How to Implement Effective Onboarding


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How to Implement Effective Onboarding

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How to Implement Effective Onboarding

  1. 1. – KPA CONFIDENTIAL – How to Implement Effective Onboarding August 4, 2011
  2. 2. Questions • If you have questions during the presentation, please submit them using the “Questions” feature • Questions will be answered at the end of the webinar
  3. 3. Orientation Does Matter Good Orientation Reduces the cost associated with learning the job Saves time required by co- worked/supervisor for training, increasing production Increase morale and reduces turnover Poor Orientation Leads to misunderstanding of policies or procedures Lack of planning= wasted time for employee and supervisor Employee feels undervalued 3– KPA CONFIDENTIAL – Remember: The Goal for your onboarding program is that employees understand the company and their role within the company
  4. 4. You Only Get One Chance…. Your Onboarding or Orientation Program should: 1. Make sure the employee feels welcomed 2. Make sure the employee feels valued 3. Make sure the employee feels prepared 4– KPA CONFIDENTIAL – You only get one chance to make a first impression
  5. 5. The Worst Onboarding Program Ever  Schedule the new employee to start when supervisor is not available  Leave the new employee in the waiting area while you try to figure out what to do with them  Take them to a “temporary” work area but be sure not to show them the break area or bathrooms, don’t introduce them to anyone except in passing  Hand them a stack of new hire paperwork and tell them to find you when completed then leave them alone and forget to let them know when breaks or lunch is  Or you can just drop them off in the HR or Payroll department and let them explain everything, all at once….  Stick them back in the temporary work area and assign a co- worker as the main trainer, but don’t provide any guidance to the co-worker or relieve them of other responsibilities  Be puzzled on why your new hires don’t work out as expected and why you have high turnover 5– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  6. 6. Ten Tips For Onboarding – Give a welcome letter or note from GM or CEO – Provide a job description – Have a written plan for orientation – Set aside adequate time – Have paperwork ready – Take a tour and introduce employee – Have workstation setup and ready to go – Schedule follow up time – Assign a mentor – Take them to lunch with a group of employees Remember: Onboarding is not a one or two day event 6– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  7. 7. Ideas for Improving Orientation • Consider a “who’s who” bulletin board or intranet page along with posting policies and procedures • Keep the first day simple but interesting – “great first day, I got to fill out 30 forms!” • Use software to improve and streamline processing • Don’t use the “done in a day” approach – Day 1- Welcome, Overview, Lunch, 2-4 hours training – Week 1- Follow up meeting – Month 1- Follow up meeting, update development plan Remember: Happy employees are more productive employees 7– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  8. 8. Questions and Answers 8– KPA CONFIDENTIAL – QUESTIONS?
  9. 9. Contact Information 9– KPA CONFIDENTIAL – The recorded webinar, templates and presentation slides will be emailed to you today including your local representative’s contact information. 866-356-1735