RESEARCH & PLANNING: Digipack Deconstruction 1


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My deconstruction of the first of four digipacks for my A2 Media coursework.

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RESEARCH & PLANNING: Digipack Deconstruction 1

  1. 1. Digipack DeconstructionLinkin Park – Live In Texas
  2. 2. A Digipack The digipack is a great way to publicise the album, and shows a fantastic way to develop artwork to promote the CD. My genre research on punk-rock showed me that most punk rock albums can either be conceptual or just a little bit wacky. This album documents a live performance, and the pack shows this through it‟s design.
  3. 3. The Front CoverThe front cover is indicative of a usuallive punk-rock concert, with the idea of < Original logothe punk-rock use of fist pumping themicrophone to the crowd. The colour isabsent except in the logo and the verybottom of the front cover, whichsymbolises that the band care moreabout music as a way of expressingthemselves than trying to stand out onthe shelves.The logo is in a dark red, and done ina gothic font that represents the bandas a motif. Being a dark red makes itstand out against the monochromebackground and highlights the band‟sname. Also, the artist name is in amuch larger font than the album name,which represents a desire to advertisethe band more. The smudged qualityof the word “Texas” also suggests amessiness or lack of refinement to themusic, which is much like what punk-rock is; raw and undefined.The splattered paint effect also createsthis idea, and ties in nicely with the„running ink or paint‟ style of the worksand microphone in the image.
  4. 4. The Disc TrayThe inside disc tray shows more messypaint splatters „damaging‟ thebackground image. The image is a closeup of the crowd from the front cover‟simage, still in the monochrome. Lots ofthe crowd members are making theusual rock symbols with their hands, apunk gesture developed when punk firstbecame huge.In the middle, some of the picture is toodark to see, which is then covered inmore white splatter stains. This relates tothe front cover with the style indicatingan unrefined quality, reflecting the punk-rock idea again of wanting their sound tobe almost imperfect.The fact that the album is live also canrelate to this, because whenperformances are live, there is anunpredictability about them, andtherefore mistakes can be made. Thered markings also seem to be words, butcannot be made out, which adds amystery to the album cover. It is possiblethey relate to the name of the album, asit is the same colour.
  5. 5. The Inside CoverThe inside cover focuses more on thename of the album, “Live In Texas”. Thefont for “Live in” matches that of theband logo on the front cover, and the“Texas” bit is much bigger and bolder,emphasising where the live album wasrecorded.The “X” in “Texas” is also made to lookextravagant and it stands out, lookinglike it is breaking from the boundary ofthe normal text. This “X” also issplattered, much like the design of thealbum overall.The idea of X marking the spot is alsopossibly connoted, because it is markingthe area of the CD being close to thislogo.Again the theme of the monochromecrowd is featured, but this time it issomewhat blurred, as though the camerawere zooming to or away from thescene, making it more like the CD willpull you in and drag you into the concert.
  6. 6. The Back Cover