Journey of Self-Awareness


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The purpose of this Caritas Coach project was to experience the unknown by being open to my previously unknown artistic gifts. This embodies Caritas Process #10 - opening to the spiritual, mystery and unknown, allowing for miracles.

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Journey of Self-Awareness

  1. 1. Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Caritas Consortium 2013 Journey of Self-Awareness Caritas in Action How Caring Science informs and inspires KP caregivers and affirms our commitment to provide our patients and their families exceptional care
  2. 2. Journey of Self-Awareness Intent to Contribute Statement: Purpose: My purpose was to experience the unknown by being open to my previously unknown artistic gifts. Project Description: I started my Caritas Coach Program Learning Activity Guides (LAGs) after returning from Boulder, and began the process of preparing for my mother’s breast cancer surgery. There were also major changes in my job. The LAG’s were more invasive than I was prepared for, and for a while I was not inclined to do them. The opportunity to do something I’d never done before presented itself and I decided to enroll in a painting class. I started painting after returning home. I was painting 3-5 pieces every 3 days! I painted all hours of the day and night. Through the reading and writing assignments, I found that I was fighting the process of opening up and dealing with issues that I tried to hide from myself. My artwork released hidden emotions and I discovered that I could no longer be a victim! I had to look at how I participated in, manipulated, and deluded myself into believing my story! I had to forgive myself and the people I blamed. As I accepted responsibility for my actions, I felt the shift in my spirit as my soul was satisfied and my heart was opened through the miracle of the art! Page 2
  3. 3. Journey of Self-Awareness Con’t: Project Outcome: Today, I have 82 paintings created in 4 months!!! The outcome of the project to date is the beautiful paintings that reflect my journey to self-awareness. It has also empowered me to be a role model, to guide, educate and empower others on the difficult journey to self-awareness thru the expressions of art. Everyone has been impressed with the quantity and quality of my work. My art teacher calls me a natural. James Gayles, an Emmy awarding winning artist from Oakland calls me rare and prolific! I have a gallery showing on August 30, 2012. Page 3
  4. 4. Journey of Self-Awareness Inspired Contributor(s) 1 : Angela Simms – Caritas Coach  -----Service Area: East Bay Medical Center: OAK Affiliation: PCS -----Year Shared: 2013 Venue: Caritas Consortium Format: Poster ID #: n/a 1 Page 4 Names as listed in Lotus Notes, otherwise personal e-mails indicated Keyword TAGs: Identifier  Consortium2013-July, East Bay, Oakland, Poster, Caritas Coach, Patient Care Services  Healing Modalities, Self Descriptor  Healing Arts, Self-Care
  5. 5. Journey of Self-Awareness Page 5
  6. 6. Angela’s Exhibit at Caritas Consortium Page 6
  7. 7. Angela’s Exhibit at Caritas Consortium Page 7
  8. 8. Angela’s Exhibit at Caritas Consortium Page 8
  9. 9. Angela’s Exhibit at Caritas Consortium Angela presented this painting as a gift of appreciation and inspiration to Jean Watson Page 9