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Free monthly online magazine dedicated to Global Youth Development

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Dynamic Youth Online Magazine

  1. 1. Dynamic Youth Dynamic Youth is a free online magazine dedicated to Global Youth Development. As a frame work, we have adopted all the areas of interest identified by the UNO under the concept of Global Youth Development by the United Nations with the addition of a few topics of local importance.
  2. 2. Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace. If, however, they are left on society's margins, all of us will be impoverished. Let us ensure that all young people have every opportunity to participate fully in the lives of their societies. Kofi Annan Former United Nations Secretary-General
  3. 3. Introduction  In this fast changing world, maintaining continuity among successive generations is becoming more and more difficult; and, in view of the far-reaching changes taking place in many walks of life, generation gaps are becoming wider. The youth are entitled as a matter of natural right to a profound care and concern to be educated and trained to meet the challenges of a rapid evolution of life; to be equipped with the knowledge and ability to go on developing, positively at a faster rate. The youth are the hope of the mankind for the future. In their growth and development rests the standard of life of posterity on this Mother Earth. The importance of facilitating their growth and development in the right direction cannot be overemphasized. In formulating programs for the global youth development there are many ticklish factors to be taken notice of. Unlike schemes for material handling and improvement, the plans meant for the modern youth need to be designed taking their aims and ambitions also into account.
  4. 4. The exposure available to the modern youth affects them in two ways. First, their knowledge has widened; their mental reach has become deeper. If a youngster of by-gone age aimed at the treetop, today he aims at the sky. This is good if the resources and opportunities could keep pace with the rising ambitions of the youth. Unfortunately they are not. Stiff competition in all walks of life exists. So, their real life situations sometimes force them to accept, disappointing compromises. It is an ideal situation when all the ambitions and aspirations could be converted into reality for all living beings. But there are gaps; and they are bound to be, if the man-made barriers among them should remain in-tact. Under the prevailing circumstances, a pragmatic approach is called for in giving orientation to the modern youth. The planners of the modern youth development are thus faced with an unenviable situation when they should strive to fulfill all the reasonable aspirations of the youth and do justice to the opportunities and resources available in the various parts of the world, rigidly and territorially defined in terms of national boundaries.
  5. 5. While the fantastic developments in information technology and transport have worked towards converting the world into a global village, the spirit of citizen of the world has not even found entry in the minds of the various peoples of the world. Human mobility is found essential but unpleasant at times. The reality is that the implementation of the various programs aimed at the global youth development differs in different countries, simply because there are different governments with their own policies and priorities.
  6. 6. It is therefore necessary that an independent agency like a magazine with an international outlook, which can easily transcend the boundaries of the countries, should work for enhancing the quality of the programs for the development of the modern youth. Secondly, the human factor in the modern youth compels us to opt for a participative approach. The modern youth’s comprehension is more; they are willing to listen to us if there is no bluff; they are prepared to accept if it is explained to them logically; they are ready to work if that would lead to the realization of their aspirations; But the ideas, however they may appear good from the point of view of elders, could not be thrust upon them. Taking the modern youth for granted would only make the autocratically drawn plans mere exercises in futility. The plans and programs that appear to us as ‘good for them’ could become successful, only if we succeed to satisfy and involve them. Otherwise, they would remain only in paper. The mechanical approaches of the bureaucratic wings of the governments could never reach the mental depths of individual youngsters. Only an international magazine could gain acceptance of them and successfully inculcate the principles of Self Development which are also harmonious towards the changing conditions of modern life.
  7. 7. The scope for service organizations in drawing and executing plans and programs for modern global youth is very great. These two forceful considerations, i.e. the need for promoting the spirit of one world citizen among the youngsters and the need for inculcating the principles of Self Development not at variance with the universal harmony, have led the Benziger Foundation of India to take upon itself a big share of the responsibility of Global Youth Development. Benziger Foundation is a registered public charitable trust engaged in execution of projects aimed at improving quality of life in this planet in the areas of research and development, dissemination of knowledge, training and development, and research and publishing. As a first major step in fulfilling our obligations to the modern youth of the world, Dynamic Youth a free online monthly magazine in English, is being brought out from October 2007.
  8. 8. Our objectives are inter alia To work for emotional integration of the modern youth of the world as one vital segment of the humankind To inculcate the spirit of universal oneness among the youth To enable them to appreciate on a realistic basis the various resources and opportunities available to them in the world at large To enable them realize and properly evaluate the values of culture and heritage in different parts of the world and their relevance in improving the standard of their lives To associate with the like-minded individuals and organizations all over the world and work for creating an atmosphere of friendliness and team spirit among various sections of the modern youth To promote efforts for better appreciation of the needs and opportunities arising in different parts of the world; and to improve the possibilities of formulating plans and programs meaningful for the ‘whole world’ To work for the ‘Individual Self Development’ of the modern youth by organizing and conducting various workshops, seminars and training programs, taking the special factors of the youngsters concerned To work for bringing about a happy blend of national and international outlook among the modern youth To conduct programs for the personality development and work efficiency of the youngsters at various levels and international dissemination of the useful findings To enable the modern youth to appreciate the relevance of the good part of the old systems and the focus needed for onward march of the mankind towards a more prosperous and harmonious future
  9. 9. Plans of Action  The Dynamic Youth will be a free online magazine available all over the world. It will also be brought about as printed version soon, if by experience it is found to be necessary for the furtherance of our objectives. Many experts and practicing professionals in the fields of Human Resources, Training and Development, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Self Confidence; Industrial psychologists, Successful Entrepreneurs, Social Service Activists, Educational and voluntary service organizations, Financial Experts and planning bodies of various governments are going to participate in this mission for global youth development. Through essays of specialists and interviews of various luminaries in the relevant fields, Dynamic Youth plans to reach the modern youth in all the countries of the world, spreading knowledge essential for them. In addition, a number of seminars, workshops, training programs especially tailor-made for the different sections of the youth have been planned on a no-loss-no-profit basis. Thus reaching even rural and under-privileged sections of modern youth in all the countries is a major part of our plans. Offering to co-ordinate various plans of governments with the help of local associates; and taking the findings and relevant benefits of regional programs to other parts of the world where they could be helpful is also in our scheme of things.
  10. 10. Appeal for Participation  Dynamic Youth is a sacred mission for global youth development taken up with strong commitment to Global Peace, Universal Harmony and Prosperity for All. We genuinely welcome help, advice and participation of all the like-minded individuals and organizations; and also offer to take part to the extent possible for us in the execution of any relevant plan / project in any part of the world.  For more information pl. visit our website: www.dynamicyouth.org For any further details, kindly e-mail to K S Venkataraman, Associate Editor, Dynamic Youth. [email_address]