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  • 1. Phenomenal Photos By Josie
  • 2. Leading LinesThis photo represents thetechnique of leadinglines. I took this picturein the music room, of thepiano keys. It’s nicebecause you can see allthe piano keys on thepiano.
  • 3. Leading LinesThis is another exampleof the technique ofleading lines. This photowas taken outside at thestone steps, by theflower beds.
  • 4. WaterI like the picture of the leafbecause it has a nice shadow. When people take photos sometimes they use water to add some affect. These two photos I took had water on them. I put the water on them by using a spray bottle.
  • 5. Action ShotsThis photo I took wasusing Sports Mode onthe camera. I like thisphoto because her feetare in a jumping position.
  • 6. ColorThis photo has a littletouch of color but it reallysticks out. If you notice onthe page there is a littlehighlighter mark and itreally catches your eye.
  • 7. LightingThe picture of the sun isreally neat because thesun is lighting up thewhole picture. The picture of the piano has a nice shadow so it makes the piano look like a dim light is shining on it.
  • 8. Rule of ThirdsThis picture has threedifferent sections inthis picture, the kid onthe swing, a lonelyswing, and the grass inthe back.
  • 9. Macro Close Up In this picture I used Macro Close Up. You can really see the small blue flowers.
  • 10. Look at the pretty leaves!My GalleryMore on next slide!
  • 11. Large Group Nature Collage Up up and Away!Smile!
  • 12. Thank you!