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Tour of the H. Raymond Danforth Library at New England College

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Danforth librarytour

  1. 1. H. Raymond Danforth Library Research Skills CourseIntroduction to the Library
  2. 2. This module gives students a basic understanding of how Danforth Libraryis organized and the kinds of resources and services that are available,including: • Circulation • Circulation Periods • Reference • Reference Collection • Main Collection • Periodicals • Newspapers • Special Collections • New Books Shelf • Computer Lab • Glass Room • New England Room • Library Website • Other College Departments located in the library building.
  3. 3. The H. Raymond Danforth Library at New England College is located at 114Bridge Street, between the Admissions building and the CEI building.The main entrance is located on the quad side of the library. If you use thethe Route 114 entrance proceed down the hallway and up the stairs to reachthe library.
  4. 4. Library DepartmentsThe Danforth Library is organized into departments just like a department store is.
  5. 5. CirculationThe Circulation Desk is the first thing you see when you enter the library at themain entrance. The main phone number for the library (603) 428-2344 rings at the Circulation Desk.
  6. 6. All items that you want to borrow from the library must be brought to Circulationto be checked out.Ask for these resources here:Reserves (Items that yourprofessor leaves at the libraryfor you to use) here.Materials from SpecialCollections shelved in areasnot accessible to library users.Music, Videos, DVDs, and CDsThe Circulation Department alsotracks overdue materials. If youhave questions about items thatyou have borrowed, ask at Return borrowed materials here.Circulation.
  7. 7. ReferenceReference is located on the main floor of the library.Go to Reference to get helpwith your research and helpwith using library resources.The reference librariansteach Danforth’sresearch classesYou can make an appointmentwith a reference librarian oryou can drop by the referencedesk to ask for help.
  8. 8. Books-Reference CollectionThe Reference Collection is locateddirectly behind the Reference Desk.Reference books include encyclopedias(both general and subject specific),dictionaries (both general and subjectspecific), maps, manuals, and othermaterials that provide general overviewsof subject areas.PhotocopierReference materials must be used in the library. There is aphotocopier available in reference so you can make copiesof pages from reference books.
  9. 9. Books-Main CollectionThe Main Collection (alsocalled the CirculatingCollection) is where booksthat you can borrow areshelved.Books from this collectioninclude fiction and non-fiction.This collection starts on themain floor of the library (nearthe reference desk) andcontinues on the second floor.
  10. 10. PeriodicalsPeriodicals is located on the main floor of the library and includes magazines,journals, and newspapers.Periodicals are not kept indefinitely—pastissues for most journals that we subscribeto in paper format and thousands of otherjournal titles that we don’t get in paperformat are available in the onlinedatabases.To see a list of theperiodicals that wehave in paperformat, see“Periodicals atDanforth Library”which is kept bythe periodicalsshelves.
  11. 11. The Periodicals room also hasgroup study areas and comfortableseating available.
  12. 12. NewspapersNewspapers: Danforthsubscribes to a variety ofnewspapers, both local andinternational. Currentnewspapers are kept by theCirculation Desk. Most of our newspapers are not kept for more than a few months and we rely on our databases to provide earlier issues.
  13. 13. New Books ShelfWhen the library purchases new books, they are shelved on the NewBooks shelf, located at the front of the Periodicals Room. New books maybe borrowed.
  14. 14. Special CollectionsDanforth has several special collections. If you wish to use materials fromcollections with closed stacks, ask for help at Circulation.Collection Name Location Can items be borrowed?Adams Shakespeare Collection New England Room No - use in library only (closed stacks)Archives Collection Off-Site No - use in library only (closed stacks)Robert J. Bailey Collection Periodicals No - use in library onlyBernice Trum Hunter Collection Periodicals YesEducational Materials 2nd Floor YesNew Hampshiriana Collection New England Room No - use in library only (closed stacks)Rare Books Collection New England Room No - use in library only (closed stacks)Maps Collection 2nd Floor No - use in library only
  15. 15. Computer LabThere are 30 pc’s available forthe NEC community to use inthe library’s computer lab. Thecomputers are available on afirst-come, first-served basis.Two printers are located atthe back of the lab. You can access the NEC network with your laptop from the library.
  16. 16. Library Website (http://www.nec.edu/library)Access the library’s subscription databases, online catalog, interlibrary loanforms, and other information about the library here.
  17. 17. Glass RoomDanforth’s research classesClasses are usually taught in theGlass Room (located at the farend of the periodicals collection).When this room is not beingused for classes, students mayuse it as a study space.
  18. 18. New England RoomThe New England Room,located on the main floor, isa quiet study area.Occasionally the room isreserved for special events.If there is an eventscheduled, the date andtime are posted at theentrance of the room so thatthose wishing to use it as astudy area can make otherarrangements.
  19. 19. Other College Departments Located in the Library BuildingTutoring Center:The Pathways-Tutoring Center is located on the second floor of the library,and offers academic tutoring, free of charge, to all students enrolled at NewEngland College. The Tutoring Center is open six days a week (most daysfrom 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) For more information call or email theCoordinator of Tutoring, Mary Lou Pashko, at (603) 428-2276 ormpashko@nec.edu.InformationTechnology Department:The Information Technology department, located on the basement floor of thelibrary supports Students, faculty, and staff for all campus computingneeds. For more information email HelpDesk@nec.edu or go to the ITwebpage at http://www.nec.edu/about-nec/helpdesk