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IRM Strategies


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International services through a Hong Kong registered partnership.

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IRM Strategies

  1. 1. IRMSTRATEGIES IRMSTRATEGIES FOCUS ON PEOPLE MANAGING KNOWLEDGE: INFORMATION TO THE POWER OF PEOPLE If Tom Peters is correct in saying that the currency of success. Building a knowledge-focused business the 21st Century is knowledge, then any business is, simply, good management. with an eye to the future needs its staff to invest in A timely balance between the competing that currency. And companies need to create the interests of quality, risk, compliance and innovation kind of environment and culture in which employees is key. Worry less about media and more about make that choice. meaning and value. Think about what information People gain knowledge through lessons learned could be captured to reveal potential, as well as from experience. With an unconscious ownership of actual past performance. the knowledge they use, they may share it, Develop the capabilities of people and current appropriately or not. They may not share it at all. technologies to leverage the information that is Knowledge management is not a theoretical fad. already captured in existing systems. When It has little value unless it can be put it into practice. technology supports people who create and It is not a matter of directing staff to start sharing. It reference authentic, reliable records, it is the best of is not a matter of buying a technology “solution”. both worlds. Knowledge is a resource, an aspect of corporate The business can know what it knows. It can intellectual capital that is put to use every day, defend its actions. It can learn, build capacity for effectively or not, through the observable behaviours growth, innovation and achievement. of people on the job. It can truly put its knowledge into practice. Successful managers know that harvesting the knowledge of a willing workforce is key to business IRM Strategies - China IRM Strategies - Thailand 39/F One Exchange Square T +852 3101 7359 29/F Offices@Centralworld T +66 (0) 2207 2530 8 Connaught Road, Central F 852 3101 7350 999/9, Rama I Road T +66 (0) 2207 2626 Hong Kong SAR, PRC E Bangkok 10330, Thailand E © 2009 Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategies. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. IRMSTRATEGIES FOCUS ON EXPERTISE The leading edge practically applied Put a practical focus on delivering results together with leading edge concepts and a total of over 40 years of wide-ranging experience, and you have a powerful combination. IRM Strategies combines the broad backgrounds of its principals in a niche consultancy that is more a trusted partner than an outsourced service provider. Directors at IRM Strategies have experienced almost everything possible on the client side of the table. That awareness informs our work, supporting decision makers who face challenging issues that call for a roadmap and John James O’Brien Robert Tornack competent support in taking action. John brings over 20 years’ experience Robert is a seasoned leader of large Engagements may involve our scale governance and service delivery managing multimedia information principals in projects with your teams in a transformation initiatives (USD millions). resources for risk and cost savings. model that builds sustainable capacity within your business. Place us on retainer His experience includes projects of He brings more than 20 years of for advisory support for strategy and large scope (USD millions, 500+ offices) expertise in informatics and outcome- transformation planning. Join us in onsite involving enterprise-wide analysis and based performance management applied and online learning. audit, mergers, outsourcing, institutional in multi-disciplinary business and closures, litigation response, e-records professional environments, from concept systems requirements, program design development through implementation to and evaluation in a variety of contexts. evaluation. He represents Asia on the ARMA As administrator of three hospitals, International Relations Committee, is he integrated organizational systems to former Government Records Services close a 300 bed facility while maintaining Bunginji Director, HKSARG, past President, quality services during patient relocation. Learning Tree Institute of Certified Records Managers A seasoned practitioner with senior level and Executive Board Member, Hong experience, his approach delivers IRM Strategies invests significantly in Kong Knowledge Management Society. strategic results that work practically on continuous learning. Our principals meet the ground. John has lectured at the University regularly with thought leaders, academics of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic Robert is an Adjunct Assistant and consultants world-wide. A broad University. University of Victoria, and Professor in the School of Health network of corporate. government and Camosun College. He is developing Information Science at the University of non-profit business leaders, paired with courses for the Bunginji Learning Tree, Victoria, Canada. personal experience, keeps the focus on IRM Strategies’ Online Learning Centre. practical results. We guarantee it! Hong Kong based International in reach IRM Strategies is headquartered in Hong Kong and is available world-wide. We use the latest technologies, virtual teams and space for maximum flexibility to meet our needs— and yours. In 2009 will expand our international focus to build upon involvement in the ARMA International Relations Committee and forums such as the World Bank sponsored Intellectual Capital for Nations, States and Communities held in Paris. IRM Strategies is a professional development resource for Demos Group in Beijing and Shanghai. IRM Strategies is a Hong Kong registered consultancy introducing innovative Current projects include development of a graduate level course for the health sector solutions to Asia and beyond. and development of an institute to ground recognition of the RIM profession in Asia. © 2009 Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategies. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. IRMSTRATEGIES FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE IRM Strategies Our Philosophy is STRAIGHTFORWARD People are key: solutions that do not work Information is both an asset and a liability— for people will not work for business. whether locked inside people or recorded in multimedia “containers”. It is the life-blood of Knowledge is grown by integrating human business, the source of corporate knowledge. experience and recorded information— informatics finds the meaning in data and puts Technology enables knowledge-focused business it to use in technology enabled environments. for risk, compliance and learning management. Harness and protect the power of your corporate memory. IRM Strategies applies specialized knowledge to assess your organizational context and practices, partnering with senior management and your teams for sustainable results. We bridge user and technical teams for strategic and tactical solutions that build capacity. Key services Readiness Assessment Informatics Audit Evaluate the current state of knowledge and Review the effectiveness of data collection and use information resource management. to identify system functionality and workforce learning needs for improved decision making and Standards & Process Compliance Audit defensible, quality outcomes. Examine business processes for evidence of conformity to relevant industry and international Innovation & Learning Capacity standards to ground recommendations for Assess workplace culture and practices to ground correction and improvement. competency development, continuous learning and innovation capacity. Develop programs to meet Records Management needs and construct new knowledge. Manage evidence of corporate decision making and action that is captured in multiple media. Organizational Development Establish comprehensive governance and practices Strengthen governance and human resource for systematic management of access, use, management within a collaborative, knowledge protection, sharing, retention and disposition of valuing culture on an agreed path of change. Build recorded information resources. a competency-based performance management framework. Education & Training Methods draw from the Harvard Business School’s ongoing study into learning effectiveness to demand more from students—and teachers. Courses, workshops and facilitated Agora sessions are available onsite or online. TRANSITION THROUGH-LINES KNOWLEDGE TO BRING LEARNERS THROUGH TO THE NEXT LEVEL:WHAT IS TO BE KNOWN AFTER LEARNING? GENERATIVE TOPICS CENTRAL IDEAS AND RESOURCES TO HOLD THE INTEREST FOR STUDY FROM MANY ANGLES GOALS FOR UNDERSTANDING KSAS TO BE GAINED, EXPRESSED AS “LEARNERS WILL UNDERSTAND…” OR “LEARNERS WILL BE ABLE TO…” PERFORMANCE OF UNDERSTANDING DEMONSTRATED THROUGH ACTION IN THE EXPLORATORY, FORMATIVE AND SUMMATIVE STAGES OF LEARNING ONGOING ASSESSMENTS EVALUATION AGAINST PUBLIC CRITERIA WITH STATUS REPORTS, MEANS AND OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE © 2009 Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategies. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. IRMSTRATEGIES FOCUS ON LEARNING IRM Strategies The Currency of the 21 st Century KNOWLEDGE And like money in a pocket, it can walk out the door. The best and most available source of knowledge is already at hand: your teams, your customers Hewitt Asia reported a cross sector employee turnover rate of 16% for 2007, with 26% in the banking and People take ownership of the knowledge they build finance sectors. That’s a loss in expertise, knowledge and choose to invest it in your success—or not and productivity. Work-life balance is increasingly important to knowledge workers, even more than Learning organizations create an environment in higher pay. Increasingly, staff want more than money. which people want to invest Learning organizations value their knowledge Learning organizations invest in the transition from resources: people and the information they receive, create, use, share and keep to conduct business. command and control to knowledge-focused, evidence-based practices for provable results They are guided by the following four insights. Underpinning the knowledge focused business are three management disciplines Organizational Development Organizational development to build a knowledge OD aware culture and competencies for leveraging capacity. Recorded Information Management Strategic management of information assets and liabilities recorded in multiple media for business KM continuity; risk, compliance and quality management; accountability and defensible practices. ICT RIM Information and Communication Technologies Transition from gateway to enabler through a range of technologies that support multimedia collaboration and knowledge building while maintaining the reliability of transaction processes for compliance and response to litigation. As the daily habits of personal life shift toward SMS, IM, blogs and more, so the practices of business are changing. Offering value as communication and collaboration tools, these and other applications are gradually, sometimes unexpectedly, moving into corporate space. Ease of access and rich functionality available to workers outside the intranet can mean the transfer of knowledge beyond corporate control. IRM Strategies’ proprietary KLARIS™ PENDING model is the foundation for governance and a knowledge focused, information-protection aware culture, key to harvesting collective intelligence and mitigating risk. © 2009 Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategies. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. IRMSTRATEGIES FOCUS ON BUSINESS IRM Strategies Knowledge Engagements Representative Clients Readiness assessment and implementation roadmap for transition to electronic health services for 700 practitioners in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural context Assessment and advisory consultation to identify knowledge sharing potential and risks inherent in Web 2.0 and mapping of business needs and knowledge content, recommendations on a way forward using technology already in place Discovery and Analysis and Recommendation Report for enhanced information protection practices in support of strategic and tactical planning Graduate level course design and development focused on Knowledge Management in Health Care; implementation projected for 2009/10 cohort Research, development and delivery of a recorded internet seminar for the 10,000 member professional association for records managers; facilitation of a live post seminar session for an international audience. Needs analysis; privacy/access compliance review; ground up policy and program development for managing corporate information resources in multiple media; taxonomy design; project management and executive coaching * as Interactive Strategies, Inc., British Columbia registration Education services in graduate and undergraduate programs in information management disciplines; sponsoring organization: ICKM 2009 Industry training on management of storage facilities for preservation of corporate record holdings stored in tropical climates for members of the premier storage industry trade association world-wide. Knowledge management framework and implementation roadmap; operations and training manual development and implementation; expansion planning Curriculum development in recorded information management and education services in knowledge and records management; sponsoring organization KMAP 2006; K 2.0 Workshop, Knowledge Management Resource Centre Interactive management level workshop design and delivery in both knowledge and recorded information management specializations © 2009 Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategies. All rights reserved.