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  • 1. Copyright © 2012 TK Carsites. All rights reserved. www.tkcarsites.com. The 3 Primary Elements of a Successful Internet Department and the 5 Keys to Creating a Profitable Lead Management Process
  • 2. Who’s DealerKnows? DealerKnows: Joe Webb
  • 3. Wine 101: DealerKnows: Fundamentals Understanding Wine Increases Your Internet Sales
  • 4. DealerKnows: Fundamentals It takes more than grapes. Understanding Training Practice Passion
  • 5. DealerKnows: Lead Management Three variables: Wine Growing = Managing Leads
  • 6. Terroir. DealerKnows: Lead Management Know your environment.
  • 7. DealerKnows: Lead Management Grapes and grape skins. A Mix of Varietals: Leads Technology Websites Online Content
  • 8. DealerKnows: Lead Management Barrels or tanks. Where People and Processes Ferment
  • 9. Barrels or tanks. DealerKnows: Lead Management here People and Processes Ferment
  • 10. Don’t stop when you’ve made the wine. Vintages can turn out bad.
  • 11. What’s important? DealerKnows: Lead Management Lead Management
  • 12. Comments are not conversations. DealerKnows: Social Media Social Media has a place at your dealership… Intoxication.
  • 13. DealerKnows: Sourcing What are your digital priorities? Nothing.
  • 14. Become a Somelier. DealerKnows: Quality Control
  • 15. Buying. DealerKnows: Quality Control Sometimes you need a professional. 5 Ways a Sommelier Inspects Wine
  • 16. DealerKnows: Process Read, Deconstruct, and Address the Lead Color. It’s not all Red and White
  • 17. Aroma. DealerKnows: Process Breathe in their online presence and prepare the response.
  • 18. Taste. DealerKnows: Process Partake the lead and Respond
  • 19. Balance/Texture. Using multiple mediums? Eliciting positive responses? Follow-up strategy? Multiple topics? Overcoming objections? Building value? Confirming appointments? DealerKnows: Process
  • 20. •Delicate A term used similar to charm but more often relates to the more subtle notes of a wine. •Depth A term used to denote a wine with several layers of flavor. An aspect of complexity. •Dirty A wine with off flavors and aromas that most likely resulted from poor hygiene •Dried up A wine that has lost some of its freshness or fruitiness due to extended aging. •Dry A wine that is lacking the perception of sweetness. •Earthy This can mean a wine with aromas and flavor reminiscent of earth, such as the •Easy A term that can be synonymous with "approachable" but more commonly refers to a wine that is siEdgy A •Elegant A term to describe a wine that possess finesse with subtle flavors that are in balance. •Expansive A wine that is considered "big" but still accessible. •Expressive A wine with clearly projected aromas and flavors. •Fallen over A wine that, at a relatively young age, has already gone past its peak (or optimal) drinking period and is •Farmyard A generally more positive term than "Barnyard" used to describe the earthy and vegetal undertones that •Fat A wine that is full in body and has a sense of viscosity. A wine with too much fat that is not balanced by aciditys sa DealerKnows: Process Finish. Reporting: Does your lead management deliver the desired result?
  • 21. The DK 6 step program for follow-up. 1. Mystery Shop 2. Auto-response 3. Timing 4. Email Strategy 5. Sell Yourself 6. Measure DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 22. Phone Response Time: Email Response Time: Response to Inquiry: Auto-response Usage: Auto-response Time: Auto-response Reliance: Default Auto-response Usage: Mystery Shop. step DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 23. Mystery Shop. step Call Preceding Email: Shared Price Information: Shared Multiple Vehicle Options: Phone Reliance: Email Reliance: Inclusion of Sales: Representative Picture DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 24. Mystery Shop. Average Response Time: Total Response: 94.55% Phone: Email: 5:26 5:11 step DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 25. Auto: 83.64% 1 min. (median) Email provided multiple optio20% 32.7% Auto-response usage: Auto-response time: Auto-response reliance: Default auto-response usage: Auto-response. step DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 26. Auto-responders: step Elicit Contact or Build Value If they don’t, TURN THEM OFF! DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 27. Called Before Emailing: 14.55% Email provided price: 38.18% Email provided multiple pricing options: 9.09% Email use: Only Called: Only Emailed: Included a personal picture: step DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 28. Called Before Emailing: 34.55% Email provided price: 45.45% Email provided multiple pricing options: 7.27% Called Before Emailing: Email provided price: Email provided multiple pricing options: Email use: step DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 29. Email Philosophy. step Provide MSRP Competitive Price (Showing the savings) Alternate Vehicles (models as low as…/comparable used) Link to Inventory (for new) Link to “Get Pre-Approved Here” (for used) Set up for the Call later: send a personal video message or photo DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 30. Process methodology. 1st Email: Give them what they asked for with additional options 2nd Email: Sell yourself right away with personal picture/video message 3rd Email: Sell your process 4th Email: Sell your dealership 5th Email: Sell your brand In all future contact, make sure to ask questions and offer them something special or interactive step DealerKnows: Follow-Up
  • 31. Mystery shop results: step DealerKnows: Follow-Up Called Before Emailing: 36.36% 38.18% Email provided 3pr38.2: 14.55% Email provided multiple pricing options: One hour email response: Email Reliance: Phone Reliance:
  • 32. Inspect what you expect. step DealerKnows: Follow-Up Monitor Police Measure
  • 33. DealerKnows: Thanks Joe Webb President and Founder DealerKnows Consulting DealerKnows.com VirtualDealerTraining.com 847-456-5130 Twitter/zonewebb LinkedIn/josephwebb