13 Commitments to my Team


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"13 statements that I agree to commit to in order to maintain exceptional care of patients, families and friends, and healthy peer relationships signed by most of the department staff.

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  • Good morning, I am delighted and honored to be here today to recognize and reflect on how Caring Science is enabling us to transform the caring-healing culture within Northern California Kaiser Permanente.
  • And finally, the time we’ve been waiting for…
    The joyful moment when we are able to Harvest the Bounty of all the thoughtful attention, dedication, good intentions and caring energy we have poured into tending the garden
    The exuberant recognition that harnessing our capacity to Flourish has enabled us to Realize our Fullest Potential
  • 13 Commitments to my Team

    1. 1. Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Caritas in Action How Caring Science informs and inspires KP caregivers and affirms our commitment to provide our patients and their families exceptional care Caritas Consortium 2014 13 Commitments to my Team Honoring Health, Healing & Wholeness
    2. 2. 13 Commitments to my Team Intent to Contribute Statement: 13 statements that I agree to commit to in order to maintain exceptional care of patients, families and friends, and healthy peer relationships signed by most of the department staff. The nurse manager of the CVICU unit led this effort that resulted in 33 staff members willingly signing the commitment statement. 13 Commitments to my Team As your Teammate, and with our Shared Goal of Excellent Patient Care, I Commit to the following: 1. I will do the best I can to assure the patients in this department are treated and cared for as if each were my family. 2. I recognize we may have our differences but while we are here working together, we are a team that relies on cohesiveness not only to provide excellent care, but for our healthy working relationships. 3. I will accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with you and every other member of this team. You will not be able to tell who my friends are by how I help others. 4. I will talk to you promptly and directly if issues surface. If we are unable to resolve the issue, I will escalate with the intent to resolve with you. 5. I will always work to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with you and every member of this team. My relationship with each of you will be equally respectful, regardless of job title or level of education. Page 2
    3. 3. 13 Commitments to my Team 13 Commitments – Continued: 6. I will not engage in the “3 B’s” (Bickering, Back-Biting, and Blaming). I will practice the “3 C’s” (Caring, Committing, and Collaborating) in my relationship with you and ask you to do the same with me. 7. I will not complain about another team member and ask you not to as well. If I hear you doing so, I will ask you to stop or to talk to that person with the intent to resolve. 8. I will be committed to finding solutions to problems, rather than complaining about them or blaming someone for them, and ask you to do the same. 9. I will do my best to recognize your contributions to excellence and thank you for your high quality of work. 10. I will look at myself first when opportunities to improve our team are given. 11. I will perform in all areas of the hospital with the same respect and commitment to professionalism that I perform in my own area. 12. When I am in the department and have downtime outside of patient care, I will look for opportunities to improve efficiencies of the department without the need to be told to do so. 13. I recognize that my actions reflect the culture of my department and my behaviors impact those around me. I will give the best of me, because this is what my patients and my team deserve. By signing this document, I am asking you as a team to hold me accountable to these 13 commitments. Page 3
    4. 4. Inspired Contributor(s) :  Daniel Moffit ------ Service Area: Santa Clara Medical Center: SCL Affiliation: PCS ------ Year Shared: 2014 Venue: Caritas Consortium Format: Poster ID #: E08 Keyword TAGs: Identifier  Consortium2014-June, Santa Clara, Poster, Patient Care Services  Caritas Leadership, Self, Team Descriptor  Authentic Relationship. Caritas Consciousness Page 4 13 Commitments to my Team
    5. 5. Page 5 13 Commitments to my Team
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