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Two activities focused on fostering practitioner to practitioner relationships. A Caritas Chili Cook Off provided the opportunity to highlight the basic human need for food and fluid, honoring cultural needs related to the act of eating, and the reciprocal act of nurturing. A Caritas Holiday Cookie Exchange provided the opportunity to emphasize culture, nurturing, and healing environments.

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Relationship Building

  1. 1. Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Caritas Consortium 2013 Relationship Building Caritas in Action How Caring Science informs and inspires KP caregivers and affirms our commitment to provide our patients and their families exceptional care
  2. 2. Relationship Building Intent to Contribute Statement: These two activities focus was on the practitioner to practitioner relationships and could also include the practitioner to community relationships since the public attended. Members of the Kaiser Sacramento Caritas Light Committee(CLC) planned two events with the same goals of improving intra-facility relationships and Caritas education through facility wide events. The first event was a Caritas Chili Cook Off held in October. The entire Sacramento facility was invited to participate by entering their favorite batch of chili in a contest and/or to attend the event to sample and vote for the three top entries. The conference room beside the cafeteria was decorated with a fall theme sprinkled with chili peppers. Bulletin boards were created to educate in brief captions the Caring Science relationships with the basic human need for food and fluid, honoring cultural needs related to the act of eating, and the reciprocal act of nurturing. Candlelight and music enhanced the "healing environment." Each attendee was given a ballot to place their votes on. Tea, lemonade, Mexican coleslaw, and pound cake were donated by the Committee to round out the meal. Approximately 2500 two ounce cups were used by over 300 attendees who sampled 21 different chili entrees. Comments by attendees included, "this is so much fun!", "what a great idea!", "how nice to sit down and share a meal together", and " How can we learn more about Caritas in our unit?" The majority of the attendees at their meal at the event rather than returning to their unit. The CLC members had multiple moments to answer questions and discuss ways to receive more information regarding the Caring Sciences. A bulletin was dispersed to all staff thanking them for their participation, acknowledging the entrants, and displayed pictures of the winning participants with their prizes. Page 2
  3. 3. Relationship Building … Continued The second event was the Caritas Holiday Cookie Exchange held in December on all three shifts. The staff of the entire Sacramento facility was invited to participate by bringing their favorite holiday cookies to exchange and share. We emphasized culture, nurturing, healing environments, and traditions with a Caring Science perspective. Participants brought packages of 6 cookies each to exchange and a dozen to share as well as copies of their recipes. The cookies to share were placed on holiday trays and served with herbal holiday flavored tea, coffee, apple cider, and hot cocoa. All staff were offered the cookies brought to be shared and recipe cards. The tables had different holiday themes and the room's presentation screen played a DVD with a holiday fireplace and music. Door prizes were gifted throughout the event and brought to the person's unit before the end of their shift. Everyone who attended or coordinated the event had positive comments such as, "Oh, I just want to sit in this beautiful room all day," "I only had to make one thing and I came away with a huge variety of goodness," "I have had such a busy day, but just being here in this relaxing environment makes me feel better," "We could do this for our patients.....bring in their cards, have music and encourage the family to come in." Charlene Taylor gave her exchange vouchers away to staff on the units who demonstrated appropriate hand washing and Ron Groepper's cookies were one of the first to go. Those who coordinated the event may have been involved from 1000 to after midnight, but they stated the response to the event was worth every effort. Both of these events opened the door for future conversations regarding Caritas. The surgeon who took sampling every single one of the chili entries and voting very seriously and the anesthesiologist who went away with one of every recipe card still smile and wave at me in the hall way. Page 3
  4. 4. Relationship Building Inspired Contributor(s) 1 : Deborah Bassett – Caritas Coach  -----Service Area: North Valley Medical Center: SAC Affiliation: PCS -----Year Shared: 2013 Venue: Caritas Consortium Format: Poster ID #: W13 1 Page 4 Names as listed in Lotus Notes, otherwise personal e-mails indicated Keyword TAGs: Identifier  Consortium2013-July, North Valley, Sacramento, Poster, Patie nt Care Services  Culture, Team Descriptor  Authentic Relationship
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