The New Traditional


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Presentation by Stephanie Kruse, president of KPS3 Marketing, for the Northern Nevada Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

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The New Traditional

  1. 1. The New Traditional
  2. 2. What’s changing in the marketing and communications professions, and even more importantly, what’s ahead?
  3. 3. Announcing the re-emergence of human beings.
  4. 4. People are still behind the technology.
  5. 5. Relationships still bring value. Lots of it.
  6. 6. The customer experience might be eyeball to eyeball. Or it might happen inside of websites, text messages, emails, videos, mobile apps and social media platforms.
  7. 7. Skills are needed to be able to communicate and establish relationships within each of those arenas.
  8. 8. THE NEW TRADITIONAL - WHAT’S HAPPENING IN ... People Process Power
  9. 9. People
  10. 10. Peoplework: How to run a people-first business in a digital-first world. By Austin Allison and Chris Smith
  11. 11. P2P replaces B2B and B2C. The People Revolution.
  12. 12. Technology has allowed us to become glued together. However, as time passes, the experience will be much less mechanical and linear, while becoming more real and natural.
  13. 13. SO WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE DO WE HIRE IN ORDER TO WORK IN A P2P WORLD? Intelligence Experience Skill sets Talents Mindset Attitudes Passion KPS3
  14. 14. If the fit isn’t right, let it go.
  15. 15. Process
  16. 16. Digital Revolution = Efficiencies.
  17. 17. Digital Revolution = Distractions.
  18. 18. Distractions = Efficiencies
  19. 19. What are the distractions now vs. in the “old days?”
  20. 20. Where should you be spending your time? Hint: Purpose.
  21. 21. Be urgent about the right things.
  22. 22. of web leads in business come from simply choosing the first person they speak with. 70%
  23. 23. Speak with
  24. 24. Purpose The guideline to solutions
  25. 25. Focus No more than 3 things for humans
  26. 26. At KPS3 we have an initiative called “Better Project Management.” AKA - better efficiency with client project management.
  27. 27. What do you have? Are you as efficient as you want to be?
  28. 28. Flat organizational structure Team structure vs. hierarchical Internal departments - internal ‘accounts’ Accepting the chaos that can come with change ORGANIZATION: HOW ARE COMPANIES GOING TO BE STRUCTURED DIFFERENTLY TO SUCCEED.
  29. 29. Power
  30. 30. Who has it?
  31. 31. Influence i.e. PR, government affairs, fund development, sales, outreach.
  32. 32. Nevada Health Link Outreach A formalized approach to humanism
  33. 33. Outreach events Community presentations Distribution locations School Initiative Home Visit Network Door-to-door canvassing OUTREACH AS PART OF MARKETING
  34. 34. Metrics The goal was exceeded by 582,767 touch points. Original outreach touch point goal 1,066,569
  35. 35. Without a team of people and the power and influence it wouldn’t have been possible.
  36. 36. Since everyone is digital should we revert to human to stand out? What about the Snowden effect? SOME OTHER QUESTIONS TO PONDER:
  37. 37. No matter what the business model or product is, it is always people on both sides of the transaction. One last thing
  38. 38. Thank you