Taluka ofPhotos-Top, Middle, Bottom Gulbarga District.T: Sony receiving Prize from Minster for animal HusbandryM: Asha Deepa Kids with Braille KitB: Teaching Braille to Children
  5. 5. “I never thought that I can read & write a book like normal” The story of life I am one among the five children born to poor parents at Madgi, a tiny village in the Andhra-Karnataka border. I lost my father when I was ten year old. “My mother had to go through a lot of ordeals to bring us up. I was identified by Asha Deepa survey worker and they convinced my mother to put me in the school. There was huge resistance from my other elder siblings and relatives. But I was interested to go out of my village where I can do something. I was feeling loneliness in the home. I never had any hope in the life. I thought my life is going to be more terrific as I grow. I have been bought to school in the year 2003. I started learning Braille and other life skills. It was fun for me. I never thought that I can read & write a book like normal person. Thanks to Louise Braille’s innovation of Braille technique. Now, I am more confident than before. I am learning classical music too in the school. Annapurna, a visually challenged of Asha Deepa, madgi, mandal Zaheerabad, Dist Medak.
  6. 6. Vocational TrainingUnemployment remains the key issue for the majority of the disabledpeople. Research study shows that less than 1% of disabled people areemployed. Lack of employment opportunity for the disables has beenrecognized in the PDA. Though the Govt. has provided 3% reservation,only few people filled mainly because of lack of awareness. Most of thegraduates who studied up to degree level are still unemployed due toinaccessibility to vocational & other training institutions. JPES throughAsha Deepa School for the Blind would like to put together an academic andvocational curriculum replete with self-help skills that are aimed atrehabilitated children from rural and semi-urban areas and making themindependent, self-sufficient individuals.Computer Training: Around 10 adult blinds were trained in computertraining so far. They will be taught using JAWS, screen-readingsoftware. Computer applications and operation has become possible forthem with the software Job Access with Speech (JAWS). This softwareallows the content on the screen to be read out to our visually disabledstudents and thereby allows them to "read" the screen.Candle and Chalk Making Unit: A skill to manufacture/produce candle, chalkis being provided at Asha Deepa School for the Blind. Few elderly childrenfrom Asha Deepa School for the Blind were also included in the training. Tenchildren of asha deepa are learning chalk making process as a part of theirextra curriculum activities. The training includes quantifying the raw materialrequired, its composition, production/manufacturing flow/process, qualitycontrol, etc. This is an integral part of the regular activates being undertakenat ADSFB.Musical Training: Asha Deepa also imparts training in classical music.This program is integrated in its day to day curriculum activities.Visually challenge children & adults will undergo a rigorous training Photos-Top, Middle, Bottomover a period of time. More than 26 children of asha deepa learn musicevery day. T: Learning Braille M: Learning Computer B: Making chalk
  7. 7. “Now I have the courage to believe in my dreams.” The Story of my dreamsMy parents are a daily wages labor in agriculture field. They work day and night. Betweenmy father and mother, they barely make Rs 35-50 a day. Amidst all this I was the differentone with no sight in my family. I was born as a blind by birth. Because of my disability,the neighborhood children ridiculed me every time I stepped out of the house. And it hurt.At home, my family had no expectations of me and it hurt even more.But things are so different now. Thanks to Asha Deepa School for the Blind, they broughtme to the school. Ever since I came to school, my world changed. I started learningalphabets in Braille techniques through touch and feel method. Whenever I go to myvillage on summer vocation, I talk to the neighborhood children who ridiculed me. Now,the children dont mock me anymore. I feel so much more confident now even if I have tospeak with strangers. Now I have courage to dream. I will become a teacher and teachother visually challenged.Nagesh , a visually challenged boy of Asha Deepa, Naraynpur, Tq baswakalayan & Dist Bidar
  8. 8. Rehabilitation The family plays a significant role in the development of the visually impaired child. It is the parents who exert the major influence on the development of the visually impaired child from birth to maturity. In the area where Asha Deepa works, most of the parents are from low income & backward class. They do not have enough time to give extra care to their disable child as they are mostly engaged in daily wages labor. The biggest challenge for Asha Deepa staff is to create awareness among the parents of indentified visually challenged. Most of them are not aware that their disable child can become a part of society. In Many cases, the parents had objection to send their disable child to school as they were not ready to accept that their child can read, write and become as normal as its counterpart. Thus Asha Deepa’s staff realized that there educating these parents are must before the actual rehabilitation takes place in the villages.  After rehabilitation of a child, Asha Deepa conducts a parents meeting once in six month. This meeting facilitates interaction among the parents of other children. Further it helps the parents to understand their children’s problem/difficulties if any, and bring it to the school authorities notice. They will have an interaction with the kids and can witness the real change take place in their child’s behavior.  They will also be educated on the various Govt schemes available for them & their disable child, the procedure to avail the schemes etc.  For the adult blinds, Asha Deepa staff helps to get free bus pass,Photos-Top, Middle, Bottom monthly pension and helps them to get disability in other areasT: Blind kids with their parents such as the facilities’ available for theirM: Indarjeet-Asha Deepa student is his homeB: A mother of newly identified blind child with his mother.
  9. 9. “Now, he doesn’t need my help anymore in cleaning and washing” The story of lifeIndarjeet is my second son and is blind since birth. My life took a lot of twists and turnswhen I came to know that I have a child who cannot see. I had to handle his temper-tantrums, daily routine like bathing and feeding. My husband died when Indarjeet is threeyear old leaving us to start a fresh life elsewhere. But for me this kuccha, the thatched roofis my home. Poverty here is a way of life. Two meals a day is a challenge we wake up to.You may think that amidst so much dirt, disease and death, the life of my child may meanless. But it is not so, you know. Even amidst this poverty, this difficulty, I have hopes formy child. But I was always worried that how he lead an independent life?A representative from Asha Deepa School for the Blind had reached me saying that theycan help my child to go to school, learn living skills etc. But I was not ready to send him. Iwas afraid. I had many questions to be answered- how can he stay without me? Who willtake care of him? Who will feed him? And what is he going to do in the school when hecannot see? But they never give up. They made repeated visits. Finally I left indarjeet atasha deepa in the year 2006.Now, he is studying in 4th grade at Asha Deepa School for the Blind. He has been stayingin the school from last four years learning basic life skills along with education. Heknows how to read and write in Braille. Now, he doesn’t need my help anymore incleaning and washing. He knows how to walk around on the street using the cane stick.People in the neighborhood have begun to look at Indarjeet and me with a new foundsensitivity.Shantamm, mother of a blind child, Mandaknalli, Bidar
  10. 10. Eye Restoration Many children who born blind/low vision by birth either don’t get timely rehabilitation or medical treatment. Parents too are ignorant as they are more proactive in their daily activities. This leads them to be permanent blindness. Therefore, after indentifying visually challenged children, we subject them to medical check up to know the possibility of the treatment to restore the vision. In case of curable blindness, they will be referred for further treatment. Non curable blind children will be retained in the school to provide various skills along with education. Perm Sing was one such child who was having curable blindness but Before Operation he remained as blind from his childhood. His parents too were unaware or little worried about him as they lost hope for him. He was first identified by asha deepa’s fields staff and was rehabilitated in the month of June, 2008. He belongs to a Thanda (A tribal Village) near Chincholi which is 50 Km from Bidar. In an eye screening program at Asha Deepa, it was found that his sight can be restored! We started finding a doctor who can operate Prem Sing free of cost. Dr. Sybil, an eye specialist has come forward to operate Prem Sing free of cost. As a result, he underwent the contract surgery & the operation was successful. Asha Deepa has incurred the medicine expenses after operation. Now, he has 100% visibility & returned back to his village where he is going to a normal school. After Operation Photos-Top, Middle, Bottom T: Eye screening test for Asha Deepa kids M: Prem Sing before Operation B: Prem Sing after Operation
  11. 11. “They said that my son can see and his eyes can be restored.” The story of life I really hated myself and I attempted suicide many times when I first came to know that my second son is too a blind. By now, my elder son had developed partial blindness. My wife’s responsibilities towards my two sons have tremendously increased. She had to look after them besides working in the field as a daily wages laborer. She was undergoing lot of guilt herself. Her physical and mental health was completely ignored. Life was not easy for both of us as a parent of two disable child. Many people suggested me to take them to hospital. I was unable to do so due to extreme poverty. I was struggling to earn a square meal for family. One day, Asha Deepa’s field staff came to our village to see if they can find blinds in the village. Someone in the village guided them to my house. They explained about the services they are offering for the visually challenged children. They took my both the children to the school based in Bidar. After few days they said that my younger son can see and his eyes can be restored and he has to be operated as soon as possible. But how? I don’t have money, I said. They assured me that they will find a way for this. Finally they found a doctor who could operate (contract surgery) to my son free of cost. Thank god, the operation was success. Now my son has 100% vision and he can jump, run, and play with other children. We have put him in a Govt school near our village. Sandu Pawar, father of Prem Singh, Polukpalli Thanda, Chincholi Taluka, Gulbafrga Dist
  12. 12. Louie Braille Musical Troupe To create an opportunity for the adult visually challenged to be self sustainable, Asha Deepa has started a musical band. The main objective of the program is to train visually challenged in music skills so as to increase self employment opportunity and become part of Louie Braille Musical Troupe.  As of now, ten visually challenged are the part of this troupe. They perform in the school functions, marriage party, govt organized program such as inauguration, farewell party, national festival and other privet organized programs  Open Musical Night was organized in Ganesh Miadan of Bidar city to create awareness among the general public about the troupe. More than 2000 people gathered and enjoyed. Mr.Nassimoddin Patel, President of Zilla Panchayat has inaugurated the program.  Of late, the troupe has partnered with Song & Drama Division, Dept of Information & Broadcast Govt of India to create awareness through folk songs, street drama, group songs etc in the rural villages of Bidar & Gulbarga District.  More than 76 awareness programs are conducted in 76 villages & Approximately 50 thousand people in sevety six villages were benefitted directly from these programs.  District administration has invited the troupe to give an inaugural Performance on the occasion of Bidar Utsav.Photos-Top, Middle, Bottom  Mr. Dilip Kumar, chair JPES, and leader of the troupe was honor red byT: Opening Ceremony of Open District Administration for the best performance during Bidar Utsav. Musical Night at BidarM: Mr. Dilip was welcomed by another Blind child of Asha DeepaB: Gathering at Louie Braille Open Musical Night
  13. 13. “My big dream is to become a playback singer” The Story of my dreams Tuesday, 30th March, 2010 was the day that I never forget in my life. This day is so special for me because I gave first ever performance as a little girl with lots of stage fear. I was told by my teacher that there are more than 2000 people gathered to watch our program. I was shocked! I forgot the rhythms and the notes hearing this. Thanks to my music teacher who encouraged me a lot. He was saying “Sony, you can do” and yes, I did it finally. I was hearing lot of applauds and sounds from the audience during my performance. But later on, many people came to me and appreciated my performance. Thanks to Asha Deepa School for helping me to explore my hidden talent. I still have to learn more and other body language that is essential to perform on the stage. I am learning classical music. I hope one day I become a playback singer. This is my big dream! Sony, a visually challenged Girl of Asha Deepa, Naraynpur, Tq baswakalayan & Dist Bidar
  14. 14. Asha Kiran Bridge School, ChitnalliSarva Shikshan Abhiyan (SSA) is Government of Indias flagshipprogramme for achievement of Universalization of ElementaryEducation (UEE) in a time bound manner, as mandated by 86thamendment to the Constitution of India making free and compulsoryEducation to the Children of 6-14 years age group, a Fundamental Right.SSA is being implemented in partnership with State Governments andgrass root NGOs to cover the entire country and address the needs of192 million children in 1.1 million habitations.The local government has recognized JPES as one of their potentialpartner in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Project being implemented in BidarDistrict. As a result of this, a project “Asha Kirana-Residential BridgeCourse” was awarded. We have been awarded this project for the secondyear. The earlier project was in Malkapur while this year it is inChatnalli. The project started in the month of September. There were 25 children(15 female & 10 male) residing at Asha Kirana Centre studying inmainstream govt primary school at Chatnalli. All 25 children at Asha Kiran Centre were given living necessities suchas Blanket, Carpet and trunks (Suitcase) and daily necessities such astooth paste, bath soap and other items to make their stay comfortable atthe centre.Every day after the school hours a special class was conducted to teachmusic, drama & other skill development activities. The main purpose ofthis was to bring learning interest among the children. This hastremendously helped to identify the inherited potentiality. Photos-Top, Middle, Bottom T: Opening Ceremony of Bridge School at Chatnalli, Bidar M: Children in the Picnic B: Children of bridge School
  15. 15. “I have an opportunity to change someone’s life which is the true reason why I teach children”I became a disabled person due to a severe attack of polio. I am a third in the line of 5 siblings of afamily. I wanted to go to school but there was no primary school in my village. I was lucky to havea father who used to take me to school every day in the morning and bring back in the evening.After a year or so, I underwent a treatment and was able to walk with the help of stick. I was sohappy that I can go to school independently.When we played make belief games others would compete to be the king or ministers, but Ialways wanted to be a teacher. Because I knew that a teacher can arouse a feeling for one singlegood action.My dream came true when I joined Bridge School as teacher run by JPES in my village to teachchildren in the age group of 6-20 years. I value this opportunity because I know how empoweringa good education can be.I enjoy teaching children because they are the future and it is up to teachers to teach them so theycan be productive citizens. As a teacher I have an opportunity to change someone’s life which isthe true reason why I teach children.Mr. Samual, Teacher of Bridge School, Residential of Chatnalli, Tq & Dist: Bidar
  16. 16. International Travel & learningMr. Sanju Kumar, Executive Director of JPES hastravelled to USA in the month of August, 2009.During the visit, he met many well wishers &supporters. Another opportunity he got duringthe trip through Anirvan & Barnali is to visitCentre for Independent living (CIL). CIL is theworld’s first organization run by and for peoplewith disabilities, CIL founded in 1972, supportsdisabled people in their efforts towardindependence. CIL encourages people withdisabilities to make their own choices and Centre for independent living (CIL), Berkeley, CA, USAworks to open doors in the community to fullparticipation and access for all. Amy who works as Assistive Technology Services in- charge has shared various programs & services being offered at CIL. It was a great opportunity to learn & experience about various assistive technologies used by visually challenged. We are trying to adopt some of the selected techniques at Asha Deepa. Mr. Sanju with Amy, CIL, BerkeleyAsha for Education, USA is a secular organization havingover 66 chapters worldwide; 45 in the US, 14 in India,and 7 in Europe, Singapore and Australia dedicated tochange in India by focusing on basic education. I had anopportunity to visit and present our work to few AshaChapters; Asha SF, Asha Berkeley (My FellowshipSupporting Chapter), Asha SV and Asha Stanford. With Asha San Francisco (SF) Team, CA, USA
  17. 17. Revenue Thank youOpening Balance= 2, 92,372.94Donation from Foreign= 670669.9 (80%) In our day to day work, although we witness some of the worlds mostDonation from Local= 1, 00,000.00 (12%) difficult situations, we also stand testimony to moments of truth, songs of triumph and voices of hope. It is these voices we invite you to lendIndividual Contribution=65,000.00 (8%) your own voice to. It is these dreams of a more empowered tomorrow we invite you to be a part of. Even as we ring out this request, we thank all our supporters who have given us the courage to dream and helped All figures are in Indian Rupees us realize them in the recent past. Institutional Donor Individual Donor through GG* Name Amt Name Amt Name Amt o Ketan Mehta 51,125 o Sreedevi L 2000 o Mallika Kumar 1125 o Malati Mukherjee 45,000 o Ashvini SharmaL 1500 o Jayanth V 900 o Anonymous 19,350 o Panote Preechyanud 1125 o Marisa DMello 900 o Ravindranath B 9,450 o Bijoy Verghese 1125 o Karen Blackmore 900 o Raghu Ramamoorthy 9,045 o cordellia le 1125 o Eunice Jiang 450 Expenses o santosh kumar 9,000 o shyna hegde 1125 o Shailesh Sreedharan 450 o Shaman Kumar 7,380 o Chad Hansen 1125 o senthil ramamurthy 450 o Tarun RanL 5,000 o Bharani Srikonda 1125 o Sonal Chavan 450Program Expenses= 760520 o Iyer UsaL 5,000 o Sharad Agrawal 1125 o Anjaneyulu Kommalapati 450 (84%) o Giridhar Kolanupaka 4,950 o Sridhar Lomite 1125 o Anand P 450 o Meenakshi Venkataraman 4,860 o Shailesh Sreedharan 1125 o Saroja Viswanathan 450 o kaushik v 4,590 o Chaitanya & Mona Pande 1125 o Kamala Rajasekaran 450Administrative Exp=147513 o Arati Bechtel 4,500 o Chaitanya & Mona Pande 1125 o Patricia Pedroso 450 (16%) o Roger Vardan 4,500 o Jagadeesh Umapathi 1125 o Bharadwaj Ananthan 450 o Sapan Agarwal 4,500 o Jagadish Nooli 1125 o Laura Parkin 4,500 o Shashikant sawdekar 1125 o Durai Asokkumar 4,500 o Kishor Thombare 1125All figures are in Indian Rupees o Raj Kummar Kandaswamy 3,375 o amit singh 1125 o Emmanuel David 3,375 o Jaidev Sharma 1125 o Prahlad Koti 3,375 o Nazarene David 1125 o Arpit Agarwal 3,375 o venkata gelli 1125 o Ravi Chandra Koppuravuri 3,375 o Geeta Thayyil 1125 o Ramasubban Sankaran 3,375 o Yogesh Alekal 1125 o Vasant Deo 3,375 o Uttamkumar Dravidam 1125 o Bhaktaraj Ainapur 2,250 o Mahadeva Venkatesan 1125 o Padma Gopalakrishnan 2,250 o Raja Sujith Niruthambath 1125 o Tom Rogerson 2,250 o Bharath Kumar Thandri 1125 o arvind rao 2,250 o Tony Jose 1125 o Suresha Guptha 2,025 o Kunal Bhatia 1125 Our Special Thanks to Mrs. Malati Mukharji, Mr. Giridhar Kolanupaka and Mr. Arvind Rao for helping us to raise US$ 4000 during Global Giving listing Competition. GG=Global Giving,, L=Local Contribution
  18. 18. Audit Report We have audited the accounts of Jeevan Prakash Education Society having registration No.267/2003-04 for the year en ding 31st March 2010 and examined all relevant books and vouchers and certify that according to the audited accounts, the information furnished below and in the balance sheet and statement of receipt and payment is correct as checked by me. st Balance Sheet as on 31 March 2010 Statement of Income & Expenditure account for the Year ended March 31st 2010. As on 31st March 2010 As on 31st March 2010 Particulars 2010 2009 Particulars 2010 2009 (Rupees) (Rupees) (Rupees) (Rupees) INCOME Self Generated 302.75 177.65SOURCE OF FUND Donations from individuals 65,000.00 0Capital Fund - - Grants from Indian sources 1,00,000.00 2,03,300Reserve & surpluses 3,68,732.59 3,96,272.94 Grants from International (FCRA) 6,70,669.90 5,41,139.20Hand Loan for SSA 12,500.00 12,500.00 TOTAL INCOME 8,35,972.65 7,44,616.85 Total 3,81,232.59 4,08,772.94 EXPENDITURE Capital items purchased 0 0 Capital items purchased for beneficiaries 0 0APPLICATION OF FUND Salaries, Honorariums and benefits 40,8460.00 1,22,600Fixed Assets Staff training 14,500.00 5000Schedule -A 1,92,060.00 95,900.00 Travel Exp 18,000.00 7614Rent Advance 8,000.00 8,000.00 Office support expenses 1,11,845.00 64069Security Deposit 12,500.00 12,500.00 Communication 0 0Cash & Bank Balance 1,68,672.59 2,92,372.94 Consultants fees 3,168.00 5711 Total 3,81,232.59 4,08,772.94 Depreciation 43,840.00 0 Grants given to other organizations 0 0 programme expenses 3,52,060.00 2.10,400 Other non-programme expenses 0 0 TOTAL EXPENDITURE 8,63,513.00 4,15,394.61 Excess of expenditure over Income (27,540.35) 3,29,222.24 Balance brought forward ( previous year) 3,96,272.94 670,50.70 Balance Carried to the Balance Sheet 3,68,732.59 3,96,272.94 st Receipt & Payments account for the year ended March 31 , 2010RECEIPTS Amount (Rs) PAYMENTS Amount (Rs) 2010 2009 2010 2009To opening Balance 2,92,372.94 15,150.7 By amount spend for the object of Society 8,19,673.00 4,76,471.39To foreign Contribution Received 6,70,669.90 5,41,139.20 By acquiring of Asset 1,40,000.00 2,000.00To local Contribution/Grant 1,65,000.00 2,03,300.00 Other Exp - 1423.22To other Income 302.75 12,677.65 By Closing Balance 1,68,672.59 2,92,372.94 Total 11,28,345.59 7,72,267.55 Total 11,28,345.59 7,72,267.55 For Shantesh Hiremath & Co Mr.Shantesh Hiremath Chartered Accountant Memo.No. 27288 Gulbarga
  19. 19. Credibility Alliance Norms Compliance Report INDENTITY  Jeevan Prakash Education Society (JPES) is registered as society under society’s registration Act,1960 vides Reg.No. th 267/2003-04 dated 16 December, 2003.  Jeevan Prakash Education Society (JPES) is registered u/s 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 w.e.f. 25.05.2007 u/s sec. 80G, valid till 31.03.2011(Reg.No. F.No.45.80G/CIT-GLB/09-10.  Jeevan Prakash Education Society (JPES) is registered under sec(6)1 of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976 (FCRA Reg.No. 094460060) Bankers: Syndicate Bank, Main Branch, Bidar, Karnataka State. Auditor: CA Shantesh Hiremath, st Shantesh Hiremath & Co, H.No.11-1741, 1 Floor, Vidayanagar, Gulbarga GOVERNANCE st Details of Board member as on 31 March, 2010 Name Age Sex Position on Board Occupation Mr. Dilip 25 M Chairman Social work Mr. Tajoddin 26 M Vice- Chairman Social work Mr. Sanju Kumar 33 M Secretary Social Entrepreneur Mr. Sanjeev Kumar 27 M Joint Secretary Social work Mr. Ramesh 39 M Treasurer Business Mr. Ramdoss 28 M Member Social work Mrs. Rojamm 40 F Member Business  Three board members are relatives  The board rotation police exists  The board ensures compliance with laws & regulations Remuneration wise Staff Distribution (As on 31st, 2010) Slab of gross salary (in Rs) plus benefits paid Male staff Female staff Total staff to staff (per month) < 5000 5 4 9 5,000 – 10,000 1 0 1 10,000 – 25,000 0 0 0 25,000 – 50,000 0 0 0 50,000 – 1,00,000 0 0 0 > 1,00,000 0 0 0 Total 6 4 10 st Staff Details as on 31 March, 2010 Gender Paid full time Paid part Paid Volunteer time consultant Male 6 Nil 1 3 Female 4 Nil Nil Nil  TOTAL COST OF INTERNATIONAL OR NATIONAL TRAVEL ZERO  ACCOUNTABAILITY & TRANCPRENCY No remuneration, sitting fees or any other compensation has been paid since inception of the organization, to any board member or trustees.
  20. 20. About Jeevan Prakash Education Society By 2015  About 150 Visually Challenged children in Bidar, Gulbarga are rehabilitated and provided various services.  About 100 adult blinds are provided with vocational Jeevan Prakash Education Society (R) (JPES) is a non-profit, secular non- training skills. Govt. organization based at Bidar district, Karnataka State supporting visually challenged and their families in Bidar, Gulbarga district. We now reach out to more than 40 visually challenged children & 25 adult blinds through Asha Deepa School for the Blind. To fuel this movement, we rely on donor agencies, individuals and corporate to support our work. Together we share a common dream where blind people live with dignity in a society with no barriers. Our MISSION is to provide appropriate education, rehabilitation, intervention, training and advocacy which will lead to awareness, empowerment & employment of people with disabilities with the help & support of trained staff & caregivers and to take measures of prevention, cure and mitigation of disabling conditions with the cooperation of families, communities and beneficiaries. Our VISION is that all persons form all kinds of disabilities will get access to individual need based services as a matter of right, will have a good quality of a life and will be an indivisible of their communities and the nation. Our Values: We believe that all people with disabilities have right to – Education & Rehabilitation Equal Opportunity Employment Inclusion and The same quality of life as their non-disabled counterparts Photos-Top, Middle, Bottom T: Celebrating Independence Day B: Air Force Wives Association members with Asha Deepa kids
  21. 21. School Campus, Our Future Dream! As number of children keeps increasing, we are forced to relocate our school premises to the bigger facilities every year. Often times, we were unable to do this due to limited resources available at the organization. Since inception, our major challenge was to find a good premises for our activities- rehabilitation & education of visually challenged. Currently, we are located in an old rented building which is in a first floor. The building structure itself is not accessible to the visually challenged without an escort. It stinks in rainy season, no proper drainage facility and no municipal drinking water connectivity. The building location is not in a right place. Our children lack proper play ground for an outdoor recreational activity. We have to take them out of the school to youngage them into sports & other recreational activities. Many girls who were rehabilitated way back in 2003-04 are attaining maturity. We do not have separate facility for these girls in the future though they currently use one separate room for their stay. Therefore, we wish to construct a ‘School Campus’ for Asha Deepa School for the Blind to accommodate at least 200 children and to create a “homely” environment where these children have better living space.Photos-Top, Middle, Bottom The campus will have school building, Separate hostel facilitiesT: Our School Building in for Boys & Girls and vocational training centers with a play First Floor. ground.M: Children having their launch in a passage-No Kichen & dining Hall!B: Children playing outside , in the market yard
  22. 22. For all of our activities, we look for funding from individuals and philanthropic institutions. Your donations will enable us to help many blind people achieve their potential. Further, your gift of generosity will help us to proved rehabilitation & education, vocational training, shelter, clothing and health care etc. Donations made through Global Giving are tax deductible for US & UK Tax Payers to the full extent permitted by law. If you are not in India and wish to donate to us, please go to this link children-in-karnataka/?RF=widget_small3375 If you are in India, please write a cheque/DD in favor of “Jeevan Prakash Education Society” payable at Bidar & send it to us. For further Information, Please contact us at Asha Deepa School for the Blind Plot. No. 9-6-242/243, C/o. Ramesh Panday, First Floor, Behind Raita Bhavan, Ganj Bidar-585403, Karnataka India Phone: No. +91-93413 15865 / +91-94485 54584 Email: Web: www.ashadeepaschoolfortheblind.orgAll donations to Ash Deepa are Tax Exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961 in India