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Are you making the most of your Fixed Operations? Doing so is often the difference between a dealership’s success or failure. Take the first step in upgrading your dealership’s bottom line.

Join us as we discuss how to Maximize On-line Exposure for your Fixed Ops Departments. This webinar will share proven internet marketing tactics to promote specific departments individually. The results will drive sales, increase gross, generate more quality leads and improve ROI / profitability for all your profit centers. Additionally, your dealership will build consumer relations, boost customer loyalty and bring in new customers . With so many benefits, this is a “can’t miss” event for those who are serious about taking their dealership to the next level.

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  • People are keeping cars longer than ever before and the profit margins on new and used cars have never been lower, so we need to look for alternative profit centers within the dealership. You have always had them, they were just not (in most cases) marketed properly. I hope to bring some ideas to light in this presentation and help everyone capitalize on this golden opportunity!
  • Fixed ops comprises 12% of a dealerships total revenue… is the big news…..Fixed ops..
  • 60%!!!! And how much advertising is really being done to capture these potential leads?
  • This is a tremendous I ask….how are you as an individual dealer going to get a piece of the action? Well, today I hope to show you some ways how.
  • For every 100 people that walk through the door, you sell about 30 cars…Every person that comes to the service department produces added revenue for the dealershipBecause of the economy, people are keeping their cars longer and that means that they are going to need more service.
  • 53% and it could be more….why not market to a larger audience and get larger market share with little to no additional spend! You have to market each of your departments as what they are…separate businesses within the dealership. You also need to market to customers who drive different cars then you sell…most people think they can only take a domestic car to a domestic dealer and a foreign car to a foreign car…we all know this is not true and you are losing customers every day as a result. Marketed correctly, you can have the busiest service center in town.
  • Look at these numbers…new and used car sales DO NOT run the store…the true backbone, the biggest profit center is FIXED OPS!!! The total profit margin on average from new and used is a meager 17% but the overlooked departments, service and parts account for 70 and 38% respectively.
  • The most powerful form of advertising is your on line prescience…..traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers and direct mail, as well as tv and radio only account for 20% of your leads! 20%!!! And how much is this weak advertising (mostly for new and used cars at the lowest profit margin per sale) costing you?Let me show you what I am talking about….
  • I went to high school in Princeton New Jersey, so I decided to do a little test on how the local dealers are marketing service on line….as you can see, they are not marketing service on line AT ALL! You might ask, well, are there actually any dealerships in Princeton New Jersey? There sure are…several as a matter of fact..let me show you
  • NONE of these dealers are directly marketing their massive customer base for service…letting the jiffy lubes, independent service centers and tire stores take 100% of the business! They are taking all of your profits! Time to take them back!
  • You have to run several businesses out of your dealership. You have your new and used..we all know they get the most attention, but you also need to market each of your fixed opps as well. Again, department specific websites, SEO, SEM and targeted marketing plans. These are all integral parts of the whole store. Now another way to expand your presence on line is to have as many department specific urls as possible..let me show you what I mean.
  • First things first….PURCHASE URLS!!!! Buy as many as you can..for 20 bucks a year…it is the lowest cost marketing you can do…even if you are taking URLs away from your competitors, you still win! Look at how you can use this concept….get very specific!
  • Here is a FREE solution to market fixed opps on line..Google business accounts….They give you listings, maps, reviews, video capability, and any additional content you see fit to fill the pages they provide. And its all free. It is also important to rea
  • When talking about marketing online, it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention SEM (Pay Per Click). While I prefer SEO there IS a time and a place to use SEM.
  • SEM vs SEO is like renting as opposed to buying. Once you stop paying it goes away and you have no equity built into all the investment you have made. Time Sensitive promotions – target specific sales where using SEO would be too late.
  • Microsites! One more way to throw the net so to speak to catch even more fish through various on line efforts. Microsites are a great way to market your parts and service departments as well as your collision and body shop if you have one! Microsites are inexpensive targeted department specific mini free standing and affordable websites that are worth their weight in gold! An important part of the success of your microsites, as well as your department specific main website is the use of printable coupons for service specials..It is a trackable and effective way to compete in the service arena area wide.
  • Customer Benefits: ·         Provides customers the ease and convenience of scheduling a confirmed service appointment 24/7·         Customer receives an immediate confirmation email – may also opt for text messagingCustomer receives a courtesy reminder email or text message the day prior to their appointmentCustomer automatically receives an email or text message advising them when the services on their vehicle are completedCustomer receives a pre-CSI Thank You email after they pick up the vehicle (can include a customized survey if the dealership wishes) Today’s customers are very Internet savvy and are accustomed to a true interactive experience and expect instantaneous response.  They are not inclined to wait 2…24…48 hours…or never…to get a response to their “email request for appointment.”   Statistics from both GM and J. D. Power indicate the 45% of these never get a response. Dealership Benefits: ·         Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty Eliminates the requirement for someone at the dealership to respond to customer’s email request for appointmentAppointments are transferred seamlessly into Reynolds & Reynolds, ADP and ArkonaAnnouncement email is sent to all customers, advising they can now make confirmed service appointments from the dealership’s website, providing a user name and password*As new dealership customers are imported nightly, a Welcome email is sent, making them aware of the dealership’s online scheduling tool, providing a user name and password*·         Reduces in-bound telephone callsReduces no showsEmails are totally customizable, come from the dealership and customer can respond to the email or text message·         Drives traffic to the dealership’s websiteCurrent sales or service promotions can be displayed on the appointment Welcome page·         Captures customer email addresses – these are pushed into the DMS when we push the appointment·         We will generate service promotion email campaigns at no additional cost**Marketing messages can be incorporated in the appointment confirmation and/or reminder emails**·         Simplifies the process for salespeople to schedule First Service at time of delivery·         An email can easily be sent to customers who miss their appointment, requesting they rescheduleAn email can easily be sent to a customer when special order parts are in with a link for them to schedule an appointment to have them installedWe offer the ability for the customer to Pay on LineLoyalty Program – we can track customer pay $ and display loyalty points based on these $Loyalty Program – we can track services and provide coupon for free service – for instance, customer pays for 4 oil changes and gets 5th one free.  We will track and automatically generate a coupon to the customer for the free serviceAbility to display dealership’s actual service menu – not just a description of the serviceWe do all of the setup, keeping the time required on the part of the service manager at a minimumThe service advisor can select a declined service (Declined Brakes/Tires/Battery/Maintenance) and input a date – for instance 3 weeks hence – and an email will automatically be generated to the customer at that future date indicating they were in and declined service – verbiage is totally customizable…”the care and safety of your vehicle is important”…etc., with a link in the email for them to schedule the serviceWe can prompt the customer for mileage and recommend service.  If the customer declines, we can re-ask if they want to decline recommended maintenance. A Display (either an LED Board or flat screen TV) showing the day’s appointments can be placed in the dealership’s waiting lounge which can be configured (based on the information you want to show)Unlimited Support and Training – never an additional charge
  • JD Powers says that the most popular page on a dealership website after the home page is the inventory….followed VERY closely by the Specials page. Make them easy to find. And again, have printable coupons..everybody likes a deal these days, so cater to what the customer wants. Be direct in your marketing and the setup of your site…the more clicks a customer has to make the more chance you have of losing them.
  • Here are some examples of accessories specials…a VERY important and overlooked HIGHLY profitable area of the service department. The aftermarket accessories value is in the billions of dollars and is only getting stronger.
  • USE video!! You can do testimonials, how to videos, product demos, commercials, etc..all optimized for specific searches taking consumers directly to what they are looking for.
  • We talked about a few ways to go after the largest market share for your highest grossing departments by specifically marketing fixed opps. Organic SEO and Pay per click advertising are key components to getting noticed on line. Make sure you run each department as its own business and get the buy in of each department head so all efforts are not futile. Once the leads start coming in, make sure you have your departments staffed properly and ready to handle the influx of business. Also, and this may sound like common sense, make sure the departments are aesthetically pleasing. Make sure the waiting room is clean and comfortable with water, coffee and snacks…make sure the floors and walls are not peeling and cracking or giving a less than stellar impression. Remember, 50% of people that come in for service, why not make sure you guarentee that happening. Make sure your parts and service staff is well trained, presentable and courteous. You have to ensure the customer has a memorable and postive experience and will come back again and again. Make sure you enter all of the customer data in your CRM tool so you can do email campaigns to remind them of upcoming service appointments and specials you might be running. Also, try to utilize and on line serive scheduling tool. There is nothing more convienent for busy customers than a way to set up an appointment at their convienence on line. Don’t be left in the dark! Embrace the is the most cost effective marketing you have!
  • Well that’s all folks. Now time for some Q & A. Eliana, do we have any questions I can answer?
  • Proven Internet Marketing for Fixed Ops

    1. 1. Proven Internet Marketing for Fixed Ops Andrew Fidelman Internet Marketing Coordinator September 27, 2013
    2. 2. Speakers Becky Ross Marketing Manager 303-228-8753 Andrew Fidelman Internet Marketing Coordinator 949-440-1159 PresenterModerator
    3. 3. Questions • If you have questions during the presentation, please submit them using the “Questions” feature • Questions will be answered at the end of the webinar
    4. 4. Webinar Topics • Why is marketing Fixed Ops online so important? •Embracing Social Media • Questions • Online Marketing for Fixed Ops
    5. 5. According to NADA data, fixed operations accounts for 12% of a dealership’s total revenue on average. Why is Fixed Ops important?
    6. 6. But Fixed Operations accounts for over 60% of a dealerships net profit. Why is Fixed Ops important?
    7. 7. Why is Fixed Ops important? Increase your dealerships profit!!
    8. 8. Ups vs Service Appointments The average closing ratio of ups is about 30% 8 In the service department, the closing ratio is 100% On average, 50% of service department customers are or will become repeat customers.
    9. 9. Why is Fixed Ops important? On average, 53% of a dealership’s Service Customers never purchased their cars at that dealership.
    10. 10. Profit Margins in Dealership 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% New Car Sales 5% Used Car Sales 12% Parts 38% Service 70% National Average Average Gross
    11. 11. Effectiveness of Different Marketing Initiatives 4% 5% 8% 3% 80% National Average Word of Mouth TV & Radio Newspaper & Direct Mail Other Marketing Online Marketing
    12. 12. Random Search for Auto Service 12
    13. 13. None of these Dealerships are taking advantage. Are You? 13
    14. 14. Where Do I Begin? Treat your Dealership as though each of your Fixed Ops Departments is a separate business entity all under one roof. 14
    15. 15. Most inexpensive investment you can make to your online program Buy up URLs specific to each Fixed Ops Department
    16. 16. Set up Google Account(s) Set up individual Google business accounts for each of your fixed ops departments. Go to Google, click on “Business Solutions” (at the bottom) and then click on “Google Places”. Gets you listed on Google Maps Can post videos, photos, logos and even coupons It’s FREE!
    17. 17. Example of a Google Account (Scott Robinson Honda)
    18. 18. Example of a Google Account (Scott Robinson Honda)
    19. 19. Additional local business center listings Some of the more reputable ones: •Google Local Business Center •Yahoo local business •Bing local business •Yelp •Merchant Circle •Superpages
    20. 20. SEM (Pay Per Click) – Optical scan 20% of consumers look at the Paid Advertisements 80% of consumers look at the Organic Listings If you are ONLY doing SEM then you are missing 80% of the people looking for you
    21. 21. SEM (Pay Per Click) Has certain applications that are optimal: •In addition to an aggressive SEO campaign •National terms •Zip code specific national terms •New URL startup •Time sensitive promotions •Going after the customers of a recently closed dealership
    22. 22. Microsites (Richmond Ford Collision Center)
    23. 23. On Line Service Scheduler
    24. 24. Utilize the features of your Specials building tools Update your specials DAILY or WEEKLY at a minimum! Make them easy to find. On Line Specials
    25. 25. On Line Specials
    26. 26. Online Videos
    27. 27. E-commerce Store for Parts & Accessories
    28. 28. Social Media
    29. 29. Dealership Page
    30. 30. Facebook Specials
    31. 31. Summary Why improve Fixed Ops? Reviewed many ways to market Fixed Ops online Social Media Keep the service center CLEAN!
    32. 32. Got a Question? Ask our Expert!
    33. 33. Contact Information 33 The recorded webinar and presentation slides will be emailed to you today. 866-356-1735