A SOCIAL PROJECT REPORT ON “Study of Operations of a School for Blind”SUBMITTED BY Sagar Ahire 8301 Dr Matin Raje 8308 Bha...
BLIND – A Journey With the motive of making the blind people self sufficient LateDr. Shankar Ramkrishna Machwe founded THE...
gets toothpaste, Hair Oil, Soap, Books, Stationary, and Cloths….etc. free of cost.         TheTraining Centre for the Teac...
10. These students are provided with all facilities. No care taker is provided as they aresupposed to become self sufficie...
group of German young people in the school. We talked to them out of curiosity thatwhat they are doing there. Reply was th...
of Maharashtra and Donations received by The Poona School & Home for The Blindwhich has been registered as Charitable trus...
them have a better and independent future. How can we help…? Financial Support:Support in monetary form, donations of cons...
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A social project report on


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A social project report on

  1. 1. A SOCIAL PROJECT REPORT ON “Study of Operations of a School for Blind”SUBMITTED BY Sagar Ahire 8301 Dr Matin Raje 8308 Bhavna Kulshrestha 8302Rahul Pawar 8335 Vikas Wale 8303 Sheetal Bhandare 8338 Girish Nerkar 8304Sayena Hosseinmardi 8340 Sonal Wankhede 8305 Aditya Patankar 8342 PrafullKumawat 8307 Jagdish Kapure 8336 UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Mr. ManishVarma Faculty, PUMBA.2. DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF PUNE(PUMBA) * (2008-2010) * Index Sr. No. Topic Page No. 1 Introduction 1 2 Why thisProject? 1 3 Pune Blind School And Home for Blind – A Journey 2 4 Infrastructure 4 5Operations 7 6 Human Resource 8 7 Internationaler Bund 10 8 Recent Activities 10 9Financial Aspects 11 10 Suggestions 13 11 How can we help? 14 12 Road Ahead 153. Introduction India has misfortune of having the largest number of blind persons inthe world. Blindness is a disability, which one can overcome with proper training andguidance. Persons affected by blindness need opportunities for quality education, skills,training, rehabilitation, employment and a full social and family life. Causes ofBlindness: There are many things which cause blindness. Sometimes babies are bornblind, but most blind people become blind later on. Glaucoma, cataracts, and diabeticretinopathy are the three most common causes of blindness today. Many older personslose their vision from macular degeneration. Some people become blind throughaccidents. Why this Project: Person’s affected by blindness just need an opportunity.Heres a list of some occupations in which blind people are working today, but there aremany more. Farmers, lawyers, secretaries, factory workers, drill press and latheoperators, nurses, child care workers, social workers, computer programmers, insurancesalespeople, housewives, teachers, professors, telephone operators, counselors,librarians, mid wife, aerobic instructor, HR Managers, Bankers, stockbrokers,accountants, journalists, and many, many more. If you believe that they can do the job,and if employer believes he can, there are very few jobs blind people cannot do. It ismost important for blind people to have the chance to choose whatever job they want,and for the public to give blind people the opportunity.4. Though this looks good, there is basic support, infrastructure, facilities, that are needto be provided to these people, only then they will be able to work independently. Forthis basic education i.e. education up to 10th is the most important and critical. Majorproblems are faced by the Blind people are mainly in this age group. Once they areguided properly then they can live normal life afterwards. This critical job of educatingthem is done by Blind schools. So we decided to do our group social project in A BlindSchool. We selected Pune Blind School in Koregaon Park, Pune. The organizationbeing an NGO, it’s very critical for them to manage the students, donations , finances,disbursements of finances, procurements, staff, and all this in limited resources. Themain objective was to understand the management, operations, resources, finances andoverall working of the organization. PUNE BLIND SCHOOL AND HOME FOR
  2. 2. BLIND – A Journey With the motive of making the blind people self sufficient LateDr. Shankar Ramkrishna Machwe founded THE PUNE BLIND SCHOOL ANDHOME FOR BLIND on 28th February 1934. Being an ophthalmologist himself heknew the importance of vision, and thus started the school to take the blind fromdarkness towards light. It was a period when there were only a handful of schools forblind through out the country. They had no connection with each other and operated asthey wished. Dr. Machwe traveled the entire country and paid visit to these schools tounderstand how his own school for blind should be. People started understanding theimportance of such a noble cause and slowly the funds started coming in. On the backof such donations the school which was earlier located in Somwar Peth was moved to a5 acre campus in Koregaon Park. With prior experience of working with a blind schoolin Mumbai he knew the needs of blind children and the methods needed to educatethem. He started gathering the essentials for running the school and thus started theschool.5. Only blind boys were admitted to this school but what about blind women and girls?Keeping this in mind even blind girls were admitted in the same school. With the dreamof running separate blind schools for both girls and boys the foundation stone was laidby the first President of India Dr. Rajendra Preasad on 5th November 1959 for a blindschool for girls. Dr. Machwe left this world on 21st November 1969. From here on theoperations of the schools were looked at by his daughter Late Mrs. Mangala Desai.With the aim of making the blind girls self sufficient a training centre for them wasstarted on 1st January 1979. The state government after understanding the importanceof such a cause started giving grants to schools and this helping hand is still there forsupport. The girls learn the art of candle making, jewellary making, weaving andstitching. The schools also provide computer training to its students. This is the onlyschool of its kind in the entire state and its celebrating its 75 years in existence thisyear. The students graduating from these two institutes have made a name forthemselves in various walks of life and are self sufficient. They are taking part invarious competitions and are leaving behind even children without and visual imparity.Such has been the success of the children of these two schools that they have enteredeven the Guinness Book of World Records. The institute has won many awards atnational level. Variety of Training Imparted at the School • Free Academic educationfrom Nursery to S.S.C. • Training in Vocal and Instrumental Music upto Visharad. •Training in Handicrafts. • Training in Various Vocation like Candle Making, ChalkMaking, Handloom Weaving, Massage and Computer typing. • Home Science unit. •Co-curricular activities like Scout & participating with Sighted children in Essay andElocution competition. • Library with Sighted and Braille books and Audio cassettes.There is one Music School and Workshop where students can learn differentinstruments. They have also formed their own Music Orchestra There are 3dormitories. Each one has around 15-17 two floor Box Beds occupying 30-34 students.Cupboards for each student. There is TV in each room for entertainment. Each student
  3. 3. gets toothpaste, Hair Oil, Soap, Books, Stationary, and Cloths….etc. free of cost. TheTraining Centre for the Teachers of the Blind School at Koregaon Park, Pune. TheInner Infrastructure of Pune Blind School: Nursery for the Blind babies WellEquipped Training Centre for Blind Women at Kothrud with 50 Blind and otherHandicapped Women. The Blind Girls School also on 5 acres in Kothrud having itsown specious Building accommodating 98 girls. The Blind Boys School on 5 Acres.Currently there are124 residential boys and 16 day scholars. The 16 day scholars are thestudents from nearby area and they stays at their home at night and in daytime atschool. 6. • Well maintained Garden and Park. • Training in Yoga, Sports andSwimming. • Massage facility provided at your doorstep. Infrastructure: TheInfrastructure of Blind School was sufficient enough for students to take care their dailyactivities. Overall infrastructure includes following:Co-Curricular activities like Scout Home science Unit. Training in variousVocation like Candle Making, Chalk Making, Handloom Weaving, Message, Computertyping. Training in Handicrafts. Training in Vocal and Instrumental Music uptoVisharad. Free academic education from Nursery to S.S.C. Free Boarding,Lodging, Medical Aid. Also they enjoy in-house games like Carrom and Chess.Following is the list of facilities provided to them: They also enjoy playing cricket atthe ground at their hostel premises. They are provided with different type of Bats andBalls specially made for blinds. The students take basic education of class 1st to class4th from The Pune Blind School. They take education from class 5th to class 7th atKasturaba Gandhi Vidyalay, Koregaon Park. Then next education of class 8th to class10th at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Secondary School, Yerwada. For these twoschools they go by School Bus provided by Pune Blind School. There is one BrailleLibrary for students. There is one Typing Classroom where students learn typewriting. There is also one computer room for students which is donated by CybageSoftwares pvt. ltd. The computer room consists of 18 computers. 7. & WellMaintained Garden Library with Sighted and Braille Books and Audio Cassettes. participating with Sighted Children in Essay and Elocution Competition. & Park.Training in Yoga, sports, Swimming. Dormitory Braille Book Modified Cycle 8.9. Handicrafts & Handlooms Made by Students Operations: The school is very wellmanaged and operated with limited resources of both staff and other materialsinventories required for day to day activities and facilities provided for the students.Daily Schedule: Daily schedule for all the students is fixed as it eases the operationsand maintains discipline. It also helps the staff of 29 to control such a group of 155students. Functional Division: For the operational ease the students are mainly dividedin two categories. • 1st – 4th Std.: These students study in the same building and theystudy in Brail Language. They are provided with a servant who takes care of them rightfrom bath in the morning till night. They are given accommodation in a single hall withproper care taker. • 5th – 10th Std.:
  4. 4. 10. These students are provided with all facilities. No care taker is provided as they aresupposed to become self sufficient in every thing they do as they grow up. They areprovided with breakfast, lunch, dinner and separate beds to sleep. They go into normalschools and learn with normal students. A writer is provided for giving finalexaminations. A bus facility is provided for the students which drop them to theirrespective schools and pick them up. Facilities Provided: Every student is providedwith following facilities. • Food: Breakfast, Milk, Lunch & Dinner. • ResidentialFacilities: Bed, Lockers, daily consumables, etc • Educational Facilities: Brail Books,Radio, Tape recorder, • Commercial Education: Chalk Making, Teaching MusicalInstruments, Canework, Singing Classes, etc • Entertainment: Radio, Television,Library, Audio Cassettes, CD’s, Games like Chess for Blind, Singing balls, Mecano,Sea- Saw, etc Materials: Materials required are taken from two sources. • LocalMerchant: Materials required for daily activities are procured from a local shop as perrequirement. • Donations: Materials are taken in the form of donations. They areaccepted only in the form of dry ration and not in ready to eat form. This is very goodas it takes care of quality of food and eliminates risks involved in taking cooked/ readyto eat food as a donation. Human Resource: The gentle, soft-spoken principal of thisschool Chadrakant Vaman Bhosale is himself visually impaired. He is also an alumnusof this school. He says that the mission of their school is to provide their students withthe skill sets to enable them to live their lives in the sighted world From Class 1 to 4,the children are taught Braille on campus. From Class 5 until Class 10, the students goto regular schools. Regular schools have resource teachers to help11. these kids; for the ones that don’t, the Trust tries to help out by providing writers forthe children The school accepts students between the ages 4 and 10, and the studentsmay stay until they are 18, or they finish their 10th, which ever is sooner. The childrenare taught to be comfortable with their disability. The school also teaches the childrenmusic, both vocal and instrumental, caning of chairs and even computers Employees: •Teaching staff: 10 • Non-teaching staff-17 • Other employees-5 Qualifications ofTeachers: Person should have “Blind Teacher Diploma” degree and as per governmentregulation. The various activities include Craft, Music, Sports, Physical Education, &Shirdi Sai Baba Nursery. Teachers are available to teach all these activities. From 2003computer education was started. Computer skills are taught to the student from 3rdstandard onward up to 10th standard. Teacher Training programme: The organisationhas started Teacher Training programme in 1990. It has received recognition fromRehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi. There was a great demand for the teacherTraining Centre as there was not a centre in Maharashtra. So organisation started theTeacher Training Centre in Pune for Maharashtra. Up till now it has trained nearly 200teachers. Volunteers:12. The Poona School & Home for Blind Trust recognizes that contribution of time andtalent are just as important as financial contribution. Therefore encourages volunteers tocontribute their time for it. Internationaler Bund: During our visit, we came across a
  5. 5. group of German young people in the school. We talked to them out of curiosity thatwhat they are doing there. Reply was they are here for a period of 1 year as apart ofsocial project in their curriculum. They came here via a German NGO InternationalerBund which has contacts with Pune Blind School. It is group of 8 people consisting of 4boys and 4 girls. Boys work in School in Koregaon Park and Girls work in School forBlind girls in Kothrud. They do following activities: • Spend their entire day time in theschool with the children. • Take English and Computer teaching classes for thestudents. No compensation is given to them as it’s voluntary. • Counseling the students.• Conducting various games for the students as a part of personality development.13. The activists are not given any compensation as it is a social activity but their day today living expenses are bourn by German NGO. Recent Activities: The Poona BlindSchool does not only provide formal education to the students but along with this it alsoimparts vocational training in jewellery making, stitching etc. to the blind students.Apart from these traditional courses, one unique course has been recently initiated forthe visually challenged girls, women; they are trained in the art of massage by a traineddoctor. They are given guidelines about the standard of hygiene to be maintained. Theyare also taught the use of different kinds of oils and creams and their benefits. Since themassage institute is dependent on the NGO, financial institutions such as Bank ofMaharashtra and State Bank of India are coming forward to fund some amount. Thus agroup of trained female masseurs now run a massage center set up in the serenelocalities of Kothrud. They offer Swedish massage to female clients only at veryaffordable prices. The school has provided these girls the necessary infrastructure suchas hot water geysers, perfumes for aroma therapy, and different types of oils, powdersand related cosmetics. Going a step ahead the institute provides them with cell phonesas well which helps them to reach the client’s place for a massage appointment. Theschool is soon about to launch a diploma course with Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth(TMV) in massage for the girls, which will include three months of practical trainingand three months of theoretical education. TMV will arrange lectures on aroma therapyand physiology of the body. The students will also be taught Thai and Chinesemassages and will be awarded formal diploma certificates. This will be helpful to thegirls to find jobs at beauty parlors, five star hotels and massage centers. They also planadvance courses in ayurvedic courses as well. The fashion show titled “SmallWonders” was organized by Career Forum Fashion Academy over the weekend. All theoutfits worn by the kids were designed by the academy’s students on the national flagsof different countries. But the highlight of14. the show was the seven visually impaired kids from the Poona School and Homefor the Blind Trust who walked the ramp. This school has formulated various schemesfor the disabled students and it will soon start 50 centers for the guidance of thedisabled people. These schemes include providing railway passes, ST bus passes,handicap certificate, airplane pass, self employment, marriage bureau, etc. FinancialAspects: Sources of Funds: The Blind Boys School gets funding from the government
  6. 6. of Maharashtra and Donations received by The Poona School & Home for The Blindwhich has been registered as Charitable trust under the Charitable Trust Act. There are155 residential students in the school and 17 day scholars.There are 31 employees. Thesources and applications of the funds can be summarized as follows- Funds from thegovernment- Department of Social Welfare, Government of Maharashtra grants aid tothe school for 100 students only and aid given is as follows- Sr. No. Particulars Amount(Rs.) 1 Aid per student-Rs 630/-per student 63000 per month for 100 students 2 Salaryexpenses of 31 employees 100%( amount not revealed) 3 60% of total rent of school(Total 43813 Rent Per month= Rs.73022/- In addition to the above aid, Social WelfareDepartment of Government of Maharashtra also gives partial aid for the miscellaneousexpenses like stationary.15. Funds from Public and Corporate: School receives the donations from the Publicand to some extent from the corporate. Donations received by the trust from people andcorporate per month are 2.5 to 3 lacs Some examples of corporate help to school- •Developing the Computer centre with help from Cybage Pvt.Ltd. • Help to developschool garden by IBM • On an average 10 to 15 meals per month are sponsored bypeople or corporate. School accepts Rs.1800/- per meal and prepares the food itself.Expenses incurred by school: • The expenses incurred by the Poona Blind School areRs1200 per student per month. • In addition to this, Rs 73022/- are paid as rent for theSchool Building. • The school also has the rehabilitation Fund to help the studentshaving ability and willingness to start their own venture. It provides aid to the extent ofRs. 25000/- per student. The balanced amount if any is deposited with the trust.Similarly the additional requirements if any are fulfilled by the trust. Currently Schoolhas the adequate fundings and support available and hence it want to implement somenew ideas which are listed below- • Expansion of the Braille Library & audio CassetteSection by having sound proof room for recording. • Gymnasium cum Recreation Hall.• To start a massage centre in Boys school to impart training. Suggestions: We couldsummarize some of the problems, future requirements and would like to make somesuggestions16. These are the current requirements of the school • Typing tutors needed for highschool girls & boys • Computer teachers • During exams there is a special need forwriters There are already some programmes which are helpful for students to gain selfemployment skills. But as Principal Bhosale sir rightly said, “We want to be with thesociety and mainstream”. So, we would like to suggest - • Starting call centre trainingprogramme for students for imparting self- employment skills in the changing industrialenvironment. • Computer courses that fulfills need of industry. Some suggestionsregarding improvement in systems are • Enable the payment of donations by providinge-payment option. • To encourage Computer education in girls school. • To organizecommunity programs by blind students so as to serve two purposes – o Develop selfconfidence among the students o Create a sense of responsibility towards the studentsby the community. • Initiate career counseling sessions to guide the students to help
  7. 7. them have a better and independent future. How can we help…? Financial Support:Support in monetary form, donations of consumables, foods, books, games, musicalinstruments, clothes. The donations can be used for various facilities like… • Expansionof the Braille library and Audio cassette section by having Sound proof room forRecording. • Toys for Nursery babies like Dolls, Stuffed animals, Doll house, etc.17. • Equipment for the Nursery like small cots, chairs, desks, washing machines,fridge, etc. • Gymnasium cum recreation hall. • Eye hospital for the prevention ofblindness. • To start a massage centre in boys school. • To develop computer lab inGirls school. • Braille printer for our Girls school. Active Volunteering: You canactually go there and do work voluntarily like teaching, counseling, entertainment,mentoring, organizing picnics, helping in day to day working activities, etc. Donateyour eyes: Awareness about Eye Donation can be increased through various mediumslike through schools, offices, and other social groups. The internet can also be aneffective medium. Many of the students have corneal opacities due to which they aretotally or partially unable to see. Here one procedure can change their life drastically. Itis called corneal transplant. For this eye donation is the prerequisite. In India theconcept is in the nascent stage and awareness is low. Even if aware many do not go fordonating corneas due to various reasons ranging from traditions to misconceptionsabout the procedure. The miniscule who have registered for corneal donation areconverted into actual donors because of the overburdened healthcare system of thecountry. Not all of them are reached in the prescribed time frame necessary for theremoval of cornea from the cadaver. If we want to overcome this problem we will haveto increase the registrations done for Cornea donation manifold. Only then we can helpthe people with corneal opacities to gain vision and enjoy what we all can. The RoadAhead Even though today both these institutes are recognized they face their ownproblems like shortage of teaching staff for various arts which are a source of living forthese blind children.18. The schools need centers for production so that they can find employment at theinstitute itself. Making laws for blind people isn’t sufficient but knowing whether theyare implemented or not is necessary. The institute aims at opening a hospital for blindas the state and Pune district in articular has a high number of blind people. The societymust understand the importance of eye donation. Even though the institute admits alarge number of blind children its not enough as still a large number is left behind. Forthis new building and training institute are required and this is possible only throughdonation. Thanks for reading.