Target Audience Research Conclusions 2


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Target Audience Research for our interview stages for our A2 Media project.

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Target Audience Research Conclusions 2

  1. 1. Target Audience Research Conclusions - Vox Populi1. HobbiesThe hobbies were very varied and didn’t really show much of a trend, unlike the ones withquestionnaires. However, this could be because it is a wider audience because we asked thegeneral public rather than people we knew or who may know each other.2. MagazinesMost of the people we asked didn’t seem to have much of an interest in magazines ornewspapers, and if they did they was purely to pass the time. This shows that if music is moreimportant, perhaps people would find news on the television or radio, where there is musicincorporated, or are more likely to find their own news. This correlates to the survey research inthat not many people looked in magazines to find bands or new artists.3. GenreAs with the questionnaire, the interviews showed a wide range of preferred genres, which showsthat punk-rock or rock is not necessarily an exclusive genre. This connotes an idea of freedomwithin the music, because there is no set pattern of music to listen to.4. Stereotypes of Punk-RockThe majority of our interviewees described traditional punk-rock as “bad music” or “raw”, whichis typical of the genre because bands weren’t as finely polished or manufactured. However,when asked to think about modern punk-rock stereotypes, the idea of finely played instrumentsand better music.There was also the element of violence making a reappearance, and the idea of punk beingshocking or outwardly disrespectful in a way that was not seen when punk first arose.5. CD/AlbumsThe interviewees commented that mostly, music was important, but that aesthetic features suchas cover and track listings also affected their decisions. Personal recommendation was alsomentioned. This is quite atypical of punk rock that the aesthetics mattered, as many punk rockbands stereotypically wish to be judged purely on their music, if at all.6. Favourite BandsThe favourite bands of our interviewees were also very varied, much like with the questionnaireresults. This shows again the representation of music as such a wide concept, and that tastes canvary greatly.