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How to Successfully Market Fixed Ops
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How to Successfully Market Fixed Ops


Attract Visitors, Build Genuine Fans, Generate Leads & Sales …

Attract Visitors, Build Genuine Fans, Generate Leads & Sales
Join us for a fascinating Webinar on the new Social Economy and learn how to create more business in the Service Drive using Social Media. Studies show there's never been more pressure on dealership Fixed Ops to capture business from Independents and Aftermarkets. Social Media leverages your already-existing customer database, fosters repeat business and attracts new customers.

In this timely Webinar you’ll learn how retail automotive has shifted toward the Social customer and how to capitalize on Social for Fixed Operations. We’ll discuss “best practices” for marketing on Social and how to maintain a great online reputation.
What You’ll Learn:

The 6 Must-Haves for successful Facebook marketing.
Which Facebook marketing tactics get you the best results.
How to generate Facebook leads and convert them into appointments.
Powerful content strategies to engage your ideal customers.
What NOT to do: why your ability to listen, engage and respond matters.
Importance of developing staff to support your Facebook marketing strategy.

We welcome Kathi Kruse, automotive Social Media expert, author and Founder of Kruse Control Inc., a leading Social Media coaching & training company with 30 years in the car business!

Don’t miss this Webinar! You’ll takeaway valuable information that you’ll use immediately! The Social economy is here.

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  • 1. Kathi Kruse krusecontrolinc.com @kathikruse Social Media How to Successfully Market Fixed Ops With The Secrets to Build Genuine Fans, Generate Leads & Close More Sales to Your Social Customer
  • 2. What, Why & How
  • 3. Just let this sink in for a minute:
  • 4. •Targeted Marketing •Relationship Building •Self-Published Content
  • 5. Where Do I Start?
  • 6. Influence
  • 7. Changing Customer Loyalty Landscape* * • Younger, more tech savvy customers are shopping “harder” • Redefining the customer experience is necessary • Over 70% of customers WANT to be contacted every 3 months • Rewards and Loyalty programs key to protecting your base
  • 8. Be Where Your Customers Are!
  • 9. The most frequently checked website on the Internet. 852 million daily logins 25% log in five times a day (Edison Research) 3.2 Billion Likes & Comments everyday!
  • 10. Top Reasons People Like Your Page • They’re already a fan in real life & want to show their affiliation • Get exclusive deals & discounts • Their friends like your page • Your posts are engaging & highly sharable
  • 11. 6 Elements of Facebook Marketing Success
  • 12. 1. Clear Objectives 2. Great Design 3. Solid Content Strategy 4. Promotion Strategy 5. Engagement Strategy 6. Conversion Strategy
  • 13. 1. Clear Objectives
  • 14. Measurement is about more than just results. It must tie back to your objectives.
  • 15. Successful Social Marketing Strategy “Brand Discovery” 1. Who are YOU? 2. Who is your CUSTOMER? 3. What is your GOAL?
  • 16. 2. Great Design
  • 17. Greet Visitors Right: Timeline Cover
  • 18. What NOT To Do
  • 19. Landing Pages
  • 20. What makes your Facebook Page design work? • Visual Representation of your Store • 20% Text • It’s the People, People • Must be Business Page • Convert Now if Personal Page
  • 21. 3. Solid Content Strategy (What you’re going to post on your page)
  • 22. Social Media is the car. Content is the gasoline.
  • 23. Solid Foundation “Your mindset, culture & approach to delivering your customer’s information needs in all the places they’re searching for it, across each stage of the buying process.” What is Content Strategy?
  • 24. Your Customer’s Information Needs •Relevant •Human •Interested •Helpful •Teach, Don’t Sell •Be Social
  • 25. What to Post • Consistent with Brand? • Self-Published • Relevant Non-Auto Content • Thought-Provoking Questions • Visual Content • Cross-Promotion • Sales & Service Specials • Customer Loyalty/Appreciation
  • 26. When to Post • 2-3 Times/Day (Generally) • Morning, Lunch & Early Evening • Let the Audience Guide You Tools to Manage Your Time • Post Planner* • Heyo KPA Webinar Promo Code: KRUSECONTROL One Month FREE!
  • 27. 4. Promotion Strategy (How you’re going to continually increase your fan base)
  • 28. Facebook Ads: Design Matters
  • 29. Facebook Offers
  • 30. Promoted Posts
  • 31. What makes Facebook Ads work? • Aim First, Fire Fast • Ad Copy Matters • Photos Matter • Landing Pages • Social Proof • Promoted Posts $5, $10, $15, $20 • Test, Re-Test & Keep Testing
  • 32. 5. Engagement Strategy (How you’ll respond to fans & build community)
  • 33. Social Media Manager Every Sale Starts with Conversation
  • 34. Engage Fans in Conversation Listen  Ask Questions  Support Build Relationships  Foster Leads & Sales
  • 35. Listen.
  • 36. 6. Conversion $trategy (How you’ll turn your fans into customers)
  • 37. Organic Leads
  • 38. Facebook Ad Strategy: Social Proof Increases Conversions
  • 39. Capture Leads: Lead Generation Form
  • 40. Coupons on Landing Pages
  • 41. “If a potential customer has read 30+ pieces of your OWN content, you have an 80% better chance of closing the sale.” Marcus Sheridan TheSalesLion.com
  • 42. Owned Media: Content You Create • Blog • Social Media • Newsletters • White Papers • Videos
  • 43. Mindset Use Social Media to promote your content not your company.
  • 44. … Owned Media so awesome it becomes Earned Media
  • 45. Examples of Earned Media • Facebook Likes, Comments & Shares • Twitter RTs and Mentions • Links back to your site • Reviews on Yelp and Google+
  • 46. Key: Staff Participation
  • 47. “In the future, every employee will be trained on Social Media. They'll produce content & build lasting sales relationships with the Social customer.” ~Kathi Kruse KPA Webinar 4/24/13
  • 48. Excuses
  • 50. 1. Clear Objectives 2. Great Design 3. Solid Content Strategy 4. Promotion Strategy 5. Engagement Strategy 6. Conversion $trategy 6 Elements of Facebook Marketing Success
  • 51. Subscribe Free: Kruse Control Blog Get Kathi’s New Book! Digital Download: Amazon.com Krusecontrolinc.com
  • 52. Kathi Kruse Social Media Coaching & Training Thank You! Facebook: kathikruse Twitter: @kathikruse LinkedIn: krusecontrol krusecontrolinc.com kathi@krusecontrolinc.com 714.251.6440