Tumblr The Most Powerful Automotive Marketing Tool (that nobody's using right)


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Tumblr The Most Powerful Automotive Marketing Tool (that nobody's using right)

  1. 1. Tumblr JD Rucker Director of New Media The Most Powerful Automotive Marketing Tool (that nobody's using right)
  2. 2. Presenter JD Rucker Director of New Media Office: (774) 538-9338 jrucker@tkcarsites.com
  3. 3. Tumblr
  4. 4. What Tumblr Can Do • Rank for your Name • Support other social media profiles and properties • Be a link-building source • Be your “social hub” • All of this and more… in 15 minutes a week or less
  5. 5. Tumblr Basics • Go to Tumblr.com • Create an account • Use the dealership name as your primary blog • Pick a theme • Add Twitter • Start posting
  6. 6. Tumblr Dashboard
  7. 7. Tumblr for Reputation Management • Reputation starts (and often ends) on Google • Google Reviews are the most important (by a slim margin) • Page-One results are the next most important • Tumblr Ranks
  8. 8. Bridging Reputation and SEO • ½ - ¾ can be “quick content” • Use as much unique content as possible • Talk about the dealership, the area, the OEM, and the industry • Nostalgia plays well on Tumblr
  9. 9. SEO and Link-Building • Links are “do follow” • Mix in diverse link sources • Anchor the links properly • Use only in unique blog posts or “quick blurbs” • Alternative to Twitter for index-linking
  10. 10. Pro-Tip Time PRO-TIP
  11. 11. Supporting Other Social Properties • Venue for videos and images • Auto-feed blog posts • Landing page for Twitter and Facebook • Event albums
  12. 12. Social Media Hub • Learn the system and Tumblr can be the destination AND the referrer • Social-News-Friendly • Pros can build a local “Empire”
  13. 13. 15-Minute a Week Plan • Put it on your calendar 3 days a week • Post a video that you made or liked (check OEM YouTube if necessary) • Write up a 1-3 paragraph blurb (or full blog post if you’re up to it) and schedule for the next day • Scan a tag or the pages you’re following for reblog opportunities • Rinse. Repeat.
  14. 14. Tumblr, Facebook, and More The 2012 Automotive Social Media White Paper is Nearly Complete. Reserve Your Free Copy Today! http://siteby.tk/asmwp2012
  15. 15. Check out TK on the WEB! Soshable.com Blog.TKCarsites.com Copyright © 2011 TK Carsites. All rights reserved. www.tkcarsites.com.