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  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 2 A F R I 1, Issue 2 S I A S CJune-August ‘11 S Volume CA A HOLARJune-August ‘11 GLOBAL NETWORK akada Re-writing Africa and Asia akada ¢§ £ ¥£¢   §¢¥ ¤© ¨ ¥£§ ¦¥¤£¢ ¡ History within the Global VillageSpecial points ofinterest: Indonesia praises AASGON not mere bystanders in dealing with• Health Education all those complex problems. Millions• Economy Finance “We need to invest of our peoples do not have access to more in our people, clean water, proper education,• Academic Exchange our scholars and energy and healthcare. Environ-• Heritage Diversity students. That is Why mental degradation is also pervasive. AASGON’s work “With our effective partnership and• Creative Arts H.E. Yuri Thamrin is so strategic and with AASGON’s active participation,• Governance vital in our endeavour to overcome the massive difficulties that confront I’m confident that AASGON can help “How To Change foster the socio-economic develop-• Civil Liberties our continents” says Mr. Yuri Octavia ments of the Asia and Africa” Mr. The World is not a• Sports, Travel Thamrin, the Indonesia Ambassador Thamrin concluded in his address. battle cry but an Tours in UK. academic• Career Commending AASGON at its South exchange” - Marx• Social Networking East Scholars Forum and celebration of Africa Day on May 26th 2011 at the Universities at Medway in Kent, theWe at the United Indonesian Ambassador made it clearNations understand that like AASGON, governments arethat poverty is not justa lack of income, it is African Youths Poor and Discontent …also a lack of choice, AASGON The Arab spring marked by the groundswell that swept acrossvoice and security — Tunisia and Egypt has confirmed the imperious need to address Co-Organise the legitimate concerns and worries of our youths who areDr. Noeleen Heyzer becoming increasingly poor discontented and more radical. This Bandung Conference. growing worry was expressed by Dr. Jean Ping, Chairperson of the African Union Commission at the Africa Day celebration in Watch Out!!!! Inside this issue: Addis. In attendance as guest was the Indian Prime Minister.Social Networks 2Victory for the Poor 4 Emergence of a New Nation—South Sudan In July leaders across Africa and the advanced nation which lacks year-old Salva Kiir Mayardit as the infrastructure and the very basic firs head of state of the new nation rest of the world will join the govern-SOAS Inaugural Lecture 6 amenities in health and education, ment and people of South Sudan to In reality, for South Sudan the the willpower and determination of harder part of the journey to fullWhy China in Africa? 7 celebrate the newest nation in Africa the people of South Sudan to independence has just begun. and usher in the independent of aNUS Conference 2011 succeed is stronger than mere 8 new state. rhetoric Sbscribe for a free copyForerunner of Bandung 9 Going by the Comprehensive Peace of Akada NOW!!. Agreement South and North Sudan It Pays toT. Tempah– Shinning Star 9 will share the oil revenues, but long Advertise in after the South becomes anBest On Line Job Sites 10 independent state it will need the • co-operation of Khartoum to sell its AKADAASEAN Rises With China 14 .AASGON joins scholars and lead- oil. And Khartoum will still need oil ers across Africa and Asia to com- revenues from Juba. With apprehen- info@:aasgon.net48th Africa Day 14 memorate with the people of South sion of strange happenings and Sudan on the inauguration of sixty- likely divide in the world’s least
  2. 2. akadaSocial Networks— World’s major active social networking sites Advogato, Academia.edu, AsianAvenue BigaddaWe provide here for you a list of some The domain was registered in In October 2007, U.S. presidential 1999 and grandfathered in. Itmajor active social networking sites. is currently registered in candidate Barack Salem, Oregon, USA. http:// Obama created www.academia.edu/ profiles on Because Advogato was AsianAve as well Advogato: the first website to use a Asian Avenue: as sister sites BlackPlanet, robust, attack-resistant trust metric and to release MiGente.com and An online community site dedi- Glee.com. the underlying code for This site was launched on cated to free software develop- that trust mechanism un- July 21, 1997 by co-founders ment, created by Raph Levien. It Asian Avenue is a platform for Asian der a free software license, Benjamin Sun, Peter Chen, describes itself as the free soft- American community. it has been the basis of Grace Chang, Michael Mon- ware developers advocate. numerous research papers tero, and Calvin Wong. By on trust metrics and social 1998, the New York Times, It is a social networking site. People Advogato was an early pioneer of share music, photos and updates networking (see the list described it as unusually online diaries, which later be- there. People use this platform for below for specific exam- successful despite being run came known as blogs, and one of professional networking too. This site ples). out of an apartment, having the earliest social networking has tied up with Monster.com for job hit five million page views websites. search. Apart from individual network- Advogatos early adoption from 50,000 users. of an XML-RPC interface ing there is group networking. It al- Advogato combined the most lows you to add blogs, videos and led to its use as an exam- At its peak, there were over 2 recent entries from each users photos. You can participate in groups ple of how such interfaces million users with more than diary together into a single con- and create your own. could be used by web 5000 online at any time. tinuous feed called the recentlog . This directly inspired the creation programmers. On October 31, 2005 the of the Planet aggregator some- Advogato is still used as a website re-launched the so- Bigadda: what later. test bed for social network- cial network features. As of April 2007, there were 1.4 A social networking website belonging Many high profile members of the ing and semantic web to the internet and new media vertical technologies. Tim Berners- million registered users with free software and open source of Reliance Entertainment, part of the Lee, who is an Advogato fewer than 100 online at any software movements are or have Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani user himself, included given time. been users of the site including Group. It claims to be the largest and Richard M. Stallman, Eric Ray- Advogato in a short list of the fastest growing youth networking sites that should be noted Partners include party pro- mond, Alan Cox, Bruce Perens, site in India. for their early adoption of moters (Synergy), film festi- the FOAF as a method of vals (Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Though BIGADDA is not in the same Africa is beyond exporting user RDF URIs league of popularity as its foreign Asian American Internationalbemoaning the past for its F i l m F e s t i v a l ), m e d i a counterparts like Facebook, it still problems. Academia.edu: (AngryAsianMan.com, AZN claims that top 20 cities account for 45% users from within India while TV) and many more. Music A free social networking artists, such as Notorious 40% of the users come from Tier III The task of undoing that website and collaboration MSG, Far*East Movement, cities like Tuticorin, Bhilai, Amritsar,past is on the shoulders of tool aimed at academics and Magnetic North have Guwahati, Surat, Nasik. Dataquest, a popular IT journal also featured African leaders and researches from all gained popularity from their BIGADDA along with sites like disciplines. exposure on AsianAve.com. themselves, with the IndyaRocks BharatStudent as onesupport of those willing to Launched in September of the top 25 web 2.0 start-ups in India join in a continental 2008, it became one of the renewal. We have a new largest social networkinggeneration of leaders who sites for academics in Wondering why you should be an know that Africa must 2010. It has been called a “Geni- portal for research- exchange student? take responsibility for its ers. Here are a few reasons to go for it! own destiny, that Africa Though the site bears awill uplift itself only by its .edu domain, it does not • Make lifelong friends from around the worldown efforts in partnership qualify for this status under Educauses existing poli- • Experience what its really like to live in another country with those who wish her cies allowing only U.S. well. postsecondary institutions that are institutionally ac- • Stand out on college and job applications - Nelson Mandela credited by an agency on the U.S. Department of • Become fluent in another language Elder Statesman Educations list of Nation- ally Recognized Accredit- • Gain maturity, independence and a global perspective ing Agencies. Page 2
  3. 3. akadaIMF Spotlight: Sustained Growth Vital for Reducing Poverty Regional Growth in Africa has to be sustained, and there are ways to work towards producing more jobs, the head of the IMFs Africa Department, Antoinette Sayeh, tells AllAfrica. There are also things that can be done to build up the skills of the young population to be able to then take on some of the jobs that could be produced down the road, she says Youth Jobs for Inclusive growth Egyptian Internet activist Wael Ghonim, who played a key role in pro-democracy Former UN Secretary-General and President demonstrations in his country, at a panel of the Global Humanitarian Forum Kofi An- discussion on Youth, Jobs and Inclusive nan and Tanzanias President Jakaya Mrisho Growth in the Middle East and North Kikwete at a joint press conference. Africa at a recent IMF/World Bank Meet- ing, held at the IMF Headquarters in Wash- - Africa should broaden its economic base ington, DC. Photo credit: Stephen Jaffe and not remain so dependent on commodity exports for its growth, African finance minis- ters said during the IMF-World Bank spring meet- Playing with Fire? ings in Washington The US and Europe might plunge the world into a new financial crisis if they held off big cuts, says the IMF.International Scholarships IMF Monetary Chief , John Vinals said the US currently drowning under $14 trillion of debt needed as much2202011/12Looking for International Undergraduate Scholarships, “homework” on its finances as GREECE. It is envisagedMasters Scholarships, PhD Scholarships for that there will be a breakup of the EURO with struggling George OsborneDeveloping Countries 2011-2012. Scholarships for Greece, Portugal and Ireland all likely to ditch the Euro.International Students? Here are some to contact: France and Germany have however resolved to find a solution to the growing crisis.DST Funded Postdoctoral Canon Collins Post-Fellowships Program in graduate Scholarships Are you aCognitive Science, India for Africans Oppenheimer Professional?Scholarship Provider: Ministry Canon Collins Trust MS/ Fundof Science and Technology, PhD Degree Deadline: It’s Time to JoinIndia. Scholarships can be around August (annual) Harry Frederick Oppen-taken in India Place of study: South Africa heimer was a noted South Next course starts 2012DAAD Masters Scholar- African businessman, phi-ships in Public Policy and Malaysian Government lanthropist, and opponent ofGood Governance Scholarships for Inter- apartheid. In 1993 he en- national Students dowed the Oppen-DAAD Masters (MA/MS)Degree Deadline: 15 August ‘11 Government of Malaysia heimer Fund at Oxford Uni- League ofPlace of study: Germany MS/PhD/Post Doc Deadline: versity. The Fund promotesNext course start date: 2012 15 Dec 2011 links between the University Professionals Place of study: MalaysiaInternational Water Leader Course starts in 2012 of Oxford and South AfricanScholarships for Interna- Universities, and assisttional Students Kofi Annan MBA South African students Scholarships for De- wishing to pursue graduateInternational Water Centre veloping Country Stu-Masters (MS) Degree Deadline: dents studies at Oxford.1 August (annual)Place of study: Australia NextCourse start date: Feb 2012. Deadline: 30 Sept 2011 (Annual) Study in Germany For details log on: http://www.ox.ac.uk/ Source link: http://www.scholars4dev.com/ feesandfunding/ oppenheimerfund/ See Pages 11, 12 13 Page 3
  4. 4. akadaYour Health Do — Sickle Cell DisorderSickle Cell and Thalassaemia aregenetic conditions inherited from both red blood cells from lungs to all If two carriers have off spring, one you the parts of the body and also out of four of their children areparents. This means that people are likely to be entirely normal, two gives them their red colour.)born with it just as they are born withother characteristics such as eyecolour, hair texture and height. can change from normal disc- shape to Sickle or Crescent may be carriers that is, they may have Sickle Cell trait and the fourth may have Sickle Cell Anaemia. have ... shaped cells which clumps This type of together to block vessels, condition mainly where its name derived from. It Sickle Cells obstruct the smooth medical concerns is caused by an abnormal con- flow of blood through capillaries or affects Africans, sm all blood vessels, thus questions or Afro-Caribbean, stituent of the haemoglobin in the blood, and is incurable. preventing blood from reaching the Greeks, Cypriots and other people tissues. experiences you Carriers usually lead normal of Mediterranean lives, but when they may This in turn, reduces, the concen- want an answer to origin. tration of oxygen in the blood, become ill demands on the circulatory system increase. which may trigger more cells to or like to share? In some parts of become sickled. The blood clots or Africa and the At high attitudes where the air thrombi, which result from block-Caribbean, almost half the population ages in the capillaries, eventually Write to Augustaare carriers of Sickle Cell Anaemia and cause the death of areas of theare said to have Sickle cell trait. tissue. “I’ll be delightedThis means that they are usually The problem is exacerbated byunaffected by the condition, but may any infection that affects the body, to respond”transmit to their children. In Britain, and is known as Sickle Cell Crisis.sickle Cell disease is the most common When this occurs, pain may be-in people of African and West Indian come extremely severe during the For your(Caribbean) descent. first 24 hours and there will be comments and swelling and tenderness in theIt is a genetic blood disorder that has affected area of tissue. queries”great disabling effects on sufferers. Incertain situations like severe cold The reduced blood flow may alsocondition, stress, lack of fluid, infection cause damage to the organs, and Email me at:and pregnancy, the red blood cells death may result from heart orcontaining haemoglobin (the substance is thin for example, or in the kidney failure. info@aasgon.netwhich carries oxygen in the case of an emergency surgery without blood transfusions. To be continued…. Send in your comments Sierra Leone givesRota Vaccine PricesSlashed….. humanitarian award to Mercy Ship founder. ACU Titular fellowships 2011 Victory for the Opportunities for staff from member universities and The Embassy of the Republic of employees working in industry, commerce or public service in a Poor Sierra Leone in Washington, D.C., Commonwealth countries to spend periods of time in other has announced that Don Stephens, Bill Gates in May, member universities or relevant institutions outside their own the president/founder of Mercy while in Geneva laid country. Ships, is the recipient of the out his vision for the Diamond Award for his contribution impact that broadening to the development of Sierra Leone Preference will be given to workers in the following priority access to vaccines – particularly, in the field of health subject areas: agriculture, forestry and food sciences,can have on the world and few weeks (source APA)after his inspirational speech, biotechnology, development strategies, earth and marineGlaxoSmithKline (GSK) promised to sciences, engineering, health and related social sciences,cut a whopping 95% off its rotavirus information technology, management for change, professionalvaccine for sale to the globes poorestcountries, while Merck has also said it education and training, social and cultural development andwould cut the price on its vaccine university development and management.against the same illness. Applications will be considered ONLY if the applicant isSanofi Pasteur and Johnson approved by the Executive Head (Vice-Chancellor, PresidentJohnson have also promised cuts or Rector) of a university in ACU membership. The ACU willSeveral major drugs companies areannouncing big cuts to the amounts also consider applications approved by the chief executivethey charge for their vaccines in the officer of a Commonwealth inter-university organisation.developing world Fellowships will be tenable for up to a maximum of six months. For information log on: http://www.acu.ac.uk/member_services/ fellowships_mobility/acu_titular_fellowships Page 4
  5. 5. akadaVolunteering in Asia, Africa Summer Schools What makesand South America? China unique ... Willing to explore Europe, a conti- nent of great diversity of place, cul- •The Great Wall of China. ture and identity? Its divergent peo- ple carry their own cultures, relig- A symbol of ancient ions, traditions and languages. Chinese civilization, the Great Wall of China has Students taking summer courses in Europe can begin to lay a solid foun- stood for more than 2,000 dation for their future career. In a years. world that has grown ever smaller in the wake of globalisation, interna- tional experience is needed more than ever. • There are about 370 By studying abroad students will million TVs in China and develop their communication skills 457 million internet users.Make a change to a life and yours too…. and team spirit. Gaining experience in Europe will make them expandIf you are interested in volunteering but not sure how to get the their horizons and open up theirprocess started, AASGON recommends that you log on mind academically and culturally tohttp://www.gvnfoundation.org/ to find out which program is the best meet the challenges of today’s • China aims to buildmatch for you and your country of choice. You can apply online and world. 50,000 skyscrapers in thewithin 24 hours you will know if your application is successful. next two decades (that’s For a directory of summer courses inOver the past 8 years Global Volunteer Network (GVN) has built up Europe link up with Summer one New York every twostrong ties with grassroots organizations throughout the world, and Schools in Europe.eu, an initiative of years)placed 13,500+ volunteers. Utrecht University in the Nether- lands, by logging on http://GVN will provide you with all the resources, support, and information www.summerschoolsineurope.eu/you will need to take part in a successful and rewarding volunteerprogram . • The top 10 richest It’s Now Time... people in China madeBill Gates has personally recommended GVN and CNN listed the their fortunes from theGVN as one of 10 organizations that can help you to make a positive to apply for country’s domesticimpact on the world around you. UK Universities market – not from exports.Business Update wide rangeIndia to help Ghana in Chinese Rubada sign of courses energy contract withdeveloping IT sector Tanzania starting in • The disposable income (per head) of China`s state-owned SINOHY- September. urban Chinese was 19,109Inspired and aided by India, the DRO and Rufiji Basin Develop- For guidance email Yuan (US$ 2,911) in 2010 ment Authority (RUBADA)Ghanaian government is taking – an increase of 82.1% have signed a contract for themeasures to make information production of 165 megawatts info@aasgon.net since 2005.technology (IT) a key driver of its in the next two years, aimed at solving the problem ofeconomy and transform the country intermittent power rationing Academic Exchangesinto the IT hub of West Africa. Tanzania. The two bodies are expected Visiting Exchange Students atTo achieve its aim, the government to harness water in Mpangasays it is determined to make IT River in Morogoro region for Westminster Universitypopular among y o u t h . generation of hydro-electric For students wishing to study for one semester or one academic year on power. Mpanga, a tributary ofCommunications Minister Haruna the Kilombero River, originates exchange at the University of Westminster, before returning to their homeIddrisu said the government is from Kipengere Mountains,spending $5 million on an ICT pro- enclosing catchments of some institution to complete their studies, you must be studying at one of theject to empower youth. Collabora- 2,546 km with a dam site University of Westminsters partner institutions to be eligible.tions and alliances with Chinese encompassing a 2020 square- To check if your university is a partner, or to see which school / subjectfinancial institutions and businesses. kilometer watershed area. areas are covered by the exchange agreement, log on to http://www.westminster.ac.uk/study/international/exchanges/exchange- partners Page 5
  6. 6. akada characteristics to encompass: “Inspired by theEquality and Diversity Age; Disability; Gender increasing partnership reassignment; Marriage and CivilThe Equality Act is the most among scholars, the partnership;significant piece of equality development of businesslegislation to be introduced for Pregnancy and Maternity; Race; linkages and expandedmany years in the United trade between AfricaKingdom. Religion or Belief; Sex and Sexual orientation. and Asia, AASGON isIt is there to strengthen protection, established to promoteadvance equality and simplify the The act also makes explicit the beneficial South-Southlaw. Ninety per cent of the act concept of ‘dual discrimination’,came into force on 1 October business partnerships, wh e re s om e o n e m a y b e2010. as well as enhance discriminated against or treated unfairly on the basis of a economic, cultural andThe rest of it includes PublicSector Equality Duty (PSED), existing pieces of legislation, combination of two or the pro- social development” including race and disability. tected characteristics. For detailscame into effect in April ‘11. -Sajid Hashmi MBE visit:http://www.idea.gov.uk/idk/ One of the key changes is that it AASGON 1st Vice PresidentThe Equality Act brings together, core/page.do?pageId=5145524 ext ends the prot ectedand significantly adds to andstrengthens, a number of previous AANPE- Advancing Political EconomyThe China Africa Network Recent social, economic and political dynamics at the global level willChina Africa Network (CAN) is an initiative of the Gordon influence the social, political andInstitute of Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg, South economic conditions in the Asia-Africa .Africa. The Business School facilitates and promote the regions. competitiveness of South African and African private Most of Asia-Africa countries are still sectors vis-a-vis their fighting with poverty alleviation issues engagement with the Chi- and are left out on the periphery of the n es e ec o nom y . global political and economic dynamics. Considering the rising There is lack of attention on institutional investment and commercial capacity building in the Asia-Africa presence of China Inc. in region. Africa, GIBS believes that it 2). Knowledge Management Research is imperative for local Group (KMRG) is an Informationcompanies to better understand these trends and improve AANPE Technology (IT) research organizationtheir ability to both compete and collaborate with the Chinese specialized in the area of knowledgebusiness sector. Founded in Bandung, Indonesia, 2002, management through a digital library AANPE’s mission is to establish a technology development.CAN will carry out teaching, research and business education network among scientists, policy makerswork within the context of the business school as well as to its and common citizens in the Asia/Africa The mission in developing a knowledge-clients and stakeholders says the Director of GIBS, Dr Martyn region to encourage constructive policy based society, through an effectiveDavies who is also full-time faculty member of the school. dialogue by supporting debates and management of Intellectual Capital, and discussions on alternative visions for a using any low cost and appropriateAs the academic hub of China Africa research and teaching better living society. information technology.CAN produces a China Africa Business Weekly. Three main supporters of the Asia Africa (3). I3APS - Indonesian Institute for Network on Political Economy (AAPE) Integrated Assessment and PolicySOAS host Bernhard are: Studies, established in Bandung 1998 by the scholars who concern on publicFuehrer Inaugural Lecture (1). The Society for Indonesian Political Economy (SIPE), a new professional policy, integrated assessment, environ- mental economics and resource valua- organization aim at developing the net- tion, system dynamic modelling, envi- At this year’s SOAS (School of Oriental and African works among scholars who concern on ronmental information system, and Studies) Inaugural Lecture ‘The Beard of the Master and recent Indonesian political-economic spatial database infrastructure issues. Other Suppositions’, Bernhard Fuehrer on June 20, 2011 transition processes. discusses some conceptual issues regarding the transmission of images and perceptions of Master Kong, Bernhard works on and Hokkien. He is a Distinguished aka Confucius, based on various readings of his alleged the reception of the Adjunct Researcher at Renmin utterances as handed down in written sources for over two traditional Chinese University, Beijing, and an Honorary millennia. canon, traditional Research Fellow at the Chinese Chinese hermeneu- De p a rt m e n t o f t h e Ch i ne s e Bernhard Fuehrer is Professor of Sinology at the tics, the history of University, Hong Kong. Department of the Languages and Cultures of China and Sinology and a Inner Asia and Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of number of other Payal Gaglani is the lecture organiser Languages and Cultures. fields including tradi- and to register your attendance email tional philology soasevents@soas.ac.uk Page 6
  7. 7. akadaCOMMENTWhat is China Doing in Africa?I was at the 48th Africa Day 2011 practically nil. Austin Mac-Anabraba Unarguably, the continents ofcelebration organised by the Africa Africa and Asia had sufferedAsia Scholars Global Network In my opinion the political class of Asians, are loosing out as a greatly from the actions of the of these countries have done far(AASGON) at the Universities at West which had contributed im- result of not being competitiveMedway, Kent on 26th May 2011. more since independence to mensely to the predicaments of impoverish their countries, con- enough; we are still in the Africa and much of Asia today. It demning countless souls to shadows of competitors who areAASGON is a social and economic is also true that Western trademovement which aims to work to deprivation and poverty than fittest. During slavery and colonial and foreign policies continues to can be attributed to any thirdstrengthen economic, social and epochs the West held sway in the mount obstacles to the develop- hand. African leaders (and somecultural ties that exists between the ment of Africa and much of Asia exploitation of Africa. The batonpeoples of Africa and Asia using the Asian leaders) have not shown today. In my opinion, it is far more any desire to develop the conti- of economic exploitation seem tovision of the 1955 Bandung Spirit important to focus on the part nent by any stride. They are be changing hands from the WestNetwork of countries of Africa and Africans, Asians and their govern-Asia as a model without focus, completely to China and India. ments had played and continue to unaccountable and notorious for play in their own underdevelop- using their positions to corruptlyTalks centred mainly around under- ment According to the affable guestdevelopment and poverty in Asia and enrich themselves, their families and close associates with speaker at the recent AASGONAfrica and how much the west had For example, Nigeria just cele-contributed to the underdevelopment impunity. They have failed to event, Marika Sherwood, Senior brated 50 years of independence adopt policies and strategiesof these regions of the world. Research Fellow at the Institute and Ghana had been independ- that will heal Africa of the scares ent for more than 50 years with- of Commonwealth studies, whatIn settings such as this it was not o f s l a v e r y, c o l o n i a l i s m , out much to show for it. In these imperialism and servitude. is China doing in Africa?surprising that the European trade in countries corruption and inepti-African slaves, colonialism, Africa has no coherent strategy tude is rife which had contributed for taping the benefits of global- Please send yourimperialism, trade imbalance, to unstable and chaotic politicalracism, are the usual words and ization or deal with its negative and social environments in which effects. The reality is simply that comments tophrases that gets thrown around. ec o nom ic de vel opm ent i s Africans and a significant chunk info@aasgon.netASEAN goodwill caravan comforts disaster victims A ‘‘goodwill caravan’’ consisting of about 70 members from 10 Southeast Asian nations on Saturday comforted survivors of the March 11 devastating earthquake and tsunami in Ishinomaki, It pays to Miyagi Prefecture, as they served ethnic foods, gave music and dance performances and engaged in clean-up activities. advertise in The volunteer workers served Thai noodles, Vietnamese coffee and ‘‘satay’’ skewered meat eaten widely in ASEAN countries to AKADA local residents and entertained them with music and dance performances by students and artists. Email: The group led by Surin Pitsuwan, secretary general of the info@:aasgon.net10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, also included Indonesian and Thai survivors of the 2004Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and tried to share the pain and loss of people in the city on the Pacificcoast, which was among the areas worst affected by the calamity. Mr. Lazarus Congrats from AASGONHave you received Kapambwe was elected 67th Li Yuanchao is your President of the currently the Head Economic and of China’s Commu- Social Council on nist Party (CPC)FREE Membership 18 January 2011. Central Organisa- tion Department of AASGON? Ambassador and an increasingly Kapambwe is currently the influential figure Ambassador and Permanent among China’s fifth visit us at http:// Representative of Zambia to the generation of politi- United Nations in New York. cal leaders, ex- aasgon.net pected to come to Mr. Kapambwe served as power in 2012. co-facilitator of the Ad-Hoc Open Dr. Noeleen Heyzer (Singapore) Or Email: Ended Working Group of the General is the ninth and the first woman assembly on the Implementation of Age 61, Li introduced the now nation- info@aasgon.net to be appointed Executive the Outcome of the Conference on wide popular practice of making lead- Secretary of the Economic and the World Financial and Economic ing politicians spend the Chinese Social Commission for Asia and Crisis in 2009-2010. Spring Festival Eve with the less the Pacific (ESCAP) since 1947. privileged. Page 7
  8. 8. akada “I see AASGON not only as the NUS National Conference 2011 awakening of Bandung spiritintellectually, but also as an opportunity for increasingcontact betweenAfrican and Asian Education funding dominated the a confederation of 600 students debate with seven amendments unions, amounting to more than scholars in submitted to the main motion on 95 per cent of all higher and respond to the higher education funding from 16 institutions. further education unions in the UK. Through its memberchallenges in the students unions, NUS represent Focus of discussion were how cuts the interests of more than seven global village” in university funding should be million students. handled, the cancellation of Educa- tion Maintenance Allowance, the NUS Services is owned by- Puguh Sadadi needs for liberation groups and the Liam Burns, NUS 55thSecond Secretary impact of the rate of interest on elected PresidentIndonesian Embassy student loans on Muslim students NUS is mandated to explore post- graduate funding further andIn Search of Jobs develop a credible alternative to the current upfront system, supporting unions to campaign on Or a Career postgraduate fees and funding “We now have policy in favour of Subscribe Now equipping unions to explore on Toni Pearce newly elected Vice access and retention and to President (Further Education). explore how we can ensure our Students’ Unions and the For your FREE movement is representative and National Union of Students. The engaging to a wide diversity of mission statement is to; ‘Create, friends” says Usman Ali the re develop and sustain competitive Copies of -elected vice president (Higher Edu- a d va n t a g e s f o r m em b e r cation) at the April NUS National Students’ Unions–reducing Conference. costs and maximising akada commercial revenues’ NUS (National Union of Students) is a voluntary To this end it provides three membership organisation which core services: Purchasing; makes a real difference to the Commercial Development; Usman Ali re-elected Vice lives of students and its Marketing Services. President (Higher Education ) member students unions. It is Become a proud Felicitation with Africa Asian Peoples member of AASGON Log on Big Congratulations http://www. The Board, Management and Members of AASGON join millions of Africa and aasgon.net Asian peoples whose countries independence anniversary celebration falls on the months of July, August September 2011. Economic Independence of devel- oping nations in the 21st Century has become paramount for world peace. Page 8
  9. 9. akada Marika SherwoodThe forerunner of Bandung: Subject People’s Conference June 1945I had agreed to speak about the Those involved were: Federation ofBandung Conference at AASGON and for the first time in history, Indian Associations in GB; KikuyuConsultative Forum: Africa Day that traditional respect Association of East Africa; Interna-Celebration – but, with apologies, for the spiritual values of life and tional African Service BureauI changed my mind. for the dignity of the (IASB); Federation of Indian human personality which is the Associations in GB; Negro WelfareWhy? Because most accounts of distinguishing feature of Association (London); Negrothat conference state that it was all their great religions. Welfare Centre Liverpool; ColouredPresident Soekarno (Sukarno) Men’s Institute East London;who had conceived the necessity Late Sir John Kotewala Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, then United Colonial and Coloured Sea-for such an event. only a Lieutenant-Colonel, also men’s Association of Cardiff; West Centuries of servitude and African Students’ Union (WASU) stressed ‘the common feeling ofHowever, as a historian of Black stagnation have left their mark, identity born of a common heritage and ‘several other progressiveand Asian activists in Britain, I imposed by Western domination: In associations’. a dire heritage of poverty and.want to question that. this conference, we are meeting as ignorance, upon the masses of representatives of the Asiatic and Padmore goes on to report that our peoples . . . African countries. ‘the movement to bring about worldBefore I outline what I think was -wide unity among the colouredthe forerunner of Bandung, I want Where the wisdom of the West There is a striking similarity between communities has also been en-to quote from two of the has failed, is it possible that the the conditions prevailing in our coun- dorsed by the Burmese and the nations of Asia and Africa can tries, a similarity that operates as a Ceylon Students’ associations, thespeeches, as I think they are as unifying force; we have emerged Malaya and East Indies Peoples’relevant today as they were in hope to succeed? I think it is. from a long period of foreign influ- League, West Indian Federation1955. Sir John Kotewala the Have the nations of this region ence, political as well as eco- Committee and a number of colo- nomic ... It is not surprising therefore nial trade unions in Africa and thePrime Minister of Ceylon said: i n f act a n y t h i n g that we should feel close together. .. Caribbean.’We, the nations of the new Asia to offer? I think they have. Has the time come to offer it? As George Padmore explained in Read the concluding part ofand Africa, whatever our the Chicago Defender (28/5/1945, Marika’s address in yourlanguage, whatever our faiths, I think it has. I say, then, in all p.5), it was the first meeting of the next edition of akada.whatever our form of govern- s er iousn ess and in all United Nations that galvanised ac- tion by ‘the coloured races livingment, whatever the colour of humility, that the peoples of this under the sovereignty of various Please send us yourour skins-black, brown or region have it in their European powers’. Meetings were comments on Marika’s held to draft a manifesto and to callyellow-have one thing in power to apply to the problems a conference. key note addresscommon: we are all poor and of the present-day world,under-developed. Tinie Tempah—The Shinning Star Tinie on to double and treble platinum… 22 year old Tinie Tempah Tinie joined Usher on the European (Patrick Chukwuemeka leg of his OMG Tour in January 2011. Okogwu) released his debut Tinie was also nominated for 4 Brit single Pass Out with Parlo- Awards making him the most nomi- phone on 28 February 2010. nated artist for the awards. Tinies This it hit the UK Singles Chart single Written in the Stars was used at number 1. Selling just over for a WrestleMania XXVII countdown 92,000 copies, making this his promo during the WWE PPV Royal first number 1 which it remained Rumble on 30 January 2011. for two consecutive weeks. He went on to win his first 2 MOBO It was later confirmed by WWE that it Awards in October’10 will be the official theme for Wrestle- mania XXVII. On 15 February 2011, he Written in the Stars his third won his first ever Brit Award, for Best single released on 19 Septem- British Breakthrough Act. He later won ber 2010 charted at number 1 in a Brit for Best British Single. the UK Singles Chart selling over 115,000 copies in its first The British rapper performed brilliantly week and making it his biggest- as guest star at the Miss USA pageant Helen— unusual perform- Tinie Tempah selling single to date. in Las Vegas on June 19, 2011 ance at AASGON Africa Day Page 9
  10. 10. akadaCareers Jobs . BilingualCareer.com -- where bilingual job-seekers Job Sites YAHOO! HotJobs Best Online Sites Here job postingfirst seven (English and at least job listings best are our sites (job language) can search one otherfor Jobs boards) for job-seekers. nations leading newspapers and JobCentral.com job listings from the Web sites ofJob portal where one can post leading employers CollegeRecruiterand apply for jobs for free as well After College -- a jobas review companies on various and internship site for CareerBuilderparameters such as pay, growth college students and re- CareerBuilder – provides a combination of help wanted adsprospects, working conditions cent college grads. Monster.comand more. of the nations leading news- papers and job listings from JobFox.comThere are thousands of job sites Best Jobs in the USA W eb sites of leading(job boards) on the Web for job- Today -- a comprehen- employers. Indeed.comseekers. sive job resource site that includes jobs databases, Simply Hired.You can search for jobs by job Careercast -- a cool job por-type, industry or location, by corporate p r o f i l e s , tal offering job-seekers opportu-metro area or employer. resume posting, and a nities from all U.S. and Canadian Jobing.com career resources store. newspaper, magazine, niche andYou can post your resume and TV station. Net-Temps.comconfidential profile, create anemail job alert, and find great Careerjournal.com -- CareerSurf.com -- where job-career resources. All Free to job- From The Wall Street seekers from a wide variety ofseekers. For support you can log Journal. links to other key industries across the U.S. andon to http://quintcareers.com/ job sites. across the U.S. Canada can and Canada. search for jobs . Apply Now for the BSEEN Graduate Business Start-up Top Jobs - Programme Graduates in the West Midlands are invited to Head of Gas Division—Abuja, Nigeria apply to the next round of the Graduate Business Start-up Programme, which is due to commence The Osprey Investments Group’s vision is to drive development in Nigeria and the West in October 2011. African sub-region with investments and world-class consultancy services. Osprey In- vestments Group is seeking a senior manager to head its Gas Division in Nigeria. BSEEN, the West Midlands Enterprise Link organisation run by Aston University, Birmingham The position is based in Abuja, Nigeria. The Manager will report directly to the Chair- City University and the University of Birmingham, man of Osprey Investments Group and will be primarily responsible for developing, is seeking aspiring graduate entrepreneurs living maintaining and expanding the company’s gas portfolio in Nigeria. For an application in Birmingham, Solihull, Redditch, Tamworth, contact Teresa Petschl info@ospreyinvestmentsgroup.com Lichfield, Bromsgrove, Wyre Forest, East Staffordshire and Cannock. Project Manager (Engineering) - Ghana The Programme aims to ensure that Job Ref: PMGHWT entrepreneurs have the necessary skills and knowledge to make their business succeed in the Parcellis are currently looking for an experienced Project Manager with Water long term. For details log on http:// www.b- Treatment and Waste Water Treatment knowledge or major building project in Africa. seen.org.uk/ As the Project Manager you will be responsible for the Engineers, HSE and Systems on AASGON reflects on social and site of this new Waste Water Treatment Plant with a 10km slurry line and return water line. This position is on a rotation basis of 9/3 and all travel and accommodation is paid economic challenges and for. Previous experience as a Project Manager on a major building project along with exposure to Africa is essential. promotes effective partnerships Please contact daniel.joiner@parcellis.co.uk for more info among scholars and relevant stakeholders to influence policy Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Mech. Engr. — Singapore UON Singapore Pte Ltd - Faculty of Engineering Built Environment, University of and the delivery of far reaching Newcastle Singapore (UON Singapore). Interested applicants are invited to email your positive outcomes for the application including resume by 29 July 2011 to: UONSEnquiry@newcastle.edu.au regeneration and sustainability of For other top jobs in Africa and Asia log on: Is Afro-Asia Games poorer countries of Africa. Asia. http://www.workcircle.com/jobs/africa/degree Dead or Alive? http://wwwasia-employment.com Find out in your - Dr Albert Barnes next edition of akada AASGON 2nd Vice-President Page 10
  11. 11. AASGON Africa Day Event in Pictures Africa Day celebrated globally.Here is an account of the celebration in Kent by AASGON May 26th 2011 Photos by: KrystynaPhotos.mogggy.org Universities @ Medway “The strategic and complex nature of AASGON’s mission is key to Africa and Asia’s endeavour to overcome the massive difficulties that confront the two continents”. - H.E. Yuri Thamrin, Indonesia Ambassador “Where the wisdom of the West has failed, is it possible that the nations of Asia and Africa can hope to succeed?”. - Marika Sherwood Page 11
  12. 12. Africa Day Celebratedin Style by AASGON It was a day for reflections and the display of rich culture, arts food, fashion, music and exotic dance of Africa and the Middle East Photos by :mwankumi@yahoo.fr Asia Europe Africa Page 12
  13. 13. Speech by Sajid Hashmi MBE, 1st Vice President of AASGON, at AASGON1st Consultative Forum and Celebration of Africa Day 48th Anniversary 2011 Bismillah – I begin in the name of Allah Your excellencies, dis- tinguished guests, la- dies and Gentlemen, thank you for taking time out of your bust sched- ules to be with us today. Firstly I must congratu- late our brother Abdul Mohammed for perse- vering in getting recog- AASGON is the nition for professionals ideal vehicle to of the East – From Af- help you de- rica and Asia. It is im- velop interna- perative that our contri- bution to improving the tionally and quality of life for our take up issuescommunities is recognised. Everything else we do is to sup- at a strategicport this. level. With the govern-We professional from AASGON are a funny old lot. We are ment put- not agents of the state but ting more we work with them. We and more are not all social enter- prises but we are all enter- emphasis prising. We are not a on commu- partnership but we work in nity in- collaboration with each volvemen t other. We are not a busi- you have ness but business like in the oppor- our work. We are inde- tunity here pendent and owned by our to influence members. the decision mak-We aim to bringabout s o c i a l ing processes,c hange opposing have a say in howdiscrimi- nation and services areoppres- sion. We are delivered. Do nota move- ment not a waste thisn e t - work. opportu- nity.It is a fact thatthose of us from Af- F i n a ll yrica and Asia have prophetn o t done our-selves justice, as Muhammedwe are peace benot very good at market- upon himing. As an example said “ it isJapans second-largest i n c u mb en ttourist agency was mysti- upon everyfied when it entered Eng- M u s l i mlish-speaking markets and man and woman to seek knowledge even if you havebegan receiving requests travel to China”. I hope that we can play a role in this.for unusual sex tours.Upon finding out why, the Today is not an end but the beginning of a strong net-owners of “Kinki Nippon work and the process of bringing us together for theTourist Company”changed its name. benefit of our communities.Basically we have to Once gain please can I ask you to show your apprecia-sharpen up our image as we are now competing on the world tion to Abdul Mohammed for his time and effort instage. We may not be perfect nor do we claim to be. What setting this upwe are good as anyone in providing services and are innova-tive in our approach to this. God bless Page 13
  14. 14. NEWS FROM BRITISH COUNCIL AFRICA HEALTH CRISISWorldSkills London 2011 The first-ever African Presidents FUNDING - ERASMUSThe world’s largest international skills competition PROGRAMM:with young people from across the globe compet-ing to be the best of the best in their chosen skillfrom bricklaying to mobile robotics comes. Through the European Commissions Erasmus programme, students can collabo- This year the 41st WorldSkills Competition is be- rate with higher education providers froming hosted in London. across 30 countries in Europe and receive funding to enable UK students to experi-British Council, in partnership with WorldSkills ence living, studying and/or working, in aLondon 2011 and WorldSkills International, is offer- foreign country. Summit On Health will be held ining the opportunity for senior international stake-holders to participate in a high level conference Los Angeles, California February UK Erasmus students normally receive anwhich will have as a central theme the importance Erasmus grant provided by the European 13th—14th 2012 “We expect theof skills and technical education in global economic Commission which contributes towards therecovery. Summit to provide each leader with extra costs arising from studying abroad. Erasmus grants in the UK are paid through an opportunity to highlight theirThe conference will be hosted during WorldSkills your home institution and are paid inLondon 2011 and delegates will have the opportu- addition to the standard grants or loans to successes and challenges, and tonity of visiting the Competitions. which you are entitled. gain more international resourcesEngland-Africa Partnerships (EAP) to better assist their efforts on the Please remember that this is a supplemen- tary, non-repayable grant intended to offset ground says Mr. Ted Alemayhu,EAP is a scheme for funding higher educa- any additional expenses you may incur Founder Executive Chairman oftion partnerships between England and sub- while you are abroad. You should not de-Saharan Africa pend on it to cover your essential living the US Doctors For Africa costs. (USDFA), a California based nonUK-India Education and Research -profit organisation.Initiative (UKIERI) Bear this in mind when you are budgeting! During your Erasmus study, you continue to receive any student grant or loan to If you have comments orUKIERI aims to substantially improve educa-tional links between India and the UK so that which you are entitled. views as to how to achieve ain the long term we become each others more sustainable solution topartner of choice in education. http://www.britishcouncil.org/erasmus- funding.htm solving Africa’s healthcare crisis please write to info@aasgon.netGlobalisation betrayed…. Writes Gordon Brown Billions of people across the world are in need of and demanding a better globalisation - one that puts the economy to work for people and not the other way round. The financial crash exposed just how detached the global economy has be- come from our values - a misalignment that is most pronounced in the worlds response to the global epidemic of youth unemployment. The promise of globalisation is being betrayed as rates of joblessness climb to historic highs across the Middle East, Europe, America and sub-Saharan Africa. The window of opportunity is closing on millions of young people - yet I see little evidence that we have thought through how we can create the jobs that will deal with todays political instability and eco- nomic stagnation. Failure to do so according to Gordon Brown former British Prime Minister in his report Education for All: Beating Poverty, Unlocking Prosperity is notsimply a political but also a moral failure, because it cannot be right that a genera-tions chances be stolen before their lifes journey has really begun. Nor can it beright that we should stand by and let that happen when such a result is so readilyavoidable.In recent months, Gordon states, ”there have been stirrings of resistance as youngpeople the world over show that they are no longer prepared to tolerate a globaleconomic order that is failing them so badly. The uprisings in Egypt and elsewherein the Middle East show protest wearing a very youthful face. The reasons for thisare obvious when we consider the figures. Two-thirds of Egypts population isunder 30 - and young people make up roughly 90 per cent of the countrys joblesstotal. Youth unemployment has hit 30 per cent in Tunisia. The number is evenhigher - 45 per cent - in Algeria. By 2020 there will be an esti- mated 50 millionyoung Arab workers without jobs.Across most of Africa, too, there is a youth unemployment catastrophe. Thecontinent will soon be home to one in every four of the worlds young people - but already 80 per cent of them are either out of work or on a familyincome of less than $1.25 a day. Yet these headline figures, however shocking, do not tell the human or societal cost of youth unemployment: thetragic waste of potential, the damage to families and communities, and the colossal financial burden on societies” Gordon Brown was prime min-ister from 2007 to 2010. Download his report Education for All: Beating Poverty, Unlocking Prosperity at gordonandsarahbrown.com Page 14