How to Hire the Right Employees


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How to Hire the Right Employees January 21, 2010

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How to Hire the Right Employees

  1. 1. – KPA CONFIDENTIAL – How to Hire the Right Employees January 21, 2010
  2. 2. Questions • If you have questions during the presentation, please submit them using the “Questions” feature • Questions will be answered at the end of the webinar
  3. 3. How to Hire the Right Employees 3– KPA CONFIDENTIAL – Retain Select Attract Be the place everyone wants to work Select the best because you have a choice Keep the best through a good working environment
  4. 4. Challenges in Attraction • Economy – Competitive wages and benefits • Industry Reputation – Concerns with employment opportunities • Proprietary components/diagnostics – Qualified Candidates 4– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  5. 5. Create An Attractive Workplace • Training and development opportunities – Performance Reviews – Webinar training, “lunch and learn” • Competitive wages – – – Local economic development and labor departments • Innovative benefits – Discounts – Benefit pay – PTO vs. vacation 5– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  6. 6. How Can Candidates Find You? • Employee referrals • Partnerships with high schools and vocational schools • Community outreach (low cost) • Job fairs • Local press (low cost) • Advertising Be recognized as a top employer and candidates will find you 6– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  7. 7. Hire the right person for the right job • Dealerships report they spend less than 4 hours in the hiring process* • Cost of bad hire is 2 to 3 times the annual salary • 95% of a managers time is spent on 5% of the employees Bad hires cost you money, and even worse they keep you up at night! *survey of 268 dealerships 7– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  8. 8. Are you using the right tools for the job • Effective job application form • Conduct a behavioral interview • Personally conduct references • Perform background check • Use a scorecard to make objective decision If the answer to any of these questions is anything but yes- then you are taking on more risk than is necessary and increasing your chance of making a bad hire 8– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  9. 9. The Five Tools Effective Application Behavioral Interview Reference Checking Background Checking Candidate Scorecard 9– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  10. 10. The Five Habits Follow a defined process Use the five tools Always be recruiting Include others in the process Never talk yourself into saying yes 10– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  11. 11. Hire the right person for the right job • Using the five habits and the five tools will: – Establish a proven method to reduce the risk of making a bad hire- do what works! – Save time by using the five tools to screen out poor fit early in the process- don’t waste your time! – Reduce the time you spend on management by hiring the right person in the first place- spend your time on your top employees! Time is money, can you afford to make poor hiring decisions? 11– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  12. 12. Retaining Employees • Spending time on retention is good business – Reduces training – Improved productivity – Creates an attractive workplace • Retaining poor employees is bad business – Performance reviews – Disciplinary action plans Remember that 95% of a manager’s time is spent on 5% of the employees, but your goal is to reverse this equation in your dealership 12– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  13. 13. Best Practices for Retention • Set clear expectations – Pay Plans – Job Description – Performance Reviews • Listen to employees – Brown Bag – Blog – Hotline • Have some fun – Contests – Company Events – Recognize and reward Never forget the power of “thank you, I appreciate what you do” 13– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  14. 14. Ideas from other dealerships • Incentive plans based on gross profit • Write a thank you note • Personally wash employees cars • “Caught in the Act” program • Lunch with the boss • Extra time off • Boss for a day 14– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  15. 15. Hiring the right person for the job • What makes a company attractive to candidates makes it easy to retain employees • Use the five tools and five habits to hire the right person for the right job • Spend time upfront to hire the right person, it will be the best use of your time • Don’t spend your time on the bottom 5%, spend your time on the top 25% 15– KPA CONFIDENTIAL –
  16. 16. Questions and Answers 16– KPA CONFIDENTIAL – QUESTIONS?
  17. 17. Contact Information 17– KPA CONFIDENTIAL – The recorded webinar and presentation slides will be emailed to you today including your local representative’s contact information. 866-356-1735